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How many of you are APs and if so which?


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  • How many of you are APs and if so which?

    Inspired by this thread:
    YES - SoCal
    YES - Deluxe
    YES - Premium

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    I have a been a Premium AP holder for 3 years now! and I will continue to be AP holder for the rest of my life.


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      I got my first Premium AP on July 17, 1991 and still going strong.


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        we have one premium for discounts and all tha fun stuff. We also have 3 SoCal APs for the rest of the fam.

        The kids have had their passes since they were of the age they had to pay (the passes were b-day gifts) and my wife and I have had our passes for ~3 years


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          Yep. Premium passes here and at Disney World. Crazy, but true.
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            My second AP We went from once a year to AP's in '03!
            We deemed that "the year of the mouse" since it was our first year of AP's. we went 4 times and we also went to WDW I had a Deluxe in 03' and have a Premium now.
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              I'm a deluxe AP. This is only my second year being a holder. I love it. I'm just trying to get my friends to go with me more. I'm slowly convincing them to get AP's so we have something to do when we're bored.


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                I would have to say no for right now, but I will be renewing mine for mouse will be deluxe.


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                  I have been a Premium AP holder since 2002. My first AP was a gift from my husband for my first perfect performance review at work.

                  The hubby and kids have Deluxe APs. They don't go as often as I do.
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                    During the late 80's (before kids) we just got the Regular AP. We visited the parks a couple trips per year.

                    Then in 1990, I started getting the Premium Pass for myself and the rest of the family (as it grew) got the Regular passes until they were discontinued and turned into Deluxe passes. Now we make at least three and usually four trips down per year. It seems like the Disney Hotel always has a reservation under our name on the books...

                    My Premium pass has paid for itself with the discounts that I get from it each year that I have had it. Even at the new, higher rates.

                    So, 1 Premium and 5 Deluxe AP's for us.


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                      My wife and I had let our Premium APs expire in December. We just renewed them yesterday. It was our Anniversary and Valentines Day presents to each other.


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                        Am I ever glad to have an AP saves me a good chunk of $$$ on the Olszewski Disneyland sculptures


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                          Both my wife and I are Premium AP. We like it for the Food and shops, and for just dropping by for a couple of days.
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                            Originally posted by Dustysage
                            Yep. Premium passes here and at Disney World. Crazy, but true.
                            You just stated my ultimate dream. *sigh* You do realize you're living my ultimate fantasy, don't you?!

                            No AP for either park... maybe someday...


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                              I've never bought one. Having $21K in student loans is usually a deterrent, especially since I live too far to fully enjoy it for what it's worth.
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                                Not at this time, but we will get SoCals at a minimum when we go in November (279 days and counting )

                                We've had Socals in the past (expired a year and a half ago, and 3 years before then). My wife can only take Disneyland in small doses .......
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                                  I am an AP at WDW so I guess I can't vote inthis this thread
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                                    I only have the baby SoCal pass. It was great when I wasn't working since I went mostly during the week, but now that I have a real job again, I'm tired of only being able to go on Sundays. I will probably go up to premium when I have to renew in April. Of course, by then, who knows how much they will raise the price.


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                                      We were AP holders from '97 until last September. No more. My kids AP's expire in June so we will probably do the Costco deal before then, but after that we will do Disney once or twice a year.


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                                        I wish. I live in Portland, Oregon and have four kids. Much as I'd love to be there every weekend or just to drop by for an evening after work, it ain't a gonna happen.

                                        We're going this summer, though: it's Disneyland or bust. Now that we have a vehicle that will fit all of us, we're doing the road trip. Wish us luck.
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