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2/01/08 - A Video Podcast "Trip Report"


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  • 2/01/08 - A Video Podcast "Trip Report"

    It's been far too long for Horse_Bunny and me to film our first Disneyland postcast of Adventure's third season, but we sure hope it's worth the wait!

    On Friday, she and I braved our bosses' wrath and played hooky from work, instead venturing up to Anaheim to film our latest Adventure. The result? "Offseason Disneyland: C is for Castle"

    Sleeping Beauty Castle is in there, that's for sure. However, the subtitle could just as easily been "C is for Columbia." Or "C is for the Crowing." You may even go so far to say "Climbing the Mountain Range" or "Comeback of the King" would have worked too... although those last two are a stretch to fit the theme.

    But the messy paragraph above gives you an idea of what sorts of nonsense can be found in our latest video podcast. To find the .mov file itself, direct your browsers to our podcast homepage. Or, if you're like me and enjoy a higher quality presentation, you can subscribe to our just view our podcast at iTunes.

    Please, please post feedback -- either here, on iTunes, or at our website. We very rarely hear from our viewers, and would love to change that trend. Also, if you're interested in helping out, have some resources that you could offer that may help future episodes, or have suggestions for the topic of a coming Adventure... let us know! We don't bite. Honest.

    Now it's time to nag my dear Horse_Bunny to post a trip report for our visit, filled with her beautiful photography. Of course, she's a bit post-shy, so it may take a lot of encouragement.

    - disneyphenom aka "Rabbit"

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    Re: 2/01/08 - A Video Podcast &quot;Trip Report&quot;

    Disneyphenom, kudos on yet another wonderful podcast! I especially loved your editing on the mountain range montage. That was a really, really cool segment. Just as good was using the music of Scot Bruce over the final shots. It wasn't something I would think of, but it worked really well! I guess that's why you're the podcaster and not me.

    Thanks again for putting these podcasts together. Oh, and Horse_Bunny saying "dude" made me literally LOL.


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      Re: 2/01/08 - A Video Podcast &quot;Trip Report&quot;

      Thank you, Armadillo4, for commenting on our podcast. The Mountain Range portion was a lot of fun to cut together -- personally I love the pan down cut that looks like you're going under Brer Rabbit on the handcart and end up in Space Mountain... doesn't really look like two clips.

      Funny how things work out like that.

      The end montage -- we tend to do to showcase everything else we went on during the day. One of our earlier 'casts had "Do You Believe In Magic" being performed at the TLT, and it worked really well. Not sure that Scot's music worked as well though. (Nothing to do with his performance, which was wonderful... but the song itself didn't lend itself as well to Disneyland as the former did).

      These 'casts are real labors of love -- and it always is nice to know someone else out there enjoyed it as much as we did.


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        Re: 2/01/08 - A Video Podcast &quot;Trip Report&quot;

        ... *is a bad friend*

        You know i loved it and should have paid attention that you posted it up here


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          Re: 2/01/08 - A Video Podcast &quot;Trip Report&quot;

          You're not a bad friend, KC ;-) You knew about the 'cast from being subscribed anyway! ;-)

          For everyone else -- is there anything I should do/could do in order to make these videos more accessable for you guys? My wife and I would love feedback, and we can tell lots of people were looking at this post (and the 'cast), but we still have only a few comments.

          Any ideas? Suggestions?

          Note -- we don't post to YouTube since most of our shows are longer than the 10 minute maximum.


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