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Is the Magic Slipping?


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  • Is the Magic Slipping?

    There's an interesting article on the subject at the New York Times web site: magic. You can find it nearly anywhere on a Disney property if you look. Does one outweigh the other? Opinions? Experiences?

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      Re: Is the Magic Slipping?

      Originally posted by Disneyfreak
      That is why Disneyland is the best park of them all because there is no dilluting the product because there is no room to make the park giant. I also believe that the product silipped after Walt died and after the Haunted Mansion was made so the disney name has been going down since then. After Walt died the stories truly died and that is why no one is as happy today as they were back when rides like POTC and HM were opened. As you can see already animation is also dead and is a sign of things to come for the company.
      Also, Disneyland was Walt's pet project and he invested so heavily into the park that I'm sure it wasn't that profitable...if it was even profitable at all. Today there is no one in the company that has such a personal attachment to the park or have any reason to see it excel. To Disney, Disneyland is a means of making money and that's about it. It's only the veterans who've been with the park since the beginning and truly care about the park that have kept it from going generic like WDW and the other parks. Without an advocate for the park, Disney just doesn't see any need to pump more money than is needed into the park and I think that's where it fails. Walt would dump as much money as his ideas needed and not worry about profit at all.

      Take for example EPCOT, Disney found there was no profit to be made in it so they turned Walt's new pet project into a theme park. Walt would've invested so much money into the EPCOT project that it would make an accountant cringe. But it was his vision and no one, especially not accountants, would've stopped him. But Epcot today is a modern-day example of what happened when Walt died...his ideas and ideals died with him. We still have the old Disneyland veterans, but they're not the ones that make the ultimate decisions and decide the overall direction of the park and company.

      Matt Ouimet seems to be a strong advocate for the park just like Walt. How far that enthusiasm goes has yet to be seen but Matt has already proven that he's very interested in improving the show of Disneyland. Gauging how well he's gotten Disney to loosen their pursestrings and how proactive he is, I'd say that Matt could quite possibly be similar to Walt. Now, understand that NO ONE will ever replace Walt, he was one of a kind. But Matt is just about the closest anyone is ever going to come to sharing a passion and dedication for the park like Walt.
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        Re: Is the Magic Slipping?

        Also we need to remember that Walt had no competition. Today the country is littered with theme parks. The only thing that Disney has that the others don't, is the magic.

        This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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          Re: Is the Magic Slipping?

          I would say that the magic is slipping lately because of the approach of management. Walt started with the question to himself, "What experiences would I like to have?" He built trains and adventures in Africa. He flew in a pirate ship over London. He flew to the moon. He then asked guests what they liked and disliked. He listened! He rode the rides thinking about how to make them better.

          Current management starts with the question to self, "How can we make more money?" They then build WAY TOO MANY hotels and expensive restaurants. They over GOUGE people for 20 cent pins and souvenirs. They reduced the number of AA's and think about each ride with the question, "How can I make this ride cheaper?"

          The magic is reduced or missing from many of the current offerings, Buzz Lightyear, Stitch's Escape, MGM Stunt show, and Cinderellabration, because cost was more of factor than quality. To Walt, the show was the main concern. He built Disneyland to enjoy. He was its best fan. Current management probably would not be caught dead enjoying a Disney vacation, because that's common folk like.

          Magic CAN be restored. Matt Ouimet has shown that. But it starts from the TOP and then cascades down. :imtheone:
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