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Itinerary for DCA


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  • Itinerary for DCA

    Trying to figure out the best game plan for a day at Disney's CA Adventure. I'm going this Sunday. I've been to DL a million times, but this is the first for DCA.

    I'm thinking of starting with Soarin' and Grizzly River Run. Then heading over to Paradise Pier and spending a good bulk of time there (some rides, lunch, some more rides). Then going to a Bug's Land (maybe getting an FP for ToT first?).

    Not sure when to fit in shows and such...

    And is it true that GRR's FP is not connected to the rest of the park's?

    Is a Bug's Land just for little kids? It's me and my sister (in our 20s). We don't mind kid-oriented stuff but like Camp Snoopy at Knott's is really truly for little kids...

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    Re: Itinerary for DCA

    You can do all of DCA in half a day. There is not much to do. I still enjoy it.

    It's true, you can get two fast passes at the sametime as long as one of it is GRR, or Soarin, not sure.


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      Re: Itinerary for DCA

      as far as fast passes go I'd suggest that you go with first getting one for Soarin' because it has the biggest lines in DCA and i'm guessing the least capacity. Tower of Terror actualy isn't a big problem wait time wise most of the time so if you want to conserve your fast passes go for getting one for Soarin' first then doing other things in DCA


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        Re: Itinerary for DCA

        I think you should get FP for Soarin' first then GRR since it's spring brake, so both rides are going to get really crowded. Bug's land is really for little kids, I don't remember camp snoopy so I don't know if they are similar.


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          Re: Itinerary for DCA

          Get FP's for Grizzly, Soari'n and either Screaming or Tower, (They're lines are usually under 30 min). After that, just have fun other attractions. Don't miss Aladdin or Electrical Parade (if they are showing the day you go). I also hear good things about the new Pixar Parade. The dreams show is okay, but I wouldn't sweat it, unless you need a break from the heat. Check out the Toy Story Spinny Thing in the Animation Building! If you have kids they may like the Playhouse Disney Stage Show, and Bugs Land. Believe me, you can do it in one day and still not feel rushed. Enjoy


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            Re: Itinerary for DCA

            although you could probably squeeze most of DCA in a shorten schedule, that is nto what i reccomend. Do not run from attraction to attraction. Relax and enjoy yourself at the park.

            First thing you want to do is check the schedule for the Alladin Musical at the hyperion theater. That is one show that you must schedule for.

            You have a good idea to check out Soarin and Grizzley first. My suggestion is to go directly to grizzley and grab a fastpass. This would allow you to ride Grizzley at the peak of the warm weather. Once you get your fastpass head back to Soarin and get in line for that.

            Once you do Soarin enjoy the nice walk back to grizzley and explore the area. The queue for grizzley sit smak in the middle of the land. On the left side of the queue entrance (between fastpass machines and free lockers) there is a path that leads around the loading area. This walkway has several nice areas for picture taking with some very ncie waterfalls.

            Due to the unique look of the Pier area at night, i always suggest people not go towards that area of the park till later in the day.

            After Grizzley i suggest heading back the same way you came and cross the suncourt and head to Hollywood Picture Backlot.

            Enjoy, Muppets, Monsters Inc, playhouse Disney (why not its fun to watch the little kids go crazy in there its as if they are watching a concert and just brightens my day wishing that i could go back to my days as a toddler and just enjoy the simplest of things.
            Maybe by this time the first showing for alladin is close and you could go see the show.(if not head to TOT and grab a fastpass then go back to the animation building enjoy the three sections in there. Time yourself so that you could go to the alladin show. Even if ou do not finish seeing everything in the animation building you could always go back.

            Take a ride on TOT. start heading towards the back of the park. check your parade schedule and see if PPP is running and find an area to watch the parade. Best areas is on the parade route between the suncourt and bugsland entrance. There will be shade and it will not be as crowded as the entrance area gets.

            (Do not forget to enjoy the areas of the park you visit and enjoy some of the small details sometimes missed by people that are just rushing around. sit and enjoy an icecream or have a snack.)

            After the parade i suggest you head inside bugsland. Enjoy Its tough to be a bug 3d show. you will have a blast waching your friend squirm. then head inside Flicks fun fair. yes the attractions might be simple spinners and family rides but its all about how you and your friend allow yourslef to be kids again. Enjoy the area don't be afraid to loosen up and just have fun.

            After Bugsland check at the winery and see if seasons of the vine is showing. nice little movie that will soon be closed. Head over to the Wharf Enjoy a free tortilla and a free piece of sordough bread. Maybe sitdown and enjoy something to eat or just relax.

            Cross the bridge and watch Golden Dreams. Its just a movie and maybe a little preachy but what do you got to loose. At least you could say you saw it.

            Hopefully by now it would not be long before the sun starts setting and you get to experience the transformation of Paradise Pier. The beautiful sunset reflecting of Paradise Bay as well as all the lighting that actually bring the place to life.

            Go wild enjoy Screamin, the carousel, Maliboomer, Sunhweel, orange stinger and Mullholland Madness and Golden zephyr. If you feel like having a little childlike fun why not also try the jumping jelly fish. The point is that you want to have fun.

            Now that you have done the whole park experience what you enjoyed most again. Do not just leave the park thinking that its it. Explore it, it is a completely diferent feel at night. The grizzley areas lighting is amazing, Condor flats looks much more dramatic at night. Go into Flicks fun Fair again and see how the theming changes at night. the clover leaves glow in the dark the sounds of insects change and the tranquility in that area after dark is amazing.

            Head back into Hollywood backlot and see how diferent lighting makes the area look. the animation facade shines in didferent hues of blues and purples and the Tower gets a creepy look to it. Ride it one more time and see the view of the resort as it changes to its nightly splendor.

            the main thing is too enjoy yourself. forget what has been written on these boards. do not look for flaws. Just have fun.

            Hopefully Disney's electrical parade is scheduled and enjoy it as the dya comes to an end


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              Re: Itinerary for DCA

              DCA in one day very easy... Remember you do not have to be back at the scheduled time when using a fastpass. You can use it after any time that is posted.

              Get there at the opening.
              Get fastpass for Soarin (and save it for later)
              Then right after that get a fastpass for Grizzly River (Grizzy isnt on the timer so you can get the fastpass at anytime) DO NOT ride this either
              then head to Paradise Pier and ride Muholland Madness and work your way around to California Screamin and get the Fastpass for Screamin (night ride) and then ride it.
              then watch Golden Dreams
              then use the fastpass and ride Grizzly
              lunch time... you can check out Whitewater Snacks (site fave) or go withTaste Pilots.
              after lunch use fastpass and ride Soarin over California
              catch the parade at the Sun Icon
              then Head to Hollywood Backlot Get fastpass for Tower of Terror
              then ride Montsers Inc.
              then see Muppets 4d
              then check out the Animation Building
              watch Aladdin Musical
              then use fastpass and ride Tower of Terror
              next go to Bugs Life see the 3d show and check out Fliks Faire
              then dinner time..check out the Golden Winery, Aerials Grotto or the Bay area food court
              after that you can do what you want...Screamin, etc..
              watch the Disney Electrical Parade and go home.... you should be able to watch the fireworks from Disneyland on the way out

              hope that helps


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                Re: Itinerary for DCA

                I'll just echo what Baloo said, but I do want to emphasize the
                Animation Building. There are several areas to see: Animation
                Academy ~ where you lean how to draw a Disney character,
                The Toy Story Zoescope, (goes once every 5 minutes or so)
                where the toys really do come to life, Turtle Talk with Crush,
                and the Sorceror's Workshop, where you can find out which
                Disney character you resemble, and Ursula's Grotta where you
                can place your singing or talking voice into that of a Disney
                Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
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                  Re: Itinerary for DCA

                  the past few weekends. the lines for Tower range................ we have had verry long and short lines throughout the day. but i would definitely suggest seeing the Aladdin show at th Hyperion

                  the show times are 12:20, 1:50, 4:05, and 6PM

                  and i would arrive around 40 minutes early for a better seat.
                  “Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.”


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                    Re: Itinerary for DCA

                    We always go to Soarin' first - we get a fast pass for later, but ride the ride then, because the line is usually non-existant. We then get fast passes for GRR, but, we've never had to use them. If you have a disney Visa Card, make sure you go get your free picture at the meet and greet!

                    We also take our time in the Animation Building - my kids love to learn how to draw characters. If there's a certain character you want, you can ask the CM at the podium - they have a list of drawing times.

                    Have fun! and take time to enjoy the fun music that DCA has!
                    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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                      Re: Itinerary for DCA

                      Contrary to popular belief, you CAN spend a full day at DCA and have a great time. Honest.

                      They open the front area of the park at 9:30 and usually Soarin'. If it's not a long wait, go ahead and ride. If it's not open yet, I'd head over there right at 10:00 and get a FP.

                      If it's warm then head over to Grizzly. If not, head over for Hollywood.

                      Take a spin on Monsters. Why Monsters first, because by the time your off, the first-comers to Tower will be gone. Go ahead and wait for Tower, the line shouldn't be too bad.

                      If you want, go ahead and see the Muppets show, it's REALLY good. Skip Animation for now.

                      By now it should be time for your Soarin' FP, head on over and take a ride.

                      If it's warmed up, you can either wait for, or get a FP for Grizzly. Head over to Paradise Pier.

                      You can also do the Redwood Creek challenge trail, it's really fun.

                      Also, if your in this area and your hungry, head over to the Grand Californian through the gate that is right across Grizzly. Grab a quick meal at Whitewater snacks. They have awesome nachos.

                      Once you are in Paradise Pier, see Golden Dreams. Alot of people don't care for it, but I like it. It plays every 30 minutes so if you time it right, you won't have a wait.

                      After Golden Dreams, head over to Screamin'. If the line is too long, you can get a FP and then go eat if you haven't.

                      If you haven't eaten yet, and you want some food and some liquid refreshment, you can head over to the Cove Bar. You can eat there with your kids (just not at the bar). They have great Lobster Nachos, BBQ Chicken Pizza and Fried Calamari.

                      After Screamin', you can do the Carousel and Ferris Wheel. IF you don't want the swinging cars, you can do the stationary cars, the entrance for the stationary cars is actually around the back where the exit is.

                      Maliboomer is next if your up for it. It looks alot scarier than it is.

                      Head over and do Mullholland Madness if your up for it. Jumpin' Jellyfish is fun for the kids as well. I also like the Zephyr that's in the area.

                      Once your done with that, you can use your Grizzly FP if you have one. Head over to the Wharf area and do the Tortilla and Bread tour. They are both fun and you get a free snack.

                      From there your right next to Bugs Land. Do It's Tough to Be a Bug, I love it. Bugs land is cute, but I wouldn't wait more than 15 minutes for any of the rides there. Francis' Ladybug Boogie is the highlight over there as well as Heimlichs if you want a laugh.

                      At this if it's time for Pixar Play Parade (if it's running) you can stake out a spot. Other than that, you can head back in to Hollywood and spend some time in the Animation building. There are lots of things to do in here and it's awesome. Also try to find time to do Aladdin. It's a nice show and lets you inside for some AC if it's hot.

                      You've now pretty much done everything, but you'll have some time to re-do some favorites.

                      I'm sure you know this, but regarding FP's, you can use them after the expiration time, just not before. So if there is something you want to do again later in the day (Soarin', Tower, Screamin', etc) just get a FP early when you can and you can use it whenever.

                      Have fun!!!


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                        Re: Itinerary for DCA

                        I think the above posters have pretty much nailed the schedule part pretty nicely. I will add this much however:

                        Alladin starts showing Wednesday or Thursday (can't remember when it starts) and goes thru to Sunday. During slow days, 20-30 minutes early for the Alladin show would suffice. On peak days, I'd say 35-45 minutes early if you want a floor level seat. This show is definately worth the wait.

                        Also the sourdough bread and tortilla factories are small tours that show how each is made. This is located around teh food court area by the pier. Myself and my friends have found it to be a nice little experience. You get a free small sample of sourdough bread from that factory, and a free tortilla fresh from the machine from that respective factory. Lines for either are minimal at best.


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