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The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port


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  • The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

    Hey there....


    We were just budgeting our dinners in the park and would like your opinion on The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port.

    We are a family of 5--- 3 adults and 2 children.

    If you wouldn't mind... please rate the two places out of 5.
    1 being poor and 5 being excellent.

    How would you rate:

    Atmosphere/ Entertainment
    Food Choice

    And if you had a choice, where would you eat dinner? (or lunch)

    Does anyone have a nice story about of the these two places?

    Lastly... does either offer any live enetertainment? I know The Golden Horseshoe did at one time... do they still? Even a piano player?
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    Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

    Prices - Average Disney prices
    Atmosphere Entertainment - Golden Horseshoe for sure
    Food Choice - Neither, except perhaps the Chicken Fussili pasta at Pizza Port.

    Golden Horseshoe does regular performances of Billy Hill and the Hillbillies (a schedule can be found in the Times Guide or online at so that alone makes the dining experience there better if you go during a showtime (although it'll be packed).

    I will say though that service at the Golden Horseshoe is typically much slower than at Pizza Port because the way the food bar is set up at the Horseshoe. And the selection there (chicken strips, mozzerella strips, and chili) isn't the best.

    Frankly, I wouldn't eat at either place... I'd spend a little more and go to Cafe Orleans or go get the fried chicken at Plaza Inn.

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      Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

      The Golden Horseshoe has Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. That alone should be the decision maker for you - they are so great! The Golden Horseshoe has chicken strips, fish and chips and mozzarella sticks that are really good. It's about $8.00 a plate, a little pricey, but on par with disney prices.
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        Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

        Well the food's so diffrent!!
        I'd say Pizza Port because the portions are big enough to share.
        The salads and pasta are excellent!
        But the chicken strips at the GH are delicious! It can get REALLY packed so either go about an hour or 45 mins before the next show (and watch the show) or go between shows. The lines get LONG and the tables get scarce!
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          Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

          You can see the show at Golden Horseshoe without eating a meal.

          For selection and quality of food, I'd choose Redd Rockets by far. Golden Horseshoe doesn't have much to choose from and for what you get, I'd say it's over-priced.


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            Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

            The Golden Horseshoe still offers live entertainment in the form of Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. Unfortunately the hall is usually full of people coming in jut to see the show, so getting a table to eat while waiting is fairly hard. One of the biggest drawbacks of the Golden Horseshoe is that as a facility it was designed to handle crowds of the 1950s and seems woefully inadequate to handle the larger crowds of today.

            Golden Horseshoe has a menu of Chicken Strips, and Cheese Sticks served with a variety of sauces and french fries. I also believe, as dictated by Walt, that they still sell Chili in a Breadbowl. Generally the prices are pretty expensive for what you get. Usually during peak times this restaurant has a really hard time getting people through, so service is pretty bad. If you like Bluegrass/Rockabilly music than Billy Hill might be interesting for you, but otherwise the interior is loud. On the plus side it is air conditioned, but that also adds to the groups of people who come in to sit and take up tables without really eating anything.

            If I had a choice where to eat I would pick Redd Rocket's Pizza Port. Redd Rocket's was built in 1998 with the New Tomorrowland in the home of the former Mission to Mars facility and is fairly big. It's a scramble service restaurant which means there are various stations set up for you to walk over and get your food. There's usually a minimal wait for each station and drinks and deserts are on an island in the middle of the serving area.

            Pizza Port serves Pizza, Salads and Pasta. The pizza is pretty bland and mostly crust. It's not really my favorite. The Pasta though is decent enough and they give you a pretty good portion for the price. The Chicken Strips at Golden Horseshoe cost about 7.99 if I remember correctly and the pasta at Pizza Port only costs about 50 cents more. The pasta fills me up and the chicken strips just leave me thirsty.

            There is a lot more seating inside and around Pizza Port than at Golden Horseshoe. There is no live entertainment offered at Pizza Port though, and much like Golden Horseshoe the interior is often loud. There is outdoor seating offered in front of the restaurant and also in the back near the queue for Space Mountain - so it should be easy to find a place to sit.

            I suppose I should also point out that next to Golden Horseshoe is the Stage Door Cafe - which serves the same menu as the Golden Horseshoe, with plenty of seating outside in front of the restaurant along the riverfront. While technically not the Golden Horseshoe, it might be a fine alternative.

            Obviously the choice is up to you - it could completely depend on your tastes at the time. I know a lot of people who would balk at the idea of eating a heavy cream pasta on a hot summer day, so maybe you will be more in the mood for chicken strips. Typically I don't like eating in the park at all, and try to avoid it at all costs, but I know for people who are on a time budget leaving the park for every meal is not an option.

            I will say though that ESPN Zone, which is right next to the Downtown Disney Monorail station has a chicken strip appetizer for 9.99 which is a meal unto itself. As a sit down restaurant the ESPN Zone has all the greasy and bad for you theme park food with probably the best service of any restaurant at Disneyland - and the prices are pretty comparable as well (7.99 for fast food chicken strips in the park vs 9.99 for a sit down restaurant).

            Overall I would pick getting something outside the park, but if I had to choose I think Pizza Port offers better food, better environment and better prices.


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              Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

              Golden Horseshoe, for sure.

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                Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

                My suggestion regarding the GHS, don't go to the first show. You can get a great seat if you wait and go to the second or third shows of the day, just get there about 20 mins early. Also, go straight upstairs for your seats. There are some great views from the left or right side of the stage, upstairs next to the balconies. The Billys look up a lot and sing to the guests up there as well as below.

                I've only had the cake there, but it was good...and huge! I agree with Master Gracey - enjoy the show, but eat somewhere else. The French Market is great and they have wonderful live Dixieland music throughout the day. There's a beautiful character (I think it's Miss New Orleans?) who comes out and sings and gets the crowd going. She came up to our family and called us the family of the day. She gave us Mardi Gras beads and sang "When the Saints go Marching in", replacing "Saints" with our last name. That was so much fun.

                Have a great time!!


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                  Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

                  I LOVE the Billies! And while the food isn't the greatest, the show is awesome. Even if you don't end up eating there, try and see the show, its a lot of fun! You've gotten some good advice so far. I am pretty sure that you can get food elsewhere in Disneyland and bring it into the Billies show if you don't like the food they offer there. My favorite place to eat has already been mentioned, The French Market. It's good food and the Dixieland music and atmosphere can't be beat.

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                    Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

                    I've never stepped foot inside of Redd Rocket's (just because I haven't. no other reason.), so my answer defaults to the Golden Horseshoe. I always get the chicken strips w/fries and a root beer float. It's the perfect combo for watching the show!! And I personally love the chicken strips! Super yummy! *drools* )


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                      Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

                      Pizza Port is easier to get your food, eat and get out to enjoy the rest of your day.

                      On the other hand Golden Horseshoe has the fantastic Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. Although if you want to eat while watching the show I suggest being there at least 30 minutes before to get a decent table. Oh, and if the line is too long inside you can always go to the Cafe on the right side (outside) of the Golden Horseshoe for the same food ... but usually much shorter line.


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                        Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

                        Thank You everyone. Great input!
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                          Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

                          We enjoy both when we go. We like to get to the Golden Horseshoe about 20 minutes before a show starts and get our food. That early it's not usually crowded and we've been able to eat in the box seats right by the stage (where Walt used to sit). Sitting there we've had Billy Hill play to us a number of times and it's always fun. And it gives us time to finish digesting our meal too.

                          If you get there and the lines for the food bar are really long, go outside, turn left and follow the wall around to the Stage Door Cafe. Same food, same prices, rarely a line and then take your food back inside.

                          Pizza Port has great Chicken Fussili. The service is quicker as it is set up buffet style. We like it as a quick meal if we are hungry and we're over in TL late at night and haven't eaten yet.

                          Prices on both are average.

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                            Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

                            My vote is for Pizza Port. I got sick after eating at the Golden Horseshoe. The only thing I'll eat there from now on is the ice cream.


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                              Re: The Golden Horseshoe versus Redd Rocket Pizza Port

                              Foodwise, I like both of them. I'm a big fan of the chicken strips, but there are very few other options at the Golden Horseshoe. Pizza Port has more options. Price-wise they are on par so, for me, it comes down to what I'm hungry for. That's what I prioritize.


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