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  • Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

    On Friday, I got a tour with other CM's of the Dream Suite.
    Here are the photos. We first entered through the new elevator.
    It was really pretty for an elevator that is.

    Next we entered into a hall way.

    And then passed this pretty doorway into another hall.

    This is the beautiful inlaid marble work at in the doorway. There is inlaid marble all over the suite.

    Next we moved into the First Suite room. Sorry forgot the name. I'm sure someone who took the tour will give the name for this suite. It has one king bed with a beautiful attached bathroom. The suite has "magical moments that happen for the guest once they arrive. Lights dim and stars show up, music plays with themes from Peter Pan, and other things happen.

    The ceiling where the 'stars' light up.

    The bathroom sink in this bedroom.

    The bathtub, which also has a "magical" moment. The lights dim and the stars come out and light up in he blue tile area. It happened for us, and was really pretty.

    Tiffany light over the toilet.

    Next is the dressing room. The bathrobes are there for the guests to use when in the suite. Pretty wall paper.

    The hallway that leads to the "living room" part of the suite. The outdoor courtyard is just to the right, out these windows.

    Looking into the living room.

    The door is where they bring the guest in when they have won the "Dream Suite" for the night. That is where you use to enter when viewing the Disney Gallery.

    Lots of "magical" moments in this room as well. Each guest receives a hand blown bowl from the Crystal Shop in NOS with their name and date etched in it, with a Mickey Plush and an autograph book.
    Fireplace in the room has a Magical Moment too.

    Mural on wall showing the two Castles that were the inspiration for the Castles in the parks.

    Clock to the left is the "Cinderella" clock that has a "magical" moment as well. Face lights up with different images on it.

    Right off the Living room is the "Frontier" suite. Named that because it overlooks Frontierland.

    Note the rail that runs around the top part of the room. Room has two twin beds in this room.

    This train is above on the rail and there is a hidden track that intertwines with all the trinkets on the track that set off the "magical" moments in this room. Horse's heads move, ships move, etc. Most of the items on the track will move as the train passes by it. Once it makes a round trip around the room it comes back to this glass box.

    This is the light in the Frontier Room.

    Bathroom Shower for the Frontier Room.

    View from the balcony over looking the Rivers of Americas. It's right off the Frontier Room. This is where the guests would sit and watch the Fantasmic Show.

    Back in the suite and we passed the original Dinning room. The guest doesn't need a dinning room since Club 33 is right next door. It looks like they didn't do anything to this room from my memory when I was last up in the Disney Gallery.

    Next we went out into the courtyard.

    Different Photos from the courtyard.

    More views of the Courtyard.

    The POTC fireflies are located in this tree and light when it gets dark.

    Water Fountain in courtyard. The Disney Family Crest flanks both sides of the water fountain.

    The tour ended in the courtyard. We left through the same hallway, and down the elevator. This is the view from the elevator looking out over POTC cue line and to the Rivers of America.

    Well that was it. I have tons more photos but didn't want to be to long of a trip report.
    Hope you enjoyed the Dream Suites. It really is pretty and not as ugly looking as it might appear on the TV commercial, or in the other printed material of the new Suites.
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    Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

    Awesome! Thanks for the pictures.
    Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

    ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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      Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

      The check out spiel should end with "and the ghost of Walt will follow you home."

      Thanks for the pics. I hope the Disney Gallery returns there for the 55th Aniversary Celebration.


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        Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

        Wow.... very pretty! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us, since for most of us thats has close as any of us will ever get to it!!

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          Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

          Its very nice and I guess if I was down there I would want a tour of the Dream Suite as well, but just taking a tour of an overly designed apartment just seems cruel if you can't stay there!
          Jeff Wayne


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            Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

            Very cool! Thanks for sharing with us.



            With kindest regards,
            Maleficent Fan

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              Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

              Originally posted by penguinsoda View Post
              Wow.... very pretty! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us, since for most of us thats has close as any of us will ever get to it!!
              I couldn't agree more with you there pengy!

              Thanks for sharing the pictures. :cgrin: I'm glad your tour experience surpassed your original impression from the marketing of the suite.


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                Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

                That looks great, I know someone that would love to be in that King Size bed suite, cause of the Peter Pan magical moments


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                  Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour



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                    Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

                    Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. WOW! It's even more beautiful and charming than I imagined.

                    Oh I wish I wish I wish I wish.... :clap:


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                      Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

                      Thanks everyone for the comments.

                      Guests have 24 hour concierge service. (This is a dream squad person and there are three of them on shift at all times)

                      When Fantasmic show starts they are able to view this from the balcony.

                      My new motto for 2008 - "If you will live like no one else today, later you can live like no one else." - Dave Ramsey.


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                        Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

                        Thanks for the photos! I'm envious that you got to take a tour, but you already know how jealous I am of the privileges afforded by castmembership.

                        That's understandable, but mildly scary. Better hope that the doors would automatically unlock in the event of a fire...

                        Now that is probably the stupidest thing about this whole deal. Knowing that, I might actually refuse a chance to stay in the suite, since I'm not an AP holder and quite honestly, I'd rather be awake at Disneyland for 12 hours than asleep at Disneyland for 9. I wonder if the people at Disney even thought about this. :bang:


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                          Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

                          It funny, I took a lot of the same pics but my tour was at night so I don't have as good of lighting.

                          *END OF LINE*


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                            Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

                            great photos! that might be the closest we ever get, but heres hoping...


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                              Re: Cast Member Dream Suite Tour

                              Originally posted by toadann View Post
                              Once the guest wins, they are asked to return to their hotel to get their belongings, or if local, go home to get what they’ll need.
                              Yeah, that really works if they're there on a day trip from a long distance away on a day trip - like from San Diego. Hey, how about giving the guests a voucher for some toiletries and night clothes from the store or Down Town Disney up to a max amount per person in the party ? Cheap, really cheap Disney ...

                              Once back, they are taken through the front door of the Suite, presented with all the wonderful items, given the rules of no-no’s and then later whisked away to the Blue Bayou Restaurant for dinner.
                              What, wouldn't want to subject them to the terrible Club 33. (There is a potential clothes issue there, however.

                              Since they award the Dream Suite fairly early in the morning, the guest who has all the excitement of going to Disneyland and enjoying the day has just now been swept away to get all the legal paperwork out of the way, get their luggage packed and then back for the Disney required stuff, they really don’t get to spend too much time in the park playing. Yes, I know they just won the Suite for the Night, but that’s all it is. If it was for a weekend or something that would be awesome so that they could come back to the suite and sit and relax and have lunch and do other stuff that you’d do when you return to your hotels for a few hours, but once you win, you don’t really have all that much time to play in the park.
                              More cheap shortsightedness. Given them vouchers for an extra day in the parks, either then or at some future time (in case they can't extend their arrangements/trip)


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