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Letting MiceChat pick our next DL podcast!


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  • Letting MiceChat pick our next DL podcast!

    It's been a week, and Horse_Bunny and I are already thinking about our next Disneyland Resort podcast. True, we have a few other 'casts lined up that will be posted between now and then. However, we wanted to know if there is anything specific that you guys would like to see in our next DL trip?

    I guess it would help to know what we've covered, eh? Well, here's the list:

    Episode 5 -- Disney's California Adventure
    Full version of Monsters, Inc.
    Overview of the then "new" additions to Disney's Animation
    Multi-angle ride on the Maliboomer
    and a few musical montages

    Episode 12 -- Disneyland
    Overview of the movie-fied Pirates of the Caribbean
    Overview of the added effects in the Haunted Mansion
    and a musical montage of the rest of our day

    Episode 15 -- Xmas at Disneyland
    aka - The One With All the Holidays
    Overview of Santa's Reindeer Roundup
    Full version of Haunted Mansion Holiday
    Overview of "it's a small world" Holiday
    and an older overview of the Christmas Fantasy Parade

    Episode 17 -- 2001, a DCA Odyssey
    aka - The One That Once Was
    Montages and overviews of DCA's first year
    Overview of Eureka -- A California Parade

    Episode 18 -- Rockin' DCA
    aka - The One With Lots Of Screamin'
    Musical montage of Disney's Animation (with more Turtle Talk)
    Full version of the Sun Wheel
    Another First Person view of the Maliboomer
    Full version of Rockin' California Screamin'
    Overview of Block Party Bash

    Episode 19 -- Dream Jobs
    aka - The One When We Were Cast Members
    Full version of the Jungle Cruise with me as a skipper
    Half version of the Disneyland Monorail with Horse_Bunny driving.

    Episode 20 -- Pirates and Parades
    aka -- The One That Rocks
    Musical montage (we do a lot of these)
    The Bootstrappers in New Orleans Square
    Full version of Rockin' Space Mountain
    Overview of Mad Tea Party
    Overview of Parade of Dreams

    Episode 26 -- Nautical Nonsense
    aka -- The One With The I.W.W.o.F. Part 3
    Overview of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
    Yet another musical montage
    Overview of Pirates Lair at Tom Sawyer Island

    Episode 27 -- Aloha, Anaheim
    aka -- The One With Shake And Bake
    An earthquake at Disneyland
    Overview of the Enchanted Tiki Room
    which turns into a musical montage
    Full version of Talk to Stitch at Innoventions

    Episode 29 -- Happy Halloweentime
    aka -- The One With Tenger Lumplings
    Overview of Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror
    Halloween decor overview as a musical montage
    Being treated as ghosts at Disneyland
    Overview of classic "it's a small world"
    Dapper Dans singing Grim Grinning Ghosts
    A character (say it with me, now) musical montage

    Episode 33 -- Offseason Disneyland
    aka -- C is for Castle
    Photo overview of Sleeping Beauty Castle
    Half version of Sailing Ship Columbia
    The Crowing
    Musical montage of Disneyland's Mountain Range
    Elvis in Tomorrowland and another montage

    and of course Episode 34 -- Pixar Play Parade
    aka -- E is for Early
    Overview of the 3/11 preview performance

    If you want to see any of these videos to get an idea of what we do good, bad, or halfway reasonably, the good versions are at iTunes, and the quicktime versions are available on our site.


    You know, when I started typing this, I didn't even think we had done that many related to the Disneyland Resort. Wow... sorry about the huge list.

    We started making these podcasts without even having a fan base or anyone to "tap" for input and ideas. Since then, though, we've found this great wealth of information, input and opinions known as MiceChat.

    That's why our next trip to the Resort will be a "by request" from you guys here at MiceChat. So what would YOU like to see?

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