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Your Disneyland musts list


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  • Your Disneyland musts list

    Well its a little more than two weeks till our Disneyland trip and my family and I were talking about the things we must do while we are there. There is always family traditions like the first ride we always go on is Pirates. The last ride we go on is always the Disneyland railroad for a trip around the park. There are many more but what are your Disneyland musts?

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    Re: Your Disneyland musts list

    On my first and only trip.

    I wanted to see Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, It's a Small World, Haunted Mansion (it ended up being Haunted Mansion Holiday for me, but I still loved it), & The Enchanted Tiki Room.

    On top of my head that I have just listed. I could go for the Tiki Room the most right now. I was just so joyful while singing the "Let's all sing like the birdies sing" song. Yeah, I have cutesy taste. :blush:
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      Re: Your Disneyland musts list

      Mr. Toad, Small World, Indy - used to be the Gallery too.

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        Re: Your Disneyland musts list

        Eat at Plaza Inn. Best. Chicken. Ever. (I miss it so)
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          Re: Your Disneyland musts list

          Right now my must do list consists of:
          [ ] Disneyland

          And on my nice to do list:
          [ ] DCA

          I am planning on spending a week at the resort though. :lol: I haven't had a vacation since 2001.
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            Re: Your Disneyland musts list

            I agree with disneykat.. The fried chicken is the best. Whenever my kids say they want fried chicken for dinner we look at each other and say at the Plaza. Of course that can't be cause we live 8 hours away. o'well we will be there in less than a month. Can't wait.


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              Re: Your Disneyland musts list

              Pirates - Haunted Mansion


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                Re: Your Disneyland musts list

                My must is Matterhorn, TL side at night. I LOVE IT!
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                  Re: Your Disneyland musts list

                  When my lil' bro was younger, we used to have to ride the "dinosaur train" (DLRR) about three times each time we went, which was about once a month at the time.

                  "...that was the Grand Canyon as we know it today..."

                  Now, a must for us: valet parking at Grand California Hotel. it's so easy.


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                    Re: Your Disneyland musts list

                    It would be easier to to list the items NOT on the must list!
                    The Mur
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                      Re: Your Disneyland musts list

                      Caramel apple.
                      Something new.

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                        Re: Your Disneyland musts list

                        The only must I have is to watch Musical Chairs at 2:30 on Main Street. I'll try to do Pinocchio's Daring Journey or Mad Tea Party at least once, but sometimes the lines are long and I end up having to skip them.

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                          Re: Your Disneyland musts list

                          Splash Mountain, and Indy are a must. Matterhorn is also a pretty big must.
                          Happy Halloween!!!


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                            Re: Your Disneyland musts list

                            Well the whole park is a must but there are certain traditions that we jsut have its funny how they got started. My family always went on pirates as our first ride because we would dash into the park to make our resservations for the blue bayou and that was the first ride there after we were done. Its just been done that way since my grandparents started it with my father and it just doesnt feel right if the first ride we go on isnt pirates. My husband always buys a hat in frontierland. My son always wantst to go on Big thunder last because its his favorite ride and thats how he wants to leave the park till next time. and I am sure we will start something new with my daughter this time. there are other rides adn things we love to do its just important to do these things in this order. Ohh and especially on the first day there you cant take the monorail into the park you have to enter at the front it just doesnt feel right to start in tomorrowland.


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                              Re: Your Disneyland musts list

                              - HM
                              - tiki room w/ dole whip
                              - peter pan
                              - matterhorn ( left side)
                              - star tours

                              and must sees: fireworks and fantasmic

                              oh, and if you go to dca, soarin' is a must. i love that ride!

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