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Better-Late-Than-Never Valentine's Day First-Ever Trip Report!


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  • Better-Late-Than-Never Valentine's Day First-Ever Trip Report!

    Yaaaaay my first-ever trip report! Sorry it's so late; there were some massive camera issues after I got home, and then, well, I just plain forgot. So without further lame excuses, let's get to it!

    I was more excited than I had words for to head to Disneyland on Valentine's Day with my boyfriend, since it was our fourth anniversary. We went with his sister, who works for DL and got us in for free.

    We stayed at the Motel 6 on Disney Way that used to be a Red Roof Inn or something like that. It was pretty utilitarian, but cheap. (If you go, ask for a room away from the pool - you'll be on the side closest to the freeway but it's surprisingly quiet, and you can piggyback on the free wi-fi from the Ramada next door instead of paying Motel 6 to use theirs!)

    We started the day with breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen in the Disneyland Hotel. (I'm a little unclear as to what precisely my hair is doing in this photo.) On our previous trip, we'd been to the Storyteller's Cafe at GCH but wanted to try something new. Goofy's was fun and I loved the decor but it was much louder and more kid-intensive than GCH (kids at Disneyland? Whodathunk?) My boyfriend also inadvertently took a very... unfortunate photo of the Mad Hatter as he was reaching into his pants pocket to pull out a teacup. The photo caught him mid-reach, and he... well, he kind of looks like he's grabbing himself somewhere entirely inappropriate for a children's breakfast buffet.

    Peter Pan came by and signed our tablecloth while one of the waiters made fun of him for wearing tights. The other characters who came by were Goofy (obviously), Chip, and... I'd swear there was someone else, but my memory (and my camera) fail me.

    Once we got into the park, we dropped our stuff off at a locker on Main Street and headed straight to the Matterhorn. The Matterhorn is my boyfriend's favorite ride ever, and he said he wasn't going to be happy until he'd been on it at least fifty-six times. I said, we'll see what we can do. We got in line on the Tomorrowland side, but when we got up to the front they bumped us over to the Fantasyland side, which I'd never been on. (The Fantasyland side was then closed for the rest of the day, and we were in just about the last car to ride it.)

    Oh, Matterhorn, I love you. We usually go the park in the fall, and it's alllllways closed for seasonal rehab so we'd never actually been on it together before. We immediately got back in line and went again.

    And there's my boyfriend's hand, since he hadn't noticed I was taking a photo. I love all the little paths and bridges around the base.

    And, half a yeti! (My boyfriend took this one. I spent this ride worrying that I'd never see my camera again.)

    "Is that a real monkey?" - my father, trying to decipher this photo on my camera's tiny screen

    Coming up: Subs! My hair getting even flippier on the sides! Photos that aren't of the Matterhorn!

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    Re: Better-Late-Than-Never Valentine's Day First-Ever Trip Report!

    We didn't go on Nemo because the line was really long and we only had one day, but I took a few photos while we waited for (take a wild guess) the Matterhorn.

    The first time I ever came to Disneyland, in September 2004, I remember waiting line for Autopia and just being baffled by this big empty lagoon of water. My boyfriend told me about going on the original sub ride as a kid, which I thought sounded pretty awesome, but it just seemed strange that they would leave such a huge piece of real estate unused for so long. (This was before any plans for Nemo had been announced yet.) It was just breath-taking to see movement and color and excitement where I'd only ever seen empty water or construction walls.

    Hey, the castle! Something new and different that no one here has ever seen before!

    I took a lot of castle photos, but the one below is my favorite.

    Also on my first trip in 2004, the castle was completely covered in tarps, scaffolds, and Alice in Wonderland playing cards, because they were decorating it for the upcoming 50th, so I'm always compelled to take dozens of pictures every trip now that I can actually see it.

    After two trips on the Matterhorn, we got in line for Haunted Mansion. Again, because of our tendency to go in the fall, it's always either the NBX version or closed for installing NBX, so I'd never been on the original. (Shameful, I know.) I was blown away by it, although it was marred by two things - the European tourists in front of us who reeked so badly of pot smoke I thought I was going to throw up, and as we were leaving the stretching room to get on the ride itself, I looked behind us and saw that aside from the room we were in, the door to another identical elevator/stretching room was also open.

    We also spent a lot of time wandering around Fantasyland, just taking in the atmosphere and taking a lot of pictures rather than going on rides.

    We saw this mouse, I presume from Cinderella, and were surprised that she didn't appear to have a CM minder present. She walked off after signing a few autographs, hand in hand with two adorable little girls, their parents trailing behind looked mildly confused.

    It took some patience, but I actually managed to get a shot of Monstro without any guests in the way.

    Ok, that's it for now - I'll upload some more photos to flickr and add some more later, but I wanted to get this posted before it was too late!


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      Re: Better-Late-Than-Never Valentine's Day First-Ever Trip Report!

      good shots. glad you got to go on some things you don't normally get to, as well as multiple times on your favorites.

      Eddie: You mean to tell me you could have taken your hand out of those cuffs at any time?
      Roger: Not at any time. Only when it's funny.



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        Re: Better-Late-Than-Never Valentine's Day First-Ever Trip Report!

        Great pictures!

        I love the one of Monstro.


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          Re: Better-Late-Than-Never Valentine's Day First-Ever Trip Report!

          Peter's signiture is awesome!
          Home away from Home.


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            Re: Better-Late-Than-Never Valentine's Day First-Ever Trip Report!

            Great report, looking forward to more.


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              Re: Better-Late-Than-Never Valentine's Day First-Ever Trip Report!

              Aaaaw, cute! I want to meet a Cinderella mouse!

              Thanks for sharing.


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                Re: Better-Late-Than-Never Valentine's Day First-Ever Trip Report!

                That mouse by the way her name is Perla the one in blue is Suzy. If u wanted to know there names.


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                  Re: Better-Late-Than-Never Valentine's Day First-Ever Trip Report!

                  Originally posted by Capt Hook's View Post
                  That mouse by the way her name is Perla the one in blue is Suzy. If u wanted to know there names.
                  Awesome, thank you Capt Hook, I knew someone on here would know!

                  And now, a bunch of photos of me grinning! Oh, and some characters, too.

                  My teeth look HUGE in this picture. Also, I swear I'm not grabbing her butt. It just looks like it.

                  See? There's my hands.

                  Our last day in Anaheim before flying back to Seattle, we made last minute breakfast reservations at Storyteller's Cafe even though we weren't going to the park - we were tired of IHOP breakfasts.

                  I was obscurely pleased to realize that I was in fact taller than Meeko.

                  Oh, and one more from our Goofy's Kitchen breakfast.

                  Ok, now let's look at some things that aren't me! (Or the Matterhorn.)

                  My boyfriend as I took this picture: "What is that, anyway?"
                  Me: "The FUTURE!"

                  X Atencio's window on Main Street, taken while waiting in line for photos with Donald. The obnoxious Johnny Depp look-alike was in front of us, and we spent the rest of the day loudly announcing in long ride lines that "Hey, we saw Johnny Depp signing autographs on Main Street!" but sadly, no one seemed to believe us. (Or at least not enough to leave the line...)

                  Haha, I totally lied, there's the Matterhorn again.

                  Ohhhh man, now I have to go scrapbook everything. Maybe I shouldn't have taken over 400 pictures on our entire California trip...


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