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How to make DCA a full day.


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  • How to make DCA a full day.

    Okay lets see if we can make a full day visit at DCA. I will do it like this.
    eat lunch and dinner: average 30 min
    3 shows: Aladdin, Block Party Bash, DEP
    each e-ticket attraction: average 45 minutes in line
    each lower attarction(c/d ticket): 10 minutes

    11:00-Okay so we enter the park at say 11:00 because not everyone enters right when the park opens (I know I dont) and go on soarin' over california
    11:50-Tower of Terror
    1:10(I can't remember but Im guessing aladdin is about a 1/2 and hour or more)-lunch at pizza oom mow mow
    1:40-California Screamin'
    2:25-Grizzly River Run
    3:10-Its tough to be a bug
    3:50-Golden Dreams
    4:10-Jim Hensons Muppet vision 3d
    4:30-Turtle Talk with Crush
    4:50-Block Party Bash Boot Camp
    5:15-Block Party bash
    5:30-Muholland Madness
    5:50-(if you have kids)-Bugs land
    6:30-Ariels Grotto
    7:15-Sun Wheel
    8:00-orange stinger/ golden zephyr
    8:20-King Triton's Carousel
    8:35-wait for Electrical parade
    8:45-Electrical parade
    9:00-Games of the Boardwalk
    9:15-Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
    9:30-shop till the park closes.

    So the park can be a full day I probably wouldnt get all that done just because my family likes to take it slower. I know a lot of you probably wont agree with this but your opinions are welcome so feel free.

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    Re: How to make DCA a full day.

    Enter park at 11. - Ride "California Screamin'"
    12:10 - Look to Soarin' and say "Ha! I rode that at Epcot Center in Florida"
    12:15 - Look confused.
    12:35 - File complaint at customer relations, "The lack of people here has given me manic depression."
    12:40 - Eat
    1:05 - Give in. Go to Disneyland


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      Re: How to make DCA a full day.

      Ok, so it's doable based on your timeline, but alot of those attractions are not really such great attractions (imo) and I wouldn't bother riding them more than once if at all. I don't think that my family has ever spent more than 5 hours in DCA including lunch and games on the "boardwalk" and watching the electrical parade.


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        Re: How to make DCA a full day.

        Originally posted by Taggart
        12:10 - Look to Soarin' and say "Ha! I rode that at Epcot Center in Florida"
        why would you say that when that one is just a copy.


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          Re: How to make DCA a full day.

          The first time I went to DCA, it was a full day. It was actually crowded (as indicated by my need to eat my "Burger Invasion" lunch on a bench - no tables available .... and the 90-minute plus wait for GRR), and, not being aware of how bad some things were (45 minute wait for SSL - I'd like to have that back), my then 8-year old son and I attempted to do almost everything (he was too short for Maliboomer and we were un-interested in the Orange Stinger). We closed the place out.

          The "problem" is that most of the park gets "ignored". There's just a handful of rides that I'm interested in at DCA, but at least 2- dozen at Disneyland. Unless it is extremely uncrowded at DL, I can't hit everything in one day (and then there's bound to be something being down for refurbishment). Therefore, if my time is limited (say a 1-3 day pass), I'm going to be spending most of my time at DL. I would need to spend at least 4 days at the resort to spend as much as a day a DCA. Even then, until DCA gets crowded, that "day" will only take a half day since the lines are so short and Fastpass seals the deal.
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            Re: How to make DCA a full day.

            You're right DCA Dude, you can make a full day out of DCA. But I don't think much people do. My family always gets the 3-day park hoppers and we treat the entire resort as one big theme park. Hopping from DCA to Disneyland. We Usually start our day in disneyland, ride a few of the main e-tickets. Get a few fast passes, eat lunch, and then run over to DCA. We ride all the e-tickets we like, then around 6-7 we run back to Disneyland to watch all the night time entertainment, and soak up the Disneyland Night time atmosphere.

            To tell you the truth I don't like spending a full day at either park, I have to have a mix of both.


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              Re: How to make DCA a full day.

              To make DCA a full day, enter one hour before closing. That is all.

              This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                Re: How to make DCA a full day.

                The last time that we spent the full day at DCA was the AP preview weekend...

                And we like the Park.

                We take at least three and mostly four, one week trips to the Parks each year and at most, we spend one half day at DCA. We might wander over again for a couple of the rides, but that is it.

                I still feel bad that we "use" DCA like we do, but in its current state, that's all that we are going to do. If it wasn't included with our AP's, we wouldn't go. We will not pay an extra fee for entry to DCA.

                And again, we like DCA...Sorry, just our opinion.
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                  Re: How to make DCA a full day.

                  last time I went to DCA we had more trouble getting on rides there then we did at Disneyland. We went on about 5 in 1 hr and 1/2 where as we only got on like 2 at DCA. It was a crowded day.


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                    Re: How to make DCA a full day.

                    It's only a full day the first day ever that you go. After that, many of the attractions just are not repeatable. See, that's one of the big problems with DCA.


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                      Re: How to make DCA a full day.

                      Actually, thank you so much for this. I'm going to be signing a friend into DCA later this month, and I wanted to know a way to make the park last the whoooole day. But we probably won't get there until noon.
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                        Re: How to make DCA a full day.

                        I still to this day can not make a full day at DCA. It's just not full day material for me, we have tried when it first opened and also when we with with our nieces, but it doesn't do it for me. We just tend to get into DL first, hop over to DCA grab a few fast passes and then hop back to DL.

                        Perhaps for first time visitors, it can be a full day, but for most AP'ers, I doubt a full day can/would be made of DCA.
              's been a long time.


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                          Re: How to make DCA a full day.

                          First you forgot to put in the nap you'll have to take from being bored at DCA. That will help make it a full day. Also I'd cut down on the walking cross the park for 1 ride then back to the other side for the next ride. Why go to GRR then ITTBAB the back to Maliboomer when you can switch the laast 2 around and free up some more time to go to DL.


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                            Re: How to make DCA a full day.

                            ^^^well i didnt really put that much walking time in there and plus I typed it as I was thinking of rides.


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                              Re: How to make DCA a full day.

                              How to spend the whole day there? Arrive at noon. Sit at The Cove Bar. The end!
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