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Country Bear Jamboree history question


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  • Country Bear Jamboree history question

    Does anyone know why they changed from the original Country Bear Jamboree show to the latest (and last) version?

    It seems to me that I heard at one time, many moons ago, that it had something to do with the guy who did the voice for Big Al but I could be way off base on that.

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    Re: Country Bear Jamboree history question

    At Disneyland, the Country Bear Jamboree changed to the Country Bear Vacation Hoedown in 1986, the same year that the Hoedown debuted in Walt Disney World.

    Due to popular demand, the original show returned to WDW in 1992.


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      Re: Country Bear Jamboree history question

      I think that they were just trying to do something diffrent. They didn't change the show because of an actor.
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        Country Bear Jamboree history question

        I always thought that was the original point of the ride. It was one of the first animatronic attractions that could quickly be reprogrammed?
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          Re: Country Bear Jamboree history question

          See, and I would totally agree with you, because that sounds correct. But the first time I went was in 1990 and my mother informs me (though I think incorrectly. the woman thought that Pirates was one of the World's Fair shows!) that I saw the original one once, so the numbers don't make sense.
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