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Uninvited Guests at the Haunted Mansion


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  • Uninvited Guests at the Haunted Mansion

    I was at Disneyland recently (8/5) and went to the HM during Remember. I was trying to persuade my younger cousins no to be afraid when I realized the lights stayed on during the end of the stretching room scene. The portrait hallway was also lit up and we found the Doom Buggies stationary. Apparently a teenage couple were caught inside the attraction. They must have gotten out of their vehicles and hid inside - which is kinda creepy if you think about it.

    Did anyone else by chance see this or had a similar incident happen before?

    The Cast Members and security did a great job taking care of it. Everyone waiting for the ride applauded when the teens were brought out by security and the lights turned back off. I like my ride to feature only 999 happy haunts thank you.
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    Re: Uninvited Guests at the Haunted Mansion

    We have been the loading area when all the lights went on before. Wish I would have had the camera. Anyway, someone in queue said (I know, reliable source) that a rider had tried to get out of the buggy, but we never saw anyone being escorted out. After about 10 minutes, all was well again.

    I really wonder how many people try this? Don't they know there are cameras? Not that it wouldn't be cool to walk thru the attraction, oh well, we can always hope for a well timed breakdown!
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      Re: Uninvited Guests at the Haunted Mansion

      I don't know if it's scary, but dead teenagers who feel through the floor could get smelly. That madamn leota area is quite high up if you look down through the floor. I beleive there's floor pads that shut the ride down for safety should someone step out. Where's the common sense these days?


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        Re: Uninvited Guests at the Haunted Mansion

        Where's the common sense these days?
        People (especially immature ones) often have a hard time distinguishing between "taking action only when you can observe that to do so is safe" and "taking action only when you don't observe that to do so is dangerous". And that's if they are concerned about safety at all.
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          Re: Uninvited Guests at the Haunted Mansion

          I think the ironic thing about the HM is that the lights go off when it's operating and on when it's closed. Because of this, it's one of the few rides out there that's creepy when it's fully lit. Lighting plays a very pivotal role in foreboding rides like HM and Space Mountain and when you see those types of rides fully lit, it TOTALLY changes the attraction...and makes it really weird.

          I don't know about getting out of the vehicle though, you'd have to be pretty resourceful to figure that one out. On some rides like Star Tours and Pirates of the Carribbean it's perfectly obvious how to get out of your seat (on Star Tours you simply sit on top of your seatbelt and put your arms over your lap). But with HM the entire front end of the Doom buggy comes forward and you're locked in there pretty tightly. And even if it wasn't so secure, it'd be hard to get past the butler CM who checks each vehicle before you leave. I can't say that I approve of nor advocate their behavior, but I have to give them credit for figuring out how to get out of the thing.

          I wonder if it comes open if you push hard enough on it. Being a somewhat reasonably intelligent person, I've never tried such a feat, but it's possible there's some kind of safety mechanism that can open the lap bar if there's too much weight pushing on it. This is extraordinarily dangerous considering that that area was never built with consideration to someone who's unfamiliar with the area walking around in the dark. What's worse is that if someone got hurt back there, Disney would have to settle yet another lawsuit that they could've won in court.
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            Re: Uninvited Guests at the Haunted Mansion

            its a pretty simple known trick if you sit at the edge and let the lapbar hit your knee when it comes down it wont some down far enough to lock. at least it works when i do it but i am 6'3". if it doesnt lock you can just puch it open.


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              Re: Uninvited Guests at the Haunted Mansion

              One time I was stuck in Leota's seance room for a half hour with the lights out. Wacky spirits had interrupted our tour. It was sort of a let down with the light on. Not very impressive at all, and it makes me fail to see how these attractions cost millions of $$$.
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