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Fantasmic 2.0 Spoiler Pics and Info


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  • Fantasmic 2.0 Spoiler Pics and Info

    View at your own risk. Most of the pics are of ok quality or poor. I did the best I can, but they are not perfect. Here are the ones that show some changes:

    This is the top of B tower, the light on the side is on a sliding rack:

    Here are a couple of pics showing a bit of the 'gobo' patterns present during this entire sequence, purple hue with stars all over the entire front of the island:

    Overall, the island lighting is much more bright. Each part on the island is lit up more (bright enough to see the techs through the window):

    Here is another overlay when mickey faces the queen before she rises. As she rises, she is illiminated the entire time:

    Right before that sequence just after the princess rafts are leaving, at the lightning strike, the island gets a lighting bolt overlay at the same time the floats turn off, and the strobes flash.

    Here Bucky is illuminated much brighter. You can make out all the details much more easily now:

    The new lights have much more rich, and bright colors. Both the Columbia and the Mark Twain get a mass of lights that follow them across the show. Here you can see the rich purple lights:

    They have changed alot of the finale pyro. At the end when Mickey is 'orchstrating' the fire works, he still goes from one end of the show to the other, but at the end of each sweep, instead of all the pyro going off, the lights on the island towers make a fast move from ground to sky in all kinds of colors mimicking the old pyro shots. Also, there are a few pryo effects that come from behind Mickey when he is on the mill:

    Here the yellow lights are sweeping up in the motion I mentioned earlier:

    At the end when Mickey goes back underground, there is a new pyro that launches from all the pyro barges, that is timed witht he final note of music. Your not expecting it, and then all of a sudden, they go off.

    Sorry for the quality of the pics. Im going back Sat night, and I will get a video of it.
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