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  • Billy Hill Webstie?

    Hey guys, I've been wondering about hitting the Billy Hill show when I go to DL this summer. I've never seen the show, and I hear (from my favorite MiceChat posters) that its some of the best DL entertainment around. I'd like for my family to see the show, because my dad is really into the REAL country/bluegrass stuff, and I know he'd appreciate a break from the long lines so he can enjoy one of his favorite things. (The comedy part doesn't hurt either ) The official DL website has very little info on the show, so I'm wondering if there's a really good site out there with pics, facts, whatever that I could look into. OR if some of you sweeties wanna share some info, tips, or pics, I'd be much obliged.
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    They are a Disneyland cult classic. There are many websites out there devoted to them just google them!
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      Billy and his brothers put on a great show and are well worth dropping in on. They are amazing musicians and the show is very funny also.

      I would suggest that you get to the park early and do as many rides as you can. When the park start to get crowed the show is a great place to drop in and rest.





      are good places to start.
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        We go at least once per month, and we see their show almost every time we go! I laugh so hard every time... they are absolutely awesome! Really, one of my favorite things to do in the park.

        The Golden Horseshoe serves food as well, and we often get lunch while we watch the show. They have chicken strips, fried mozarella, chili on fries or in a bread bowl, and the amazing strawberry banana parfait *wipes drool from chin* I think they might have a few other selections, as well.

        Definitely see this show, you won't be disappointed!
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          When my son was 11, Billy Hill & the Hillbillys were his favorite thing in the park. He wrote them a fan letter, and they sent him an autographed picture. He is 17 now, and still has it up in his room. We see them every time we go to disneyland, and we even have their cd. I'm excited to learn there are sites about them so now I'm going to google them myself.


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            Thats great info guys! Thanks so much...

            My dad doesn't even know about them (its been QUITE a while since he's been to DL) and he doesn't know I'm planning for us to make a stop there. I think he'll be very surprised that there's even such talent in the park, AND surprised I made it a point to include it just for him.
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