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Your first Haunted Mansion ride


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  • Your first Haunted Mansion ride

    Share your experience of the first time you rode the Haunted Mansion. Were you excited, scared, or were you about to pass out from fear.

    I'll go first. I made up the excuse that I was sick to my stomach. So I waited outside with my grandpa while the rest of my family (yes, even my kid brother who is 4 years younger) went in. When I finally got the guts to go in (the next day), I was horrified. My mom kept telling me, it isn't bad, but who really listens to their moms on something like this? I was sweating bullets by the time we got in the elevator chamber, I kid you not. Once we got on the doombuggies though, I calmed down. I actually thought it was pretty cool. I ended up loving it. It became my top 3 favorite Disneyland rides.

    How about your experiences. Come on, share!
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    Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

    I've told this tale before, but...

    We had our typical annual Disneyland trip during the first week of August, 1969, and on the Jungle Cruise the skipper asked us if anyone knew what was happening this weekend? The Haunted Mansion was opening! Then he made some kind of wisecrack about it only taking Disney ten years to build a ride.

    We were thrilled for a split second, and then crestfallen. Seemed like we had waited our whole kid lives for that thing to open, and now we barely missed it and wouldn't get to see it for another year.

    The following week, some business or other took us through Anaheim, and as we passed within sight of DL, my Dad unexpectedly asked my brother and me if we wanted to go in for a few hours? This was absolutely unheard of. Bless 'im, he knew how much we wanted to see the new ride.

    I was 14. That was Thursday, Aug 14, 1969. BEST. DISNEYLAND. TRIP. EVER.
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      Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

      Honestly I thought it was pretty lame to tell you the truth. I think I was expecting something scary. I love it now though!


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        Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

        I was three years old. I loved every minute of it. I remember thinking that when the ceiling disappeared in the gallery that Maleficent was up there in Dragon form. :lol:


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          Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

          WDW: It took me when I was 19 years old, I think when I rode the Haunted Mansion . Haunted Houses werenot my thing and the Haunted Mansion was no exception to want to ride it at first. I wanted to be with my parents on one trip and I followed them into the Haunted Mansion line and 19 year old me was going 'mom? mom?! I don't want to go on here'. and my mother said back "Oh Hayley! It's only a stupid ride" *please excuse my mother's mouth by the way. She was really kindly saying that this ride is alright and I should chill *. I ended up loving the Haunted Mansion from that day forward and now it is a must stop in every Disney Park visit.

          Disneyland: I went in it just last year for first time. DL's Haunted Mansion was one of my ulimate must stops I planned to do. It was the Haunted Mansion Holiday one. Though, I would had love to have seen how the org. DL's version goes. I still loved the Nightmare Before Christmas theme. I loved the stretching room and the man eating plants especially.
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            Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

            I was 8 or 9. My "cool cousin" (who was in her teens at the time) took me on it (along with Space Mountain.). I was so scared she got those glow necklaces they had (back in 1990). I think between the 2 of us we were wearing 6 or 7. We were wearing them as headbands, necklaces, and headbands. And I remember that I was so scared, but I had a little light and between us it was bright enough so I wasn't as scared. That's how I road Space Mountain too because I've never been cool with the dark, so the bright colors, favorite cousin, holding my hand made it less scary. That was the trip I road Jungle Cruise for the first time too.


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              Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

              i cried
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                Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

                The first one I can remember was when I was about three or four. I was scared ****less the entire time. My dad, the great storyteller he always was when it came to messing with my vulnerable little kid-mind, came up with a whole slew of stories to get me through the ride. These same stories affected me more profoundly than he could've guessed at the time and still continue to influence me in every-day life.

                The first thing I remember was entering the Foyer and getting freaked out at the "haunted" decor of the room. I thought it was ominous and foreboding and it freaked me out right from the start, but my dad said, "Why're you scared of this room? It's just a normal room like from our house!"

                And to this day, that room is the very essence of all things normal, comforting, and reassuring. And I still see it as being part of our house.

                The next thing to get me was the music. I thought it was telling us we were all about to die, but my dad said, "Why're you scared of this music? It's happy music! It's supposed to make you feel good!"

                And to this day, that music is the one sound that can instantly relax me and make me feel genuinely happy no matter what the circumstances are. It's like standing in the sun in the middle of a scorching desert and then suddenly feeling a cool breeze lovingly envelop you.

                When we went into the Stretching Room, I was immediately terrified by the gargoyles beneath the portraits. I thought they were alive and evil and were going to reach down and bite our heads off. But my dad said, "Why're you scared of those guys? They won't hurt you! They're my friends! See, you can even touch them and they'll still be nice to you." Then he put me on his shoulders so I could reach out and touch them, and sure enough, they didn't do anything! They really were my friends!

                And to this day, anything that looks like one of those gargoyles is the very picture of friendship. Every time I see them, I remember so vividly touching their faces and learning that they were my friends. They were my first lesson that even things that look evil or ugly or scary can really be nice and have a different beauty that only friendship can show.

                Then the Ghost Host came along and hanged himself and scared the **** out of me all over again. The darkness and the loud noises and the dead body over our heads were all too much. But my dad said, "Why're you afraid of that silly bunch of noise? Those people up above you aren't scared. They're having a great time!" And he pointed up above at the four stretching portraits. And sure enough, those people did look like they were happy and comfortable and having a great time despite the circumstances. The girl on the tightrope looked especially beautiful and serene and in control of herself, and I wanted to be just like her.

                And to this day, whenever I encounter something that seems as threatening as the first time I saw the Ghost Host hang himself, I remember the tightrope-walker and try to emulate her example.

                Then we exited the Stretching Room and started to go past the Changing Portraits. It freaked me out how their paintings could change like that, but my dad said, "Why're you afraid of those people in the paintings? They're not scary and they can't hurt you. Look how pretty the kitty lady is. And there's El Cid riding on Babieca! And there's Mom getting old--" (He was referring to April December and he got a good whack from Madame Momba for that one) "--and there's Mom's pirate ship hanging on the wall, and look! There's you at the end! You're like that one because you change exactly like her when you're mean."

                And to this day, whenever I pass by the portrait of the Gorgon Lady, no matter who I'm with, I always point excitedly and say, "Look! It's me! That's me on the wall!" And no matter what anyone else has to say about it, cat ladies and black knights and haunted ghost ships and gorgon ladies are the very picture of loveliness and charm. And funny enough, when my little brother was born, my parents named him Cid and he grew up identifying with the Black Knight without ever knowing that my dad had once told me that knight was El Cid.

                Then we got in line for our doombuggies, and that giant stupid spider on the web (which is now gone) scared me because I thought he was going to come down and eat us. But my dad said, "Why're you afraid of that silly ol' spider? These little bat guys are my friends too and they won't let him touch the guests. That's why they're holding up this chain: to keep the spider out of the line."

                And to this day, those bats on the chain-posts are still my friends because they eventually got rid of the big mean spider. :lol:

                Then we went past the floating candelabra and I was scared because it was floating there all by itself. But my dad said, "Don't worry, that's just an invisible ghost who wants to help you see. That's why they're holding up the lights for you."

                And to this day, invisible ghosts are nothing to be scared of and candelabras are signs of help and friendliness.

                Then we went through the Corridor of Doors and it scared me to hear all those loud noises and shapes trying to push through the doors. But my dad said, "Don't worry, the ghosts are just trying to make you laugh. They saw The Haunting with us and want to show you they remembered it."

                And to this day, I still believe every ghost in the Mansion is there with us at my house watching whenever we put on ghost movies. :lol:

                At this point, I don't remember being scared of Madame Leota or the Ballroom scene. I was actually starting to really enjoy my trip through the Mansion.

                Then the attic's blast-up ghosts came along and completely ruined all that. Surprise appearance + super loud noise = I WANT OFF THIS RIDE NOW. But my dad said, "Why're you afraid of those stupid pop-up ghosts? The Bride is nice and she won't let them hurt anyone because this is her attic and she's our friend. Look how much she loves you!" And her beating heart really did seem adequate proof that she loved me.

                And this is yet another reason why I HATE CONSTANCE. She is NOT my old friend who protected all the guests from the blast-up ghosts! I miss her so much.

                Then followed a whole graveyard full of pop-up ghosts and that pretty much ended my first trip in a fit of crying hysteria. Even my dad's story-telling prowess couldn't squash those stupid pop-up ghosts for me.

                At least I remember my first Hitchhiking Ghost! I remember because my dad told me we would get to take one home with us, and I wanted Ezra. He was my instant favorite of the three. And when we passed by the mirrors, I was very satisfied indeed to see that we did get Ezra! It was great thinking that I got to keep the ghost I wanted from the line-up. I didn't like the fat guy or the dwarf, but Ezra was just all-around awesome.

                And last of all, I remember Little Leota. I truly believed she was real, and she really wanted us to hurry back and visit her again! I promised her I'd think about it and waved good-bye to her before running out of there as fast as I could.


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                  Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

                  My dad has a video tape of five or six year old me crying at the fountain in New Orleans Square cause i was terrified. Got off the ride and loved it.
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                    Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

                    I have been on that ride so many times I don't really remember my first time to be honest... Everytime I ride it with my aunt however she tells me that my grandfather helped work on the Lift in the mansion so it is something that has always been in my family...


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                      Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

                      Awesome story dark lady.
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                        Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

                        Originally posted by Bubbadunne View Post
                        Awesome story dark lady.
                        Thanks, Bubba! I was worried no one would have the patience to read all the way through it.


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                          Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

                          Rumors had been floating around about the old lady that had a heart attack because the ride was so scary. Pirates was amazing. I was only 5 years old, but I already understood the concept of the E-Ticket.

                          I wasn't dissapointed. I had the Ron Howard record, the post cards, the model kits. I knew what to expect, but was still amazed. It's hard to impress a 5 year old, but Disney did it with the Haunted Mansion. I was a little dissapointed that it wasn't scarier, but the Ball Room scene was amazing.


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                            Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

                            It's hard to impress a 5 year old, but Disney did it with the Haunted Mansion.
                  's hard for Disneyland to impress a five-year-old? :lol: I think there are millions who'd beg to differ.

                            As for my story--I was in fifth grade, and I'd never gone on the ride before because this was before I really was in any sort of control over our infrequent trips to the park. I basically went wherever the grownups said to go, and I loved every place I went as a result. I saw an advertisement for the attraction in a booklet while I was at home, and I asked about it. My parents said they'd never taken me or my siblings on it because they thought it'd be too scary for us. (Very protective parents, mind you, with mostly good results. )

                            I still remember the photo--it had an early-90s look, and it was a couple screaming at their reflection in the final scene with the HHGs in the Doombuggies. Actually, you can still see that photo as the last one in the slide show that plays on the attraction's official page. I didn't realize I was looking at a reflection, and I imagined the attraction consisting of a slow ride through dark catacombs, with the track rising up and down, and cobwebs all around.

                            I ended up riding the next time we visited the park, and oddly, I don't really remember my initial reaction. I don't think I was totally blown away, but I know I at least liked it. It grew on me more and more over the years. Now...well, I've built/am building a freaking scale model of the whole facility, so you do the math.


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                              Re: Your first Haunted Mansion ride

                              i've been going on the mansion since i was very little. don't really remember my "first" ride, per se. it was one of the few rides my mom would actually go on. i do remember a trip when i sat in the middle between my mom and aunt. i was around 6 or so. i got freaked out when i had the ghost land on my lap.. lol.

                              i used to go to DL a lot as a kid.. always for my birthdays and just whenever we wanted to..

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