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Screencaps from VisionsFantastic fireworks video


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  • Screencaps from VisionsFantastic fireworks video

    I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's fireworks pictures, especially since I can't get my own due to lack of a camera. Still, there were a few shots that I wanted and couldn't find, and I noted the difficulty everyone seems to be having in getting a shot of Tinker Bell. When I watched RU42's fantastic multi-shot video of the show, I decided to take a few screencaptures. You can check them out here:

    This is probably one of my favorites from the set, a nice shot of Tink:

    Even with Power DVD inching forward as slowly as it could go (no other media player I've found allows screenshots, at least not on a PC), it still took a good five to ten minutes to get each of the captures of her that I managed to get. She's a tricksy little pixie! (Okay, it's nearly 3am, give me a break.)

    These images are all taken directly from RU's video and posted with permission. None of them have been altered in any way.


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    I have a dream
    A song to sing
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    Trough everything

    If you see the wonder
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      Re: Screencaps from VisionsFantastic fireworks video

      Great looking shots...that RU42 dude must be awesome. :LOL

      Thanks for the compliments. I am glad you liked the video and pulled some pics. There is a new Remember Video coming out soon...should be this weekend I hope.

      Since Disney went to all the trouble to create a 'new show' over on the IaSW building...well, I had to capture that and make it into a video too. The video is 90% done, just need to make a few more tweaks. Stay tuned to my signature, it will change to announce the new Small World Mix of Remember..Dreams Come True.


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        Re: Screencaps from VisionsFantastic fireworks video

        Great Shots..
        Go Bengals.



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