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2Fer Upgrade question?


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  • 2Fer Upgrade question?

    OK. I looked over many places, and I cant find the info im seeking, so some help would be nice.

    Im going to Disneyland this Saturday for my B-day, and I have not gone for like 2 very long years. Ugh! I want to get the 2 fer, ($66) and upgrade it to a 2 day park hopper. There are many references saying you CAN upgrade it for $25 (Total $91) but they dont say HOW.

    I tried this 2 years ago. It got me 2 LONG waits in 2 lines (Guest relations, and AP line) and NOTHING. How do I upgrade the 2 Fer's?

    Also, Vons is selling 2 day park hoppers. Does anyone know how much those are? If you look at Disneyland's ticket page, and go to So-Cal section, it SHOWS 2 day Park Hopper for $91. I hope I can get the $91 park hoppers at Vons.

    Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: 2Fer Upgrade question?

    Uhhh, just ask for the Resident 2-Day Park Hopper at the Ticket Booth when you are buying the ticket. Or but the 2fer at Vons and take that to the ticket booth and they will do the upgrade there. All ticketing stuff is done at the TICKET BOOTHS.


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      Re: 2Fer Upgrade question?

      Originally posted by Autopia View Post
      All ticketing stuff is done at the TICKET BOOTHS.
      I asked about 4 CM's that year, including 1 at city hall, and 1 in the ticket booth. I got fed up and eventually walked away. This was the 1st year they did the "1 park one day, the other the next day" deal, so it was all a little new.


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        Re: 2Fer Upgrade question?

        Maybe I'm missing something - but is there any reason that you wouldn't just go ahead and buy the 2-day park hopper? After all, you seem to already know that is what you want and it's not like taking the long route and starting with the 2fer will save you any money right?


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          Re: 2Fer Upgrade question?

          You can upgrade tickets at City Hall.
          You can upgrade tickets at Guest Services.
          You can upgrade tickets at the Guest Relations Lobby.
          You can upgrade tickets at the ticket booths.
          You can upgrade tickets at the Guest Relations Window...if that CM has a fund and wants to break it to help you. Those are the only ones who'll send you away.

          Again, I'm not sure why you don't just but the Resident 2 Day Hopper...


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