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soft opening for toys story mania

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  • soft opening for toys story mania

    ok for those of you californians that have an "in" at WDI... when is the expected date for the opening of toy story mania at DCA ? I will be spending a couple of days at the end of my cruise at DLR (may 25-27) and was hoping for a soft opening. Of course if I miss it, it's really no big deal because I can always go ride it at DHS. Was sort of just hoping to get a sneak peak.

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    Re: soft opening for toys story mania

    I don't have any "in" at WDI, but traditionally, when Disney says "Summer", it usually
    means that it's ready by when the kids get out of school in June. Also the traditional
    test period is 2-3 months (depends on ride system), so end of May is a good bet
    for soft openings of some kind. The problem is that it might not be for the general
    public AND that's not accounting for any delays.

    Also even if anyone had access to the project schedule, that's only going to tell
    you what WDI thinks will happen; it also doesn't account for issues that might
    show up either.

    In short, I would ask around here as we get closer to the Summer. I'm pretty sure
    that the info will show up here...

    Have a good time!


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      Re: soft opening for toys story mania

      They may do what they did for the Nemo ride. That is have Soft open for AP'er. I got to go on Nemo before it open cause I have an AP. I didn't think I was going to win them and I could have 3 of my friends go with me as did my mom.