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You never know where you will find a Disney fan

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  • You never know where you will find a Disney fan

    In the recent Sports Illustrated, there is a short article regarding the Lopez twins who play basketball at Stanford. Apparantly they are big time Disney fans.
    There are a few areas in which you challenge Brook and Robin Lopez -- the twin 7-foot sophomores who anchor ninth-ranked Stanford -- at your peril. Take trivia about their hero, Walt Disney. You will not stump them. Where did Walt grow up? "Born in Illinois, moved to Marceline, Missouri," says Brook, as he sits on steps inside Maples Pavilion. Donald Duck's first cartoon? "The Wise Little Hen." When did Steamboat Willie come out? "November 18, 1928," he says, shooting you a withering who-doesn't-know-that? look.
    A few days later Robin stands on the court before practice. When did Pirates of the Caribbean open at Disneyland? "1967," he says. Space Mountain? "1977." What was the name of Disney's first animation partner? "Ub Iwerks," says Robin. You might as well have asked him how many dwarves hung out with Snow White.
    Here is the link to the entire article by Kelli Anderson

    Hopefully the are also Micechatters!
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