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1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report


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  • 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

    So I want to start this Trip Report with two things:

    1) I'm worried about this one. I suddenly feel I have expectations after 3 people this weekend told me how much they like my Trip Reports

    2) This is a very landscape-y Trip Report because i just got a new camera for Christmas and was trying it out.

    one more:
    3) Mice Chat is way more fun than it should be

    So Friday morning my dad and I hoped in the car and took off for Disneyland. He wasn't feeling great so I drove the whole 5 1/2 hrs.
    We headed to our hotel and then were off to the park for some pre-rally training.

    Some Tower of Terror goodness:

    I really like this one:

    In NOS they were doing filming of some sort for the Dream Suite. It was so bright it looked like day time well into the night. We thought we might see someone famous, but not so much

    We headed over to Big Thunder and were attacked by birds. Well not really but there were a ton of crows out and about!! It looked like a hitchcock movie and was really scary considering I really don't like birds (which my dad didn't know :P)

    Later in the night we decided to check out Innoventions... which is just really sad right now (like more so than normal) but it affords a pretty view

    Some Buzz Lightyear-age

    Lots of castle pics

    The best shot of Davy Jones I've ever gotten!

    A little auction goodness

    Still daylight in NOS... lousy dream suite

    The Twain

    At least looks a little better without the walls

    We decided to watch POD cause we we knew we'd be riding rides all the next day
    I still love that parade but I'm not quite that good at taking pics of the night time version. I want to work on that

    La voche to me!!

    Sneaky Sneaky Card

    Quick look over there


    Alice: Well at least you stayed fairly still for her this time
    Hatter: *pout*

    Heigh Ho

    Who you callin a ho?

    Later peeps

    Okkay.. sorry for the captions there at the end... I'm in a mood
    Anyway, that's it for day one.
    Coming up soon, some rally, lots of rides, and a meet.

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    Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

    I look forward to the rest and another point of view for this last weekend.


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      Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

      lovin' these...waiting for next installment!!!
      Just countin' the days til the next visit!


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        Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

        Its looking like another great Kuzcochik report again, but I want to see more.


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          Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

          oh great shots thanks.


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            Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

            Hurray, it's a Fabulous Kuzcochik Trip Report!

            Your report is off to a terrific start and I can't wait for more.


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              Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

              Very nice Princess Arizona. The Rally and 3rd and you still had time to take pics. You are awesome. Great job, thanks.
              Stalking is when two people go for a long romantic walk together but only one of them knows about it.


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                Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

                ohh one of my favorite tr's so far!


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                  Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

                  That's the best Aurora EVER!
                  "Remember 'Old Yeller'? We shot the dog." - Roy E. Disney


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                    Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

                    Hi Kuzco!

                    I hope I was one of the 3 people you mentioned that loves your trip reports. Those that are smart enough to do TR (me NOT included) have a vibe to how they post pictures. The word I think of when I see your trip reports is FUN.

                    Great meeting you and Dad at the GR. Kudos to you dragging Dad around the happiest place on Earth. For 12 hours of non-stop movement your Dad was still smiling. Must be genetics.



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                      Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

                      Great night time pictures Kuzcochik! I especially love the one of Ursula :love:. It was great meeting you last weekend....I got a double bonus because I also got to talk to you on the phone :clap:. Looking forward to the rest of your report!


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                        Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

                        Ah ha, THAT'S why I wasn't able to make it to the rally or meets. I never seem to be in the vicinity when kuzco makes one of her trips


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                          Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

                          It was great meeting you too! I always love reading your TRs, and I also appreciate all the Disney Store info you post to!
                          It's a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah...Tip for Today!


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                            Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

                            Thanks for all the comments guys! I've said it before, I'll say it again, I do this stuff for you guys and I love the feedback!

                            Oh and almandot we must remedy the lameness of never being in the same place at the same time :P

                            I've tried to post this thing three times now but I keep getting distracted my work, stupid internet and photobucket issues.
                            Anyway, here's the Rally
                            It's quite text heavy.

                            Saturday started at 7am... I didn't even know such a time existed until that day. Being overdramatic, yes, but I don't do mornings
                            Luckily we stayed at The Embassy Suites which meant free breakfast!
                            We stocked up since we had been too lazy the night before to go get snack-age for the day.

                            We arrived at La Brea by 8am and hung around while they finished setting up. Pezz and aashee came up to me right away to say they recognized me from my TR's and that they enjoyed them. Which was pretty awesome

                            With everyone registered and ready to go
                            The Club 33 Wannabe's (us) along w/ about 65 other teams were released into the park
                            I keep laughing because I see other people's TRS and we're nowhere to be seen except during set up and at the dinner. We were totally under the radar!

                            So here's some highlights from the pics I took (in no particular order so as not to give away our strategy :P):

                            Sala and this woman were uber-excited for Club 33 Wannabe's and seatbelts!

                            Agrabah! City of mystery... of enchantment

                            I want to be part of this world cause it has pretty castles and boats

                            The second most feared animal in the jungle, next to his mother-in-law (teh lame!)

                            I was actually really excited to go on Gadget's Go Coaster cause I hadn't been in years. I was psyced to hear that is was actually Tress MacNeil (her original voice actor) doing the spiel and that the CM said "Welcome Back Rescue Rangers" *is a nerd*

                            I love my new camera! I took all these pics from the deck of the Columbia as we sailed along looking for canoes

                            A Seaworthy Kuzcochik

                            He's been working on the same droid... all the live long day

                            I hadn't seen this sign before and i was also happy that the AA pirate in the cave was babbling away (he's never worked when I've been there) As we were leaving the cave however we ran into Jack Sparrow, literally. He came straight at me said "Sorry, hello" and continued on. His handlers yelled at him for going the wrong way. It was odd.
                            [Tangent]: I meant to mention. the day before we'd been walking through NOS and we saw Jack. He suddenly comes up to me, grabs my hands (which at this point had Jack Skellington bone gloves on them) says "I had that problem once; give it back" (meaning the cursed gold) and moved on. I said "Thank you?" and went to the Mansion :P [/end tangent]

                            I wanted to get pics of all the Disney mountains I could see from the Sun Wheel with the real mountains in the background (it was so freaking clear)!

                            I really liked this sign

                            Club 33 Wannabe's Team Pic on the most dreaded ride of all.... WINNIE THE POOH!!!!!

                            I hadn't been on Autopia in a very long time either. I quickly realized why

                            Excitement for Splash Mountain

                            View from the Top (Did I mention it was so freaking clear that day!)

                            I know this is the taboo pic of a pic, but I didn't have time to buy it and it's the best non-staged pic we've ever taken

                            The Pier as the storm clouds roll in

                            I now know how Darkbeer and the like get pics from the angle

                            We rode all the attractions in Bugs Land most (excpet the train) for the first time. My dad was really thrilled

                            And finally, one pretty castle pic

                            After our last couple rides, we took off for Tortilla Joe's. We got there around 7:45 and got into line
                            All the pics people took of us standing there make me laugh because I was hungry and tired and look like I hate everyone :P
                            We were the second group to head up and one of the first to get food.
                            Our table was loads of fun. We chatted about Disney and East Coast Roller Coasters and Strategy.
                            Around 9 Dusty started the awards portion of the night
                            First up was some trivia (name the disney person, place, or thing from general clues) the second one started with the phrase "It's all about me" and being the Kuzcochik that I am, I knew it was my boy Kuzco :P I ended up winning a book for my efforts (for which i heard "did Kuzco get that one?! Yay Kuzco!!) which is really cool and full of character info.
                            the main awards were given out and we left soon after (being uber-tired at that point)

                            Come to find out later we came in 4th place!!! Which was super exciting and we're already plotting for next year

                            We left in the rain and I was psyced for Sunday

                            Speaking of Sunday, that's what you'll get next. The meet and some rain and good times.
                            Probably will get to posting it tomorrow


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                              Re: 1/25-- MC3 Rally-versary-- A Kuzcochik Trip Report

                              No wonder you like you new camera. It takes great shots! Glad you and Dad had fun and it was nice meeting the both of you.



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