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Farewell, Disneyland


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  • Farewell, Disneyland

    I got back from vacation last week and realized that my AP was about to expire. After a year of photo safaris I felt I needed to spend a few hours on a Saturday to say, "So long." (With a break at ESPN zone to watch the NBA playoffs...)

    The shots are pretty pedestrian. I was just snapping things I wanted to remember AAP (After Annual Pass).

    Cue up your favorite break up music...

    Starting at the top: Adieu Castle. You are the only Disney castle I have seen, but to me you are the fairest of them all.

    Later Nemo! It took me until March to find you (I am deathly allergic to 2-hour waits. Ask Indy.) I am one who thinks the wait was worth it.

    (Read this next description out loud while quickly agitating your forefinger (choose one) between your slightly closed lips)
    Later Diver Dude!

    While on vacation (you can stop agitating your lips now) I dove the reefs off of Belize. The Nemo reefs are much more colorful. I also snorkeled in some flooded limestone caves - the Big Thunder caves have nothing on Mother Nature when it comes to stalagtites and stalagmites. Awesome.

    So long seagulls! Don't stain the Yellow Submarines white!

    What happend to the third seagull? Was he voted off the buoy? Perhaps it is an homage to Jan and Dean ("Two Gulls for Every Buoy")?

    Permanecer sentados Mattherhorn. My first roller coaster and still one of my faves.

    Bye Monorail 'Billboard.' Next time I promise to keep my hands, arms, head, feet and camera inside the car at all times...

    10-4 Space Mountain 'Hidden Mickey.' Thanks for all the right turns...

    Good Riddance Useless, Twirly, Tina Turner Harido Thingy... I'll miss you least of all. (Sorry Dorothy.)

    Why aren't the Rocket Jets up here instead of clogging the entrance to Tomorrowland??????

    Goodbye Adventureland. I wish my garden looked as nice as yours...

    And if my garden looked like this I would definitely have the best margarita parties in town!

    Thanks Indiana. See you May 22. (12:01 showing...)

    Spooky goodbye to the statue that looks eerily like me: Need to Jenny Craig a little, always a beer in hand (I know - don't correct me), sporting a stylin' but functional lid...

    Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye to the birds of the Tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room. I'm glad the Imagineers restored you to your original glory (sans Offenbach) and did not pollute you with... Well, I think that thread has been beat to death.

    I've gotta dash Splash. But thanks for the view at the top. (Which I never notice because I'm always riga with fear of certain death about to meet me at the bottom of the drop...)

    Yippy-kai-yea (you try to spell it!) Thunder. Don't take the previous comment personally.

    I think everyone thought the goat was holding up the train with that dynamite.

    Happy Trails Golden Horseshoe.

    Paddle on Mark Twain...

    ...and sail on Columbia.

    I will miss my quiet time near New Orleans Station. Watching the trains roll though. Listening to Jazz music from The French Market. On Winter (non-Fantasmic) nights - watching the Mark Twain glide on by.

    This night the river was littered with Sooner blanket claims on prime Fantasmic-viewing real estate. New Orleans Square mirrored post-Katrina. I think Fantasmic is a great show. But I tire of the congestion that seems to start at 6PM every night during the summer...

    Yo ho, Pirates! And to you Disney Suite winners: I HOPE WE ARE NOT TOO LOUD FOR YOU DOWN HERE!!!

    Bitter? Me? No!!

    Goodnight Sleeping Beauty. It's nice that they close you off so early and only allow the Disney-approved paparazzi to take pictures in front of you. You need your privacy.

    God speed Moonliner. I hear NASA needs to figure out how to go BACK to the moon. Maybe Werner von Braun can kick start you again. (Of course, I know he's dead. Watch Tomorrowland on DVD...)

    As for me, I'm taking that rocket to the new horizon...

    So, this is...

    The end.

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    Re: Farewell, Disneyland

    Nice set. I like the feel you created.


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      Re: Farewell, Disneyland

      Wonderful trip report. Great witty comments but sad nonetheless. I hope you are able to join us again someday. As they say on the Mickey Mouse Club - "See you real soon!".


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        Re: Farewell, Disneyland

        Awwww - you brought tears to my eyes. Made me think about what a "last trip" to my beloved Disneyland would be like.


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          Re: Farewell, Disneyland


          Fantastic pictures and witty commentary. I'm sorry to hear you won't be visiting Disneyland on a regular basis. I hope you get a chance to go back soon.


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            Re: Farewell, Disneyland

            Fantastic. Thanks for the pictures and warmly felt comments. So nice.


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              Re: Farewell, Disneyland

              Enjoyed the photos and sarcasm, nice shots. Cool Black Labrador too!
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                Re: Farewell, Disneyland

                absolutely full of emotion and wonderful, thank you for sharing!
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                  Re: Farewell, Disneyland

                  You're an outstanding photographer.

                  Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

                  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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                    Re: Farewell, Disneyland

                    I thoroughly enjoyed your fantastic shots (i saved a few for wallpaper is that ok?) and the humor that went with them.

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                      Re: Farewell, Disneyland

                      Just wonderful . . . each shot a treasure, and your commentary was priceless.

                      The Moonliner shot makes me feel like I did the first time I saw the original ship as a child, many decades ago.

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                        Re: Farewell, Disneyland

                        Those are some great shots with a bittersweet narration. Well done, and hope you find your way back again some day....


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                          Re: Farewell, Disneyland

                          We hope to see you someday again. Beautiful pictures. well done.


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                            Re: Farewell, Disneyland

                            Great postcard quality shots and report. Come back soon.

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                              Re: Farewell, Disneyland

                              fantastic shots.


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