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What Kind of "Moment" have you created with a Character/Cast Member In Disneyland?


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  • What Kind of "Moment" have you created with a Character/Cast Member In Disneyland?

    When I finally return to Disneyland later this year I'm hoping to see more villains in the parks because over in WDW they are hard to come by.

    I want that moment on home video where after I get my signature from a big Disney Villain I want to start rubbing my hands together laughing like a true Disney Villain and hopefully they'll laugh back in their most diabolical laughter in return and we just keep going back and forth trying to top one another.

    And then I'll end it by closing my autograph book and saying "My collection is complete".

    Not sure if the moment will go as planned, you're all welcomed to use this moment and create it yourself if you desire so. It'll be months and months before I get there so have fun with this idea.

    So... what's your "moment" you'd like to have happen in Disneyland that you have yet to create?


    What moment have you already created in Disneyland between you [maybe you and some friends/family members] and a character/cast member(s)?

    Pictures are welcome!

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    Re: What Kind of &quot;Moment&quot; have you created with a Character/Cast Member In Disneyland

    Ahhh, my moment, there have been so many!

    So is this funny or inspirational, or as you say memorable?

    Well, here is my "moment"

    I take you back a little over 2 years ago. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. We tried for a little over a year (not too bad compared to some). So after more than a year of disappointments, we decided to get some "help".

    Every time I had a failed attempt I would call my friend, and we would go to Disneyland. It seemed to make everything okay. So I thought, if I bought an annual pass I would "Murphy's Law" myself and get pregnant the next month. Well, that didn't work.

    I was just be happier at Disneyland. We would ride TOT over and over and over. Let's face it, not the type of ride they let pregos on. I always make it a point to stop over at the wishing well and drop a penny in there for "good luck".

    I was on my third attempt of artificial insemination and I knew I just wasn't pregnant. Hubby and I were beginning the necessary steps to start in vitro (which is very overwhelming).

    *Side note, I am adopted (and proud of it). They were never able to tell my mom why she was never able to get pregnant, and I found myself in the same situation, so that added some additional anxiety.

    So Presidents day weekend 2006. Let's just say I didn't "feel" pregnant. So as usually, a few of my friends met at DL. Rode all the usually rides bla bla bla

    next day I found out I was pregnant

    Fast forward to January 15, 2008. I sat on Small World holding my beautiful 15 month old daughter and watching as her eyes lit up in amazement (or perhaps it was a look of WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!!!!) I got a little teary, she was well worth everything I went through and now I hope Disneyland is a place we can share together. It has transformed from my "happy place", to our "happy place".

    Wishes can come true


    Still annoyed she lost her shoe there.


    January 3, 2008-January 27, 2008

    May you rest in peace in the happiest place on earth.

    (FYI you were replaced with Winne the Pooh Shoes for $12.00 at Walmart)


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      Re: What Kind of &quot;Moment&quot; have you created with a Character/Cast Member In Disneyland

      Plenty of moments while in the park as a Guest and meeting my fellow Jungle Skips who were on the clock.
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        Re: What Kind of &quot;Moment&quot; have you created with a Character/Cast Member In Disneyland

        A friend and I used to go to the Park every Sunday, and we would always go back to Toontown to visit our Toon Friends. One day I had purchased a back of Gummy Sours over at the old Hotel Store. We walked in and Chip n Dale came over to say Hi and Chip saw the bag and wanted to know what was in it. I opened it and gave him a candy sour. He popped into his mouth and then rubbed his tummy like this was so good. After that I would make sure that Chip always got a Gummy Sour every Sunday. Well, one day I forgot to get the candy. We walked into Toontown and Chip came running over to get his candy. I tired to explain that I had forgotten, but Chip would have none of it. He looked at me and did the sign for slitting my throat if he didn't get his candy. My friend and I went back to the monorail, went over to the hotel, bought a big bag and Gummy Sours, went back to the monorail, back to Disneyland and walked back into Toontown and Chip was there. He got the whole bag this time and handed it to his handler and I got a big hug. Since that day everytime I went into Toontown I always had some Gummy Sours, just in case.
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          Re: What Kind of &quot;Moment&quot; have you created with a Character/Cast Member In Disneyland

 wasn't MY moment, but i did watch as Mickey pushed about 15 people away, sat down on the ground and reached for a 1 year old to take a picture. Very cute, even if the kid doesn't care and won't remember.


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            Re: What Kind of &quot;Moment&quot; have you created with a Character/Cast Member In Disneyland

            This is one of the oddest moments I've ever had in the park.

            Last Summer, I was riding Alice's Adventures In Wonderland with some friends, and our caterpillar was exiting the building onto the outside track just as the princess float from Parade of Dreams was going by. The instant we went through the doors, I looked over and found myself locking eyes with Princess Aurora. That just happened to be where my eyes fell at random and it seemed that she just happened to be looking my way at that same moment as well.

            The instant our eyes locked, it felt like something very powerfully weird was passing between us. She had a very odd out-of-character look of something like horror on her face, and that freaked me out in turn so I must have looked the same way. This lasted only a few seconds, but it seemed much, much longer than that while it was happening. Then our caterpillar veered away from the float and she had to turn around for her dance, and the moment ended.

            I remember sitting shocked and stupefied in the caterpillar for the rest of the ride wondering what the hell had just happened. I kept thinking she must have been curious to see which guest(s) popped out of the Alice ride at the same time the float was passing by, and for some reason, she was horrified to see it was me. I'm still wondering what the hell was really going on when that happened.

            So sitting here now and reflecting on this, it seems to me that my "special moment" with a character was that for a few seconds in a very unlikely situation, I got to play the part of Maleficent in meeting my nemesis. At least that's the way Aurora made me feel from the way we both reacted to each other in that moment.


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                Re: What Kind of &quot;Moment&quot; have you created with a Character/Cast Member In Disneyland

                There have been so many that I remember, but one of the funniest is when I asked Cruella where her puppies were. She came very close to me (face to face) and said..."Puppies? Puppies? Do you have puppies? Any special puppies?" It was very funny! She was so delightfully evil. As I stepped aside, she kept watching me as if to say "Are you sure you have no puppies?" I loved every minute of it.
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