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Disneyland January 08. I know it is late


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  • Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

    This is my first trip report. It is picture heavy but because we don't get to visit very often we take as many pictures as possible. I will post some of the high light photos, if you want to see the others I will post my album site and you can look at them there. So here it goes.

    Day One:

    We were up pretty early. I was up at 3:15 to be ready to leave the house by 4 in the morning. My aunt, uncle and cousin were picking me up and we had a 40 min ride to the airport to get there. It was a terrible morning. It was cold and raining(Which is normal winter for us up here in Vancouver). We were all looking forward to a little California sunshine. When they arrived we quickly loaded our suitcases in the car and headed for the airport. We made a quick stop for Tim Hortons Coffee(it is a Canadian Staple and we miss it very much when we are visiting in the states) we arrived at Vancouver International Airport(it is currently under construction for the 2010 Winter Olympics). Once through all of the check in, customs and security we were ready to get our Disney vacation started and it was just 2 and a half hours away. We arrived in sunny California and headed straight for the baggage terminal and then out to the Disneyland bus. Some time later we arrived at our hotel. We checked in and after a quick lunch my cousin and I headed straight for the park. After picking up our park tickets and waiting in the line we were finially inside Disneyland. Just as we walked in the gate I got the best surprise ever. I spotted to the left Snow White and I was so excited. I dragged my cousin over with me. As we got closer I spotted Belle, then Cinderella then Princess Aurora(my fave). They were there playing duck duck goose.

    My cousin tried to get me to play, but I wouldn't go for it. maybe if I was 5. We only stayed for a few mins before we headed off to ride some rides. The parade was just about to begin as we climbed into the Matterhorn line. We waited only 40 mins. As we got off we decided to head to the other side. We tried to cross Mainstreet but the parade was going by. I was excited because the princesses were just about to go by and I wanted to see for myself what Ariel and Princess Aurora's new dresses looked like. I only got to see Ariel because Aurora was on the street and there were too many people for me to see her.

    We decided to skip the trek across Mainstreet and instead opted for the train. We headed back to Tomorrowland and for some strange reason as we were heading to the train station had to walk through the smoking section. My cousin(who is a smoker) and I thought that was the most idiotic placement of a smoking section. We stood waiting for the train and watched all of the children walking through as people were smoking.

    We got off the train in New Orleans Square and headed for Big Thunder one of our favorite rides. We first had to pass through the crowds of people.

    We arrived at Big Thunder and got ready to name the animals( it is a tradition we all ways point out the animals as we ride). While on the ride we were disappointed to see that the goat was gone, it was one of the best animals. After Big Thunder we decided to ride Indiana Jones another of our favorites but when we got there it had broken down so we decided to ride something else. Later that evening after a quick stop for a bite to eat we were right back at it. We had worked our way over to Tomorrowland and were riding rides over there when we decided to try and see if we could ride Indiana. We headed for Adventureland by walking across Mainstreet. They however had roped off a pathway for you to walk around past the castle and into Frontierland. As we slowly moved along feeling very much like cattle we got to Adventureland, the cast members there informed us that we infact could not go that way and had to go in through Frontierland so we had to back track through the crowd to get to Frontierland. It was really a terrible system and the cast members standing at the entrance to Frontierland should have maybe warned the guest who wanted to go to Adventureland that this was the way they would have to travel, but oh well we made it there. When we got to the line it was back up and running and we caught a lucky break. As we were about to head into the line my cousin was stopped by a famil who offered her two expired fast passes. They couldn't decided who was going to ride with the little boy so they offered them to my cousin. My cousin almost didn't take them because they were expired but the family explained to her that a cast member had said that they would be good for anytime later that evening because the ride had broken down during that fast pass time. We were quite happy because when we entered the fast pass line the stand by line was 75 mins long. After that we checked out a few more rides and the beautiful castle, before leaving the park.

    ~Princess Aurora at Heart~

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    Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

    Originally posted by PrincessAurora18 View Post

    Look at that lady looking directly at the camera! How crazy its like some scary movie.
    Har har har


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      Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

      Princesses playing duck duck goose?! How cute is that!! I love it!


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        Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

        Originally posted by PrincessAurora18 View Post

        Looks like it was a busy day.

        "The moose say's you're closed, i say you're open" Clark W. Griswold


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          Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

          Cute shots of the princesses and little girls.

          Can't wait for more!
          Home away from Home.


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            Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

            Very cute with the "Duck, Duck, Goose." :blush: Thanks for posting!


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              Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

              Delightful report, so far. Eagerly awaiting more.


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                Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

                Day 2:

                Today was my favorite day. About 2 months before I made a reservation for the Princess Lunch at Ariel's Grotto. I have seen so many great pics in other peoples trip reports and I have always wanted to go. So I bribed my cousin into joining me, even though princesses are really not her thing she agreed. That day I decided to wear my Princess Aurora crown, that I bought up here and my cousin decided to wear her Mickey ears.
                Here is the first picture of the princess leaving the hotel(sorry it is blurry)

                After breakfast we headed over to the park. We decided to head to Disneyland first to kill some time before California Adventure opened.
                Even while in Disneyland the paparazzi always seem to find me

                We headed down mainstreet and I am still in awe over the christmas decorations I love them.

                While we were admiring the decoations we spotted Cruella Devil over by the Christmas tree and we tried to get our picture with her but she was heading back for her break.

                With a couple of quick rides and a few more photos

                We headed over to California Adventure. We headed right and over to the new location of Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater.

                My cousin and I stood in line and had our picture taken with the two.

                My uncle and I then rode soarin', we love that ride! The best part was that we got the front row. Ya no feet in front of us! After flying over California we headed for the pier and some fast rides.

                My Aunt

                We headed to the Maliboomer for a quick view of the park. While we were standing in line for the Maliboomer we noticed it was quite quiet, there wasn't that familiar roar and screaming of the rollercoaster. A few mins later we heard the voice come over the load speaker that they were beginning tests and hoped to have it operational soon.

                Because we couldn't ride California Screamn we decided to hang around for a little bit before heading for our reservation. Because I don't want to loose my crown while on the fast rides my uncle always holds it for me. He has a very unique way of holding it.

                While we were waiting to ride the Maliboomer apparently my uncle got some very strange looks from all sorts of people. He's that kind of guy that doesn't really care.
                We headed over to Ariel's Grotto to wait for our buzzer to go off.

                When it was our turn we headed inside and down the stairs. Once at the bottom we stood in line to meet Ariel. I was so excited to see her in her dress. I have never met her in her dress always in the fin. She was very nice and commented on my backpack with all of the princesses and even pointed out that she was on there as well, but in her fin.

                We were taken to our table by the hostess and seated. The hostess thought that the reservation was for two adults and two children so there were childrens menus, crayons and paper crowns waiting for us. We said we would color with them anyway. After looking at the menu and having our order taken a man dressed in a purple lord costume came out and announced that in a few short mins the princesses would be arriving. There was a little girl at the table behind us who was dressed like Snow White complete with bow in her hair. It was so cute and she was so excited she couldn't sit in her seat. The first princess to arrive was Snow White. The host announced her arrival and she came over to him and was standing about a foot away from the little girl dressed like her. Snow White was so happy to see her that she said to the host 'oh look she looks just like me.' and the host replied 'except she is cuter' Snow White got a little mad and put her hands on her hips and gave the host a dirty look and a pout. She then went over to her first table. The next princess to arrive was Cinderella, followed by Belle and finally my favorite princess Aurora. We were one of the last tables to see the princesses and they arrived at our table shortly after we recieved our meals. Cinderella some how passed Snow White and arrived at our table first.

                She came over and greeted us. She asked if she could sign my autograph book and I of course agreed. She commented on my crown and told me that Princess Aurora would be happy to see it. After signing my book we took a picture together and she said good bye. Snow White followed a couple mins behind her. She came over and greeted us and of course commented on my crown. She then picked up my autograph book and began to flip through the pages. She read out all of the names, when she got to her previous one she said to me 'I knew we had met before' she asked if I would like her to sign it again and I said of course(because it was a different Snow White). She said 'well it will be different because I have been practicing since we last met' She was so cute, even my cousin enjoyed meeting her. We took a picture together and she said good bye.

                Belle was next. I was excited because I have never met Belle before. The only time I have seen her in the park was during the 50th and she was leaving and she stopped briefly for me to take her picture. Belle came over to the table and greeted us. She asked where we were visiting from and I replied Canada and she said that was a long way to travel from just to see them. I told her that this was our first official meeting and she was very excited. She asked my name and signed my book. We then took a picture. I must say it is very hard to stand next to her in that big dress. I had to kind of lean in towards her.

                The last one was Princess Aurora, she was excited to see me and even more excited to see that I was wearing her crown. We chatted and she flipped through my book and saw that we had met before. She thought she recognized me(even though it was a different Aurora the last time, she was sweet). She signed my book again complete with my name and thanking me for visiting her again. She even signed her name with a crown which I thought was a nice touch.

                after the princesses left our table we finished lunch and had our dessert. We were sitting right next to the windows that looked out onto the water and California Screamn'. While we were sitting there we spotted my aunt and uncle. They were hanging out at the rail. We managed to get their attention and my cousin got up and walked to the window. My uncle managed to get a shot of my cousin. It is my aunts favorite picture of the vacation and it basicly sums up my cousins experiece at the Princess lunch so here it is, the Help me I am stuck in a room filled with princesses and little kids in love with the princesses.

                They also managed to get a shot of the restaurant complete with Belle on the patio

                and of course another shot of my cousin stuck on the inside

                I think she secretly had a good time. She even decorated the crowns for my aunt and uncle to wear so they got a piece of the fun.

                After emerging from the lunch we headed for a now fixed California Screamn'. My aunt and Uncle had gotten fast passes for us. After riding that we headed back over to Disneyland to use our Space Mountain Fast passes that we had gotten earlier in the day. It was then back to the hotel for a little rest and a dip in the hot tub. It is so funny everytime we are on vacation and head to the hotel pool the only ones inside are Canadians. We have yet to meet an American swimming, oh well. That afternoon it had warmed up a bit, for us at least, and we headed back to California Adventure. We headed this time to the Backlot and rode the Tower of Terror. My cousin needed a quick smoke so she headed over there and I stood and watched the Drawn to the Magic show with Cinderella, Woody and Mickey. It was pretty neat and after the characters had a meet and greet. My cousin came back and she came with me and stood in line to meet Cinderella. She was so pretty, oh my goodness I have never seen such a beautiful Cinderella, and she was so sweet as well. I just got a quick picture with her right before she left. We did however talk just a couple mins and she said to me that I must be very cold because I was only in a tank top and I said no this is quite warm for me. and she said that she was freezing. I said it was a good thing that she was wearing her jacket then. She was so proud of it and how warm it kept her. She was so cute, I wish I had gotten a little bit longer to talk with her, maybe I will get to meet her again.

                We next headed into the Animation building. It is something that I have never been into and have always wanted to see what was inside. We headed inside and went through all of the displays. We even ventured into the beast's library, which was very busy, and waited for a seat to find out which character we were most like. I was like the little ant from a bug's life and my cousin was like Tinkerbell. That is the coolest little machine

                on the way out I got my picture taken with my favorite motto

                It was then a quick dinner and then back to Disneyland to ride as many rides as possible in a few hours.

                That is it for Day 2, I have two more days but tonight I have to get back to studing. Tomorrow I will have day three up maybe day 4 as well. I hope you enjoy this one.
                ~Princess Aurora at Heart~


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                  Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

                  Thanks for the report. Great shots with the Princesses!


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                    Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

                    wow great pictures thanks.


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                      Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

                      Great report there PA. I got a question for you. The day you were at Ariel's what day was it. Was it a Saturday or not. The reason I ask is the picture with Snow White you have is the sameone that I took when I when on Feb. 16 and of choures that's not the Snow White that has become my friend and I'm just trying to figure if you when to Ariel's on Sat or not. My Snow White that I know usely works on the weekends from what I was told.


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                        Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

                        I was there January 3rd.
                        ~Princess Aurora at Heart~


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                          Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

                          Ok that was a Thursday thx PA. I just check it out. Still you have a great report kept it coming heehee.


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                            Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

                            Sure cute!!!


                            not a kid and still love DISNEYLAND??

                            OF COURSE I DO!!!



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                              Re: Disneyland January 08. I know it is late

                              Day Three:

                              We began the day with a little shopping in Fullerton. We headed to the Disney Outlet which was pretty neat. I highly recomend it, we got some great deals. After shopping we dropped our goodies off at our hotel room and headed across to the park. My cousin bought a autograph book so we decided to do a little character hunting and we didn't have to go far, all we had to do was walk under the bridge and there was a whole wack of characters. Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and Mickey all in their winter wear. Unfortunatly they were all heading back for the parade so we got to see Minnie and Donald and that is it. And a bigger unfortunatly my cousins camera chip with all of those pictures got demagnitized, stupid technology. After meeting them we headed off to see who else we could find. We got to the end of the Mainstreet and I spotted Alice and the Mad Hatter playing Musical Chairs, so I dragged her over there. While I was there I even spotted a fellow Mice Chatter there taking pictures. Littlecricket. She was there taking pictures.

                              If you look between Alice and Peter Pan you can see littlecricket. I didn't realize that I got her in the picture until I got home and got a closer look.

                              Peter Pan came out and was playing with this little boy. It was so sweet, how magical. I must say Peter Pan doesn't always play very fair. Once they were finished they did a meet and greet. I met Alice first. I handed her my book and pen and she commented on the fact that the book was upside down. She gave me a bad time about it. She signed my book and handed it back to me upside down and backwards.(the picture was on my cousins camera. I am mad about that). Next was peter and I fell in love with him. He was amazing!!!! He was sitting behind the piano so I sat down next to him and handed him my autograph book and pen. He began flipping through and commenting on all of the pictures and autographs. I had a picture of Alice and I at the front of the book and when he got to Alice's autograph he asked me why the picture wasn't next to the picture. and I told him because I just got that autograph and the picture was taken at a different time. and he said but that autograph is right there, so the picture should be there. and I said but that is a different time and not this alice. I was getting frustrated now. He replyed back that it was the same Alice. He then gave up. I asked him where Wendy was. 'She is at school or watching her brothers. I don't know.' He was so amazing. Perfect casting!!! We left the area and I said that I wanted to meet Jack Sparrow so we headed over to the information desk to ask where he was. We had seen him earlier in New Orleans Square. They said he was on the island so we headed over there. When we arrived on the island after that wonderful boat ride we noticed that Jack Sparrow was performing in the show on the front so we headed to find where Jack would be later so we could wait in line. We managed to find a cast member and stopped her to ask where you meet Jack. She said that he wouldn't be there but he was at the back of the island. We headed off to the back to see if we could find it. Much to our suprise he was there. So there were two Jack Sparrows onstage at one time. We got our fast pass out and stood there waiting to try and get him to stand still long enough to get a picture. While we were waiting he came over and grabbed my cousins new Ariel purse and began to look through it. He then tried to lift it up and take it from my cousin. My cousin then said to him 'hey buddy you are not taking this I just bought it.' He looked at it then looked at the two of us and said 'do you know this girl?' My cousin and I replied 'yes' 'well when you see her again, tell her to keep her rubby boyfriend off my ship.' My cousin and I as well as everyone around us began to laugh.

                              He then walked off and my cousin and I followed after him. I wanted a proper picture and an autograph. I kept following after him and calling his name. Finally I got him to stop. 'What?' 'can you sign this?' 'sure I can' 'will you sign it please?' He then took the book and pen. He put the cap end in his mouth and pulled it off and spat it across the way. He then went to sign it and decided he didn't want to hold it up so he turned me around and used my back as a desk. While he was doing that a cast member brought my pen cap back to me. He then handed it back to me and walked off again. I still didn't get my picture so I followed after him. Even the photopass photographer was trying to get him to stand still. He stopped a little kid with Old Navy written on his chest and he asked the kid if he was in the Navy and the kid said no and Jack said 'but you have old navy on your shirt' and the kid was sure he wasn't in the navy. I reached for Jack's wrist and he turned and looked at me strange. I turned around towards my cousin and Jack grabbed my backpack I was wearing and tried to pull it off me. He brought it around to show me. He pointed to Cinderella and said 'if you see this girl, tell her thank you for the silverware.'

                              We never did get a good shot with him so we gave up. We did however get lost on the island. It is hard to get off. We found the bone cage and a few other things before finally finding the rafts.

                              Once back on the main land we headed for some mint julips. On our way over there we stopped to check out the band and catch some beads.

                              After a quick refreshment stop we headed for Fantasyland. With the threat of rain the park began to empty out. Our first Fantasyland ride was Dumbo. My cousin and I have not rode that ride in years. We got to the front of the line with our feathers and got ready to fly.

                              After Dumbo we headed over to the door next to Alice. We have for years gotten our picture taken in front of the door. A cast member was kind enough to take that for us. After a quick picture we got in line for Alice before they shut it down for the rain. It didn't start to rain until we got to the Matterhorn. The rain doesn't bother us. We live in a rainforest. It rains all winter for us and it was more of a mist than rain. After the Matterhorn we caught the monrail to Downtown Disney. We had a dinner reservation at the RainForest Cafe. By that time it was starting to rain a little harder. After a wonderful dinner it was back to the park. Apparently Malibu and few other areas had a flood warning that night. While we were back in the park they announced that the parade and fireworks would not run that evening. That didn't bother us we continued to ride rides and enjoying because we basicly walked on to everything. We rode the carousel

                              and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, my cousins favorite ride.

                              I must say the park is not designed for rain, at least not large amounts of it. Space Mountain we just walked on and had to wait maybe about 10 mins.

                              The longest line we stood in that night was Indiana Jones. We waited 10 mins outside in the rain before we headed inside. There were so many fast passes that they had to let through first. As we were heading back to the hotel later that night, because we were at that time starting to get cold. We estimated that there was maybe 1500 people if that in the park. The longest line of the evening was Nemo at it was at a 35 min wait.

                              We got back to the room and the two of us were just soaked to the bone.

                              But the night ended well we both had nice hot showers and sat in bed watching the Disney channel and enjoying our caramel apples.

                              Thats it for day 3. Either later this evening or tomorrow I will do day 4 the last day in the park.
                              ~Princess Aurora at Heart~


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