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Where's Robin Hood??


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  • Where's Robin Hood??

    Its a classic story and Disney actually made it into a pretty funny movie
    with lots of well-defined characters. So why isn't there ANYthing at DL (or any Disney park for that matter) that has to do with Robin Hood?? I know there's not much available real estate in Fantasyland but maybe putting a little Sherwood Forest attraction where the old SkyWay station sits would be cool. I'm not asking for a major E ticket, but at least a dark ride that's better than Pooh could work. Maybe even REPLACING Pooh? hmmmmmm
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    Re: Where's Robin Hood??

    I'd love something with Robin Hood. It is one of the few Disney movies i actually enjoy. I'm not an expert or anything on the movies, and i'm kind of picky when it comes to them. But this is an idea i would get behind.

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      Re: Where's Robin Hood??

      Unfortunetly there are a lot of things like Robin Hood that are overlooked. If you aren't a Pirate or a Princess you can't play. I too would love to see more of the older characters brought back but I don't think they will (or at least until they can find a way to popularly market them.) Replacing Pooh with a Robin Hood ride works for me, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
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        Re: Where's Robin Hood??

        Maybe he'll be in "it's a disney character world" this fall.

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          Re: Where's Robin Hood??

          But Robin Hood is represented in the parks. All those dang taxes - there practically stealing from poor folks like me.


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            Re: Where's Robin Hood??

            Robin Hood wasn't exactly one of Disney's notable animated features,
            and consider that only 6 animated movies have dark rides (Snow, Peter,
            Pinnochio, Mr Toad, Alice, Monsters Inc) well 7 if you include Roger.
            But even then, It's been almost 20 years just to get a Little Mermaid
            attraction on the build list, and THAT is the movie that got Disney's
            2nd Golden Age started. Beauty and Beast the only animated movie to
            be nominated for Best film doesn't have a dark ride either.

            Replacing Pooh with Robin Hood just doesn't make sense, due to Poohs
            popularity compared to Robin Hood (and I despise Pooh and would like to
            see him evicted from the Country Bear Playhouse). Pooh and Robin Hood
            actually would make sense next to each other, with their British roots and
            woods type setting. So it may not be such a bad idea for a new land or
            for something in the old motorboat cruise area.

            However, as for dark rides, I would really rather see something for the
            Jungle Book, Lion King, or 101 Dalmatians well before Robin Hood.
            Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
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              Re: Where's Robin Hood??

              not everything at DL has to be stemmed from a film


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                Re: Where's Robin Hood??

                He at WDW.
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                  Re: Where's Robin Hood??

                  to agree with a previous poster. This just isn't the movie they would build a dark ride around. Movies like this one, Sword in the Stone, The Dark Cauldron, just don't have the popularity of some of the others.

                  Now, a Lady & the Tramp ride would be great
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                    Re: Where's Robin Hood??

                    Would LOVE that - at least a walk around character.
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                      Re: Where's Robin Hood??

                      There is a Costumed Character for Robin Hood, The Sheriff and Maid Marion and I think Little John, Friar Tuck and a couple of kid characters. They do come out from time to time but not all that often. I guess they spend most of their time in Sherwood Forest.
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                        Re: Where's Robin Hood??

                        According to David Koenig's "Mouse Under Glass", Robin Hood was nearly made into a ride, but was nixed because of what an Imagineer (possibly Tony Baxter, it's been a while since I've read it) called "sticks and stones" - sticks for the forest, stones for the outside of the castle, stones for the inside of the castle. This Imagineer felt that "Robin Hood" was a character-based movie, and most of the great rides were "where you suddenly find yourself soaring over London or in a sparkling jewel mine" (or something like that.)
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                          Re: Where's Robin Hood??

                          A Robin Hood ride should stay in Fantasyland. It should not replace Pooh nor should it go anywhere near it. Robin Hood in CC/Frontierland makes as much sense as Montezooma's Revenge going down the middle of Main Street.


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