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IASW: Why not?


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  • IASW: Why not?

    I know I'm going to get slings and arrows for this. :mob:
    I don't think it's such a bad idea to update IASW. This is primarily about the adding of Disney characters to the attraction.

    Disney is a business and needs to always look for new ways to bring in new customers, "guests". By changing Disneyland to what the younger audiences want to see, they create a new customers. The generation that many of us knew is quickly slipping away. I personally am kind of inbetween generations. I still remember all of the classics but at the same time I accept the new ones. It's been said that they change Disneyland to make it easier for people of all ages to identify with the characters and stories.

    It's a Small World, although no I haven't done my research, doesn't really have to keep to any storyline at all really. It is celebrating the children of the world and to me, the innocence before they're affected by things like war. Other than being children or even their heritage, what else is there that the new generations can identify with? The adding of characters, while yes is totally changing what we know IASW to be, but it might make it easier for the younger crowd by seeing the characters they grew up with interact and help show how small the world is.

    The rain forest scene . . . ehh. I generally don't like the idea. As many of the guests are Americans, we are exposed to it's culture, we are it's culture. I believe that leaving the rain forest scene instead of an "up with America" scene would be better. Leaving it the way it is allows there to be another scene to help build the idea of how many other cultures are out there outside of our own.

    So what's your reason for wanting to keep it the way it is? Don't just say "I don't think it should be changed." Explain your answer.

    If you were to help the younger generation of today explore IASW, what would you do? They're not the same children that grew up when the attraction was built, they're a couple generations later.

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