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Thomas Kinkade castle painting release - Sept. 10


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  • Thomas Kinkade castle painting release - Sept. 10 has posted a "save the date" for the release of Thomas Kinkade's castle painting release. It's a breakfast and product release for September 10, 2005.

    Here's the link: If you click on the "more information" link, it takes you to a page that has identical information at the moment, but on that page, there's also a link to the painting.

    Interesting that the release date for this is the same as for the next Olszewski piece (Showcase/Jungle Cruise/Main Street train).

    ETA: A friend very angrily just pointed out to me that the Olszewski piece release has been moved to September 17: They've been announcing the September 10 date for that for months now. I wonder if that's the only date they could do the Kinkade release, so they had to move it.
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    Re: Thomas Kinkade castle painting release - Sept. 10

    ooh! Nice find! I'd been wondering about this for a while. Not the biggest fan of Kinkade, but I was interested to see what he'd do with the castle.
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      Re: Thomas Kinkade castle painting release - Sept. 10

      It's a nice painting, though it's very close to the concept painting for the castle layover.

      The Mickey balloons are a nice touch.


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        Re: Thomas Kinkade castle painting release - Sept. 10

        This guy can do some pretty amazing things with light in his paintings. He is a genius in choosing the correct colors to make a painting truly look like it has beams of light, when in fact it's just a lighter shade of the same color. You really have to see his work in person to realize how convincing his use of light is. I really don't like art, but I don't mind his paintings since they have such a great illusion.


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          Re: Thomas Kinkade castle painting release - Sept. 10

          This one I would have to see in person, but looks VERY interesting.
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            Re: Thomas Kinkade castle painting release - Sept. 10

            I dunno guys, it's nice, but it doesn't do a whole lot for me. I am more pumped about those cool retro maps you can buy. Buy, if this floats your boat, more power to you!


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              Re: Thomas Kinkade castle painting release - Sept. 10

              It does look better than most of his other works. My brother knows him personally and was in business with him for a while, so I know how much his stuff costs. An actual canvas edition of the painting will be upwards of $10,000. A print would be at least $500.

              One kind of wierd thing my brother told me, and I don't know how true it is, but he met the guy so who knows, is that he paints with ink that contains his DNA. I don't know how that is even possible, but it creeped me out.
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                Re: Thomas Kinkade castle painting release - Sept. 10

                I despise Thomas Kinkade. His art is so uninteresting and dull. I'd prefer just buying a nice print of the concept art for the castle overlay instead of his painting which is pretty much the same thing, but less impressive.

                Ugh. I just hate how he's regarded as a great artist, but nothing he does is even that great. His bloated, self proclaimed title as the "painter of light" disgusts me.

                Sorry for the rant.

                I'll be in line for the SHAG park map release.
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                  Re: Thomas Kinkade castle painting release - Sept. 10

                  ^When are those maps coming out and how much will they cost?



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