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Mickey's Magic Kingdom Celebration...


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  • Mickey's Magic Kingdom Celebration...

    I saw MMKC today and it was really cute!! Here are my positive notes about the parade/calvacade/show.

    #1 The music was up-beat and fun
    #2 The floats and costumes were very colorful
    #3 There are lots of dancers & characters

    This celebration is longer than Mickey's Shining Star Calvacade and has a lot more dancing in it. There are no Princesses in this show, but by golly, those 3 fairies are sure getting a lot of exposure, LOL! Can they do anything else by wave those wands and dance in circles?

    The show is definitely *hip* compared to SBRC and completely different in how it's presented. It's been really neat to see Disney entertainment doing these types of *celebrations*, cuz it reminds me of the 80's when Disney did a lot more variety type shows/parades, compared to what we have now.

    So hats off and kudos to Disney for giving us something fun and different before we get the real parade in May!

    So, what are your thoughts on the MMKC and the rest of the celebrations we've been seeing lately??? :botox:

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    We are going on Tuesday so I will let you know what I think after that

    But where does it go? Is it like the princess one that went up Main St. and stop in front of the castle? Or does it follow the parade route? If it stops - where does it stop?


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      i absolutely KNEW you'd like it, patrick.

      that said, i'm not crazy about it. :botox:


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        i absolutely loved it! it comes out of Town Square gate, stays on the Magic Shop side, up Main Street, clockwise around the hub and does a stop between Coke Corner and the hub.

        To everyone in the parade, kudos! great job. i was smiling from ear to ear and absolutely amazed at how much choreography there was in it.

        smiles from all of you and singing along with the music was awesome. i think one of you posts here, the guy in the green shirt with the pink belt...?... you were terrific. high energy and very well rehearsed.

        i'm looking forward to seeing it again. tell everyone, we love it!


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          -Monorail Man


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            Mickey's Shining Star Calvacade is gone already?


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              If it is, thank god.


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                How long will this one be running? I'd like to see it, but thanks to school and work I won't be in the park in the next week or two.
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                  Originally posted by MinionLumbo
                  i absolutely loved it! it comes out of Town Square gate, stays on the Magic Shop side, up Main Street, clockwise around the hub and does a stop between Coke Corner and the hub.
                  Ok cool! So when it stops between Coke Corner and the Hub what way is the better way to be facing? Like for the Princess one we found it was better to be facing the castle, as the characters were facing you most of the time.

                  Thanks for the info!


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                    LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!!! so great i love the song! and the costumes and choreogrophy were good. i really liked it a lot.
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                      We need pics and perhaps a video! Please!
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                        I enjoyed the "celebration" and liked it better than the Princess deal. I found it fairly nostalgic and although the opeing music wasn't THAT great, once they stopped and got into the show, it got better.

                        THe only down side was it was stopped in a bad spot and basically pluged up Main Street. Plus I thought for sure there should have been an 800 number on the floats.


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                          I loved this show!! I had so much fun watching it! and the 60's costumes! HAHA! Soooo great. I didn't get to take any pictures, cuz I wasn't sitting in the optimal place for pictures, but if others have any pictures of videos, please share!! that would be SOO great!

                          But yeah - I'm glad it's a parade/show - just like Parade of Dreams will be, right? And when I was there, there sseemed to be a big crowd. The performers encourage the audience to kinda clap along and play along with them -- I noticed some people being REALLY reluctant. Like someone asked them to hold a maraca and she said, "NO!" and backed away. haha. Poor performers. They had GREAT smiles the entire time though! And I could tell they were having fun.

                          And I really like the main float, representing all the different original lands of Disneyland. Well, I guess that's the main idea of this Celebration, isn't it? heh.


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                            This is a photo taken on Sunday of the Parade coming up Main Street:

                            And this is from the Hub looking toward the castle. You can only see the guys carrying the sign at the center of the picture, but look at the crowd! At least it packs 'em in!

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                              Thanks for the picture's Dustysage I love the Disneyland sign!!


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