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  • Just Got Back

    So we just got back from Cali.It was wonderus and interesting.

    We left here on wendnesday we were going to go at 7 but the next bus wasnt till 10. So we sat at the Greyhound station here in Tucson for a while, me and mamsir went and got food from some restrant and it was sick cuz there was a **** roach crawlling on the wall and floor. So then we go back and we eat and then me and mercy watched the tvs, it was stupid 15 mins for 25 cents and you dont even get cable. Then we get on the bus and me and mercy were in one row and mamsir and mercys brother were in the row infront of us. At one point mercy got all hog wild and it was like 12 am or some thing and she opens her fone and gose "GOOSE"

    Then we go to these random stops and then finally stop in Pheonix, they were all we are stopin here for an hour, it ended up being like 3 hours. Some random *** man with a crazy voice was all goin on about some thing. So then finally we get on the bus and me and mercy were in one row, her bro was in front of us with some guy that looked like Ludacris (not spelled right) and mamsir was next to some random woman in a row behind and across from me. and when we got on mamsir was all "im skured" and this colored woman was all "dont be skurred, its ok" it was funny. then there was this cracked out trailer park woman in the row next to me, she kept goin on about random stuff and she kept singing this Sheral Crow song, she was all "this aint no disco, this aint no country club, this is L.A." and it was random.

    we took a break in Indo (dont know how its spelled) but then every one gets back on the bus and like an hour or so later the bus driver was all goin crazy "who's smoking? no smoking on the bus, you better put it out, I smell smoke, take a breath mint cuz the cops are coming" and all this random **** and eveyr one was all "waht the hell no one is smoking" and it was random.

    Then we get to L.A. and we walk around for a while, get on a bus and like go around a few blocks or so, then we walk down some street and every f-in store was nothing but jewlery. it was kinda like New York (the buildings and stuff) but like all this rich *** jewlry. Then we get on a nother bus and go to the Staple Center (where the X-Games were) the hotel near it was like $100 or some thing a night. so then we get on some other bus and go to Inglewood find a Motel 6. We check in and rest and what not then around 6 or so we go get a taxi and go to the Staple Center. We watched the Moto-X. We stood near the rail thing and so people would walk by infront of us. We saw one of the guys from West Coast Customs (Pimp My Ride) it was the guy with the piercings, and Rick Thorn (bmx)

    So then after it was over Travis Pastrona signed autographs and stuff, he smiled and gave mercy a thumbs up and then later on gave her a high 5. Then we saw Carey Hart, didnt get to talk to him though, i did snap a few pix. I was about 3 feet away from him. We saw Slash too.

    Then after we went to the hotel and the next day we went to Disneyland. We took all these f-in buses and subways, we walked around Hollywood for a few, we didnt get to see the walk of fame but we saw the sign and then we got on the subway and went to another one and then a bus and then finally we got to DL at like 6 some thing then we got our tix and we only got to ride 3 rides. We went on Star Tours, then the Haunted Mansion, in the elevator part we screamed and then every one screamed and a baby cryed. Then after that we waited an hour and some mins for Splash Mountain. I was in the front so i got soaked, my fone got messed up too. Then we were going to eat at the Pinochio place but the man was all "its closed" so we had to walk over to Tomarrow Land and eat at Club Buzz. It was good though. Then after that we shoped and then left.

    The next day we went to Carson for the other part of the Moto-X. We were in the front row. Travis rode by and gave a high 5 to every one. I got sunburned so bad. Then when we were leaving I saw Rick Thorn again, and i was like a foot away from him.

    Thats about it. On the way back from DL some crazy man on the subway was goin on about random stuff and jesus "i feel for ya" "its not like that" and other random stuff. Then at the bus station we were going to see if we could go a day early and we ended up sitting ther for over 7 hours.

    Some woman was going on about jesus to some other woman "the lord told me not to do this.." and every other thing was "the lord said.." then i go to the bathroom and some woman was all putting on make up and she was cracked out and then mercy went and saw her brush her teeth and we kept going in and laughing and it was too funny. Mamsir saw the woman cleaning her privates. hahah too funny.

    Then thats about it we came back and got home an hour or so ago

    they didnt ahve the fast passes going, and it was sad that we only got 3 rides, but im just happy we went so i can atleast say i went for the 50th

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