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LONG LONG overdue TR!


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  • LONG LONG overdue TR!

    There are no excuses. I have been lazy, lazy, LAZY about getting these posted up.

    C'mon, they are only about 5 months late! I believe that is worth partial credit

    So last Dec. myself and 3 good friends had decided it was time to have a small vacation to Disneyland! We were there for 4 days, and it was pretty darn nice! The crowds were light, and good times were had.

    The first photo of the trip. We are all swell dressers!

    As has become our tradition (that we just started this trip) we had to take a few pictures at the Monterey Photo Op:

    Evan does his Alice In Wonderland impersonation:

    We all decided to jam ourselves into one of the swinging cars on the Sunwheel. I sure do love this ride! You get 5 adults into one of those cabs, and you really do swing a lot!

    Random Sunwheel photo!

    DCA was pretty empty that day!

    A quick ride on the TOT was in order. As was a photo that was not taken properly

    It was time to head to DL!
    The first stop? Indiana Jones! The first breakdown? Indiana Jones!
    Waiting in line can be fun

    No Cons in this foot photo

    Spanish enjoying his time in the IJ queue, awaiting his trip through the temple.

    Still waiting.......

    Random un-used queue photos

    Why is it SO hard to not put your hand in Toad's mouth?

    Tarzan's Treehouse......Man I wish HE would lose his home in this housing market. I miss the Swiss! My buddy Rob had not been up in the Tarzan version yet.
    Rob, doing his best goofy picture pose

    Working our way down

    My impression of Sean Penn back in the day

    Treehouse rage!

    Onto some night shots! What else are you gonna do at DL with a camera?

    I REALLY wish this came out

    Crappy Boy Band photo!

    Until day 2
    The End

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    Re: LONG LONG overdue TR!

    Wow. That is overdue, but still good though.

    Nice work!
    Home away from Home.


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      Re: LONG LONG overdue TR!

      Worth the wait. Thanks for posting!


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        Day 2 of a long overdue TR

        So on the second day I decided to bring my DSLR as well as my pocket cam. I did not really want to bring it because I abhor carrying things around at amusement parks. However, it was not as bad as I thought, as Bert had brought a backpack.

        We started off at TSI. I have not been on the island in at least 13 years, and Rob had never been before. When he was young his parents would not take him over, and as he got older he never bothered to go.

        Off we go

        Random Island shots!

        yeah, we got trapped

        We take our silly photos VERY seriously

        You know that one guy who ALWAYS messes up what could have been a good picture?

        This trip was a trip of "firsts" of sorts. My buddy Rob has been doing some serious dieting for the year before this trip and had dropped off 150lbs in that time. This trip was the first time he was ever able to ride Space Mountain, and it was his first trip to TSI. So he decided that there was no better way to celebrate than to squeeze his way around (and through) the rock passages.

        Bert making sure the entrance is "clear"

        Rob starts his entrance:

        Checking out the treehouse

        Evan contemplating

        Jose doing his best Dictator pose:

        Lousy Kids! Stay offa my island!

        Random pics from around the island:

        I miss Cascade Peak

        The keel boat seems to be a little low

        So we eventually made it off the island. Somehow. Maybe by the grace of god. It is not that bad of an upgrade. There was SO much of the island that has been closed off since my last visit. it seems to have lost some of its charm for me. Maybe being 31 instead of 12 has something to do with it.

        As I had mentioned, Rob has always been too big to fit on Space. Not this trip! He finally had lost enough weight to make it on, which was fantastic! He really enjoyed it.

        All was not joyous in Mudville this day. We left the park to eat, and on the way back, Rob had a little "run-in" with a crow:

        Man he looks mad! What happened?

        Oh. THATS what happened.

        Dusk Pictures while waiting for Rob to clean up:

        Our next stop? This!

        The line was pretty long at 40 mins, but we had fun waiting.

        Jose and Ev

        Again, there is always some goofball that ruins a good pic!

        My feelings? It was OK. Not great, not bad. It is hard to live up to the fond memories I have of fake fish on a string. I really wish they made new footage for the ride. The effects looked FANTASTIC. I just did not feel it was worth the wait.

        Next stop was Splash Mountain!

        HMH was next. I have not been on the "Normal" HM in 3 years. While I do like the HMH, I really miss the original. As you can see with most of these, I was getting better with the DSLR, as long as the scene was brightly lit, and I was not moving

        The BEST pic I took of any of the ride shots I attempted. 1 for 3,000,000 is not too bad!

        Random FL tree shot! I liked the tree, but it was sort of strange to see modern Xmas lights in a tree......during the 1800's.

        Castle night shots. Once the park shut down, we were able to take our time

        NOS areas:

        Some DTD:

        The Grotto area at the Hotel:

        My favorite shot of the trip. Sure it is grainy, and hard to make out who is who. But I like it

        2 more days a comin soon!


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          Re: LONG LONG overdue TR!

          Some very fun pictures in there, nicely done (although it feels odd looking at Christmas photos in April)!
          My Micechat cruise trip report, Part 1:


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            Re: LONG LONG overdue TR!

            Dude, props to Rob for losing 150 lbs! Anyway, it's nice to see a group of guys enjoying Disneyland together. It looks like you guys bonded, awwww! lol.


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              Re: LONG LONG overdue TR!

              Great TR, it looks like you guys had a great time! I can't wait to see the rest.


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                Re: LONG LONG overdue TR!

                You guys are one cuter than the next!!! I love seeing your holiday season TR!!! I may even post some of mine that I was too shy to post!!! HUGE congrats to Rob for getting healthier!!!!! Can't wait to see more, more, more!!! :yea:


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                  Re: LONG LONG overdue TR!

                  Thanks for still posting it. My next update will also be a friend trip (my first official trip with my 4 good friends and not my family-sorta). The pictures are realy nice too

                  (Sign up and search "Splashmoun10")

                  I use a Nikon D50 with a 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 ED AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor Lens and a Zoom-Nikkor 70-300m f/4-f/5.6 G

                  Check out my latest TR (August 4th---August 11th) at Disneyworld!

                  Check out my latest TR (January 4th) at Disneyland!


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                    Re: LONG LONG overdue TR!

                    Wow! Kudos to your friend for losing so much weight! :yea:

                    LOVED the TR, you really made me feel like I was there with you and made me even more excited to go in June.

                    I had no idea that Splash Mountain dumps you on the river, that's so flippin cool!


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                      Day 3!

                      So day 3 started at DCA

                      Time for a quick bite to eat before heading out into the vast void of DCA.

                      Where's The People??

                      If I had a zoom lens, this would have been a lot cooler

                      So what to do after breakfast??

                      TOT of course!

                      After TOT we stopped in for Muppet 3d

                      Beaker, one of the best muppets

                      He also sings death metal on the side: (not my vid, but funny!)

                      It started to sprinkle a bit at this point. Rob did not bring a jacket, and did not want to walk back to the hotel. So it was time to get a poncho!

                      Of course the rain went away RIGHT after he got the poncho. There was no need for it.

                      Ev checking out GRR:

                      Notice the lack of people on board:

                      Much too cold for GRR. No way.

                      So it is about noon. Time for a drink! (or 4)

                      You drank a what?!?!?

                      What is that thing??? (It was good!)

                      Remember people, when you are having a drink much too early, make sure your pinky is out!

                      Group photo. Drunks

                      Pictures taken from the bar:

                      Grandma had too much fun:

                      Back to Disneyland, and Fantasyland:

                      Some outside Space shots. This looks SO much better in the classic white:

                      IASWH pics. Just in case you were wondering, REAL men do ride small world.

                      Outside pics:

                      We got a few good Fantasmic Shots:

                      More day 3 on the way, I gotta leave for work!


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                        Re: LONG LONG overdue TR!

                        It is so nice to see some christmas pictures in april. Great trip report thanks.


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                          Re: LONG LONG overdue TR!

                          Loved the Christmas pics. I haven't been to DL during the holiday season so it's a treat to see the decorations, especially the iced castle.
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                            Re: LONG LONG overdue TR!

                            Great pics!


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                              Re: LONG LONG overdue TR!

                              Very funny trip report.
                              -Jack :geek:
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