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King Arthur's Carousel horses


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  • King Arthur's Carousel horses

    OK, so everyone knows Jingles- always my mom's favorite horse. Someday, I want to have all of the pics of them with all of the names. Then I remembered, there ws a pin collection!
    Here are all of the horses names, which have been posted repeatedly lately, and also available in City Hall at Disneyland.

    Alma, Arabian Knight, Avanti, Baby, Belle, Bruce, Centurion, Checkers, Checkers Jr, Champion, Chodis, Cinch, Cooper, Crown Jewel, Crusader, Dagger, Daisy, Dante, Duke, Eagle Scout, Elinor, Elroy, Emerald, Fern, Flourish, Frenchy, Galaxy, Gypsy, Hal, Ivy, Jester, Jingles, Kaleidoscope, King Richard, Lance, Leo, Leprechaun, Lucifer's Rose, Lunatic, National Velvet, Patches, Pegasus, Penny, Queenie, Rally, Red Devil, Renaissance, Sapphire, Saxon, Screaming Eagle, Sea Biscuit, Sir Lancelot, St Patrick, Steamer, Tartan, Tassel, Testy Pat, Thistle, Tiny, Topaz, Tulip, Turbo, Unice, & Valance.

    So, I dug around Ebay and found some pins for sale- as well as hunted around and







    All pics from

    Then I did some looking online- could this be Pegasus or Golden Eagle in the middle? And the one on the left, maybe Lancelot?

    Or is this Pegasus in the middle?

    pics not taken by me, just found on internet. Thanks, nameless people

    So anyway, thought this could be a cool thread- you have a corousel horse pic? Post it, and lets see what it could be!

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    Re: King Arthur's Carousel horses

    This is a cool idea. I would love to have a pin for each horse on the carrousel. They are awesome. Thanks for sharing and I hope other people get on here with more pictures. The only horse I know by name is Jingles, but I know that each one has a name. Maybe a lead on the ride can point some of them out for you.
    Peter Pan Forever!!! I Will Never Grow Up.

    Thank You Poisonedapples


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