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Reminds me of "People are Funny"


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  • Reminds me of "People are Funny"

    I spend a lot of time, just browsing on MiceChat. I see a lot of threads that are very popular and are still going. Some are here a while. Some take off like gang busters and then fizzle. Some are duds from the start. I have started a lot of those myself. It is interesting to try and analyse what type of thread MiceChatters might be interested in. I have been right on some occasions and wrong on others. MiceChat is so much fun. I am amazed at all the different topics that MiceChatters are interested in. MiceChatters are very smart. They usually know the answers to different questions. They also surprise me sometimes, when they respond so strongly on certain topics. Reminds me of the old show "People are Funny" You never know how a certain group of people are going to react to any given subject or circumstance. I have a lot of respect for the intelligence of MiceChatters. they show that a lot in their posts. They can kid each other, be serious, and take a joke. They show support and love. I chuckle a lot. It just reminds me of " People are Funny".

    I should have posted this under MiceChat Lounge - not sure how to move it - feel free to do so.

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