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Disney in October info needed.

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  • Disney in October info needed.

    I talked with disney and they say Ocotber is a great time to go, especially the first 2 weeks. I know there is some things going on in October , I believe some schools are out. can someone tell me what days the schools are out, and if there is anything major going on during the 9th to the 15th of October? Thank you so much

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    Re: Disney in October info needed.

    October is a good time to go but it is a bit busier than usual especially if their going to do their very popular halloweentime promotion plus mansion will be in its glory again ^^

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      Re: Disney in October info needed.

      And Gay Days weekend is always extremely busy.

      Info on when it will be busy in 2008:

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        Re: Disney in October info needed.

        Gay days are October 3rd thru the 5th. I know its buisy then so I chose the October 9th thru the 16th or december 9th thru the 16th. My travel agent is looking for speciuals for me and will get back to me Monday.
        I am praying either or will do now. I want to thank you all for your help. I am sure we will do fine on our trip. I was just concerend about my son and him dealing with the crowds. ( he Is Autistic)


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          Re: Disney in October info needed.

          I went by this chart and a few others


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            Re: Disney in October info needed.

            Oh man, that chart is great!


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              Re: Disney in October info needed.

              the 9th thru the 15th should be awesome, schools shoudlnt' be out for any reason and all the halloween stuff will be up

              AND! elly and dustin will be in about icing on the cake
              Will there be screams when the sun sets,
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                Re: Disney in October info needed.

                October used to NOT be busy, but when they started putting Halloween decorations up ... it got a LOT busier. The first weekend of October is usually very busy due to Gay Days, and the rest of the time is moderately busy because of the Halloween decorations and the characters that are in their Halloween outfits. It beats going in the Christmas season, but don't go there thinking that you'll be able to walk on every attraction ... it's busy enough in October to keep me away!


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                  Re: Disney in October info needed.

                  Issues in October, which I think are mentioned in the super handy sticky regarding "when will it be busy," are that a lot of schools on modified year-round schedules have 2 weeks off in the middle of October. Additionally, Utah schools are out for at least a long weekend, but often a full week for their Utah Education Association statewide convention. While Utah seems far enough away to not make a huge difference, UEA week has been referred to as "Utah Escapes to Anaheim" week. I was there in '06 and where I was staying that week I saw a significant number of Utah lisence plates. This year, the convention is scheduled for Thursday - Friday, October 16 - 17 (I :love: google!).
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