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  • Ursula

    Hey I know this is well known but what did they ever do with the Ursula that use to be in Fantasmic! My mom thinx its the one in the parade of dreams.

    Also why did they take it out, cause the weird Ursula projection they play is dumb cause its just ever part of ursula in the Little mermaid, cut up and stitched together akwardly.
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    Re: Ursula

    The projections have been there since day one. Just Ursula's barge apparantly rotted and was unable to be repaired. The one in parade of dreams is completely different. Apart from being smaller, POD Ursula is made of some sort of cloth-like material as opposed to rubber (Fantasmic Ursula was inflatable... think Party Jumper) POD Ursula is much more fluid in her movements and was designed specifically for the parade.
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      Re: Ursula

      Thanx for replying I had no idea the barge rotted. Sorry my memory of early fantasmic is vauge.
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