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Additions to Every Land


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  • Additions to Every Land

    If you had the authority to add ONE item (attraction, eatery, shop, entertainment) to each land at Disneyland, what would you choose? Would they be items brought back from mothballs (subs, skyway...) or something of your own creation?

    For each land at DL, tell us what you'd like to add with a description of how it would fit with the land's theming and how it would better the experience of guests in that land.
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    ick skyway I hope they burn those buildings down someday

    Anywho I think I would change the Tarzan treehouse in adventureland

    simply rename it Adventureland treehouse, ditch the plastic Tarzan characters inside it and add back in the elaborate water system (but leave some of the interactive tarzan stuff there),

    I would then add a real couger (or whatever I'm typing to fast to spell correctly) to were the plastic one was and have it sleeping but every so often it opens it's eyes and roars or yawns a bit at the tourists that walk past ,

    then add a few tikiroom esque parrats to the tree that sometimes start humming music or spouting lines from nearby attractions. Youknow sometimes starting to sing "in the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room" or whilsting Indiana Jones or a whole new world, perhaps one might even sometimes shout out "dead men tell no tales"

    I would leave the basecamp alone so that they could still have tarzan meet and greet stuff down there and so that they could still have all that interactive tarzan crud at the bottum

    So basicaly I'd mix the two treehouse's together and come out with something that's better
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      Dont have time to do every land right now so I will do one, and come back to it later.

      I would bring back a subs ride. But not the campy 50's version, something all new based on the same idea, where we explore the depths of the ocean and see people actually living in buildings on the ocean floor. We see how they get most of their consumables from the ocean itself the way Jules Verne's capatin Nemo did, but as a reality in the future. Involve actual scientists in the project, and ask them what they think is possible to be in store for life on the ocean in the future. Make far more realistic AA's that are enclosed in their own little domes in a such a way that you cant tell they are, so they dont get actually wet, and can move more freely and are easier to repair. Add a bit of a walled backdrop that blends in along the tracks, and use special projectors to project on the backside of them schools of fish and other background type swimming/moving things. Make the ride as futuristic and as real as possible. As part of the project, on the fantasyland side of the lagoon have a sunken ship restaurant themed to the little mermaid. As guests dined they could look out the portholes and see ariel and her sisters swim by. You could even make a very small short dark ride on little mermaid that winds in and out of the restaurant so it basically occupies the same space. That way you have the kinetic energy of themed little boats going past like blue bayou, and also the mini "shows" of mermaids outside the portholes.

      This would essentually give you 3 attractions in one space, with the ship restaurant acting as a buffer between fantasyland and tomorrowland.


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        I agree with Tigertail. would reinvent subs as a high tech true E plus. With real piranhas this time.
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          Tomorrowland - Rockets back on the platform
          Fantasyland - Remove the "Light Magic" towers on Small World way
          Toontown - Duckburg addition
          Frontierland - Western River Expedition
          Adventureland - Restore treehouse to original state "Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse"
          New Orleans Square - Add more street entertainment (Maybe a Marti Gras streetacular?)
          Critter Country - Evict Pooh and give the real Bears their home back!
          Main Street USA - Bring back the Original Honest Abe show! Walt's version!
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            Tomorrowland: Bring back Rocketrods and Subs. Add a new E or D ticket in place of innoventions. And a new style train station.

            Toontown: Add a Toontown studio tour attractoin.

            Critter country: Add a new ride. Bring back the Country Bears.


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              What's the budget?


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                Tigertail, I love love LOVE that idea! The coziness of DL is that so much is crammed into one space, integrating things into each other that have similar themes and thus utilizing all resources. Plus I have a soft spot for Ariel and her friends...can you tell?

                Swagdaddy, I pretty much agree with each thing you said, especially the Country Bears, Swiss Family Treehouse and Mardi Gras ideas. The streets of NOS would be so perfect for that kind of "show" and they could run short celebrations a couple times a day, similar to how they are now doing celebrations on Main Street.

                Originally posted by dshimel
                What's the budget?
                Funds are undetermined, you can do whatever you want for ONE addition to each land. Let's be slightly realistic though keeping in mind what would actually improve the park and please guests rather than adding over-the-top oddball things that would just never happen.

                Keep 'em comin' guys!
                "And don't underestimate the importance of BODY LANGUAGE!"


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                  Budget additions:

                  Main Street USA: Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday Tea Garden replaces Plaza Gardens.

                  Tomorrowland: Rockets and PeopleMover back on platform

                  Fantasyland: Captain Hook's Pirate Ship and Skull Rock

                  New Orlean's Square: Never-ending Mardi Gras celebration.

                  Frontierland: Return of Golden Horseshoe Revue w/Can-Can girls

                  Bear/Critter Country: Country Bears back where they belong - - Pooh back to Fantasyland where he belongs.

                  Adventureland: Return of Swiss Family Robinson to their treehouse

                  Bigger Budget Additions:

                  Main Street USA: Mickey Mouse Revue from WDW/Tokyo moves into Opera House

                  Fantasyland: Maleficent's castle housing escape-from-dungeon-past-dragon ride.

                  Frontierland: Zorro pueblo and coaster (in farm area).

                  Adventureland: Tahitian Terrace returns

                  Tomorrowland: Revised Adventure Thru Inner Space

                  Bear Country: Path around the back of Rivers of America to Indian Village - connect with Frontierland

                  New Orleans Square: Walt's version of Mr. Lincoln show moves into Disney Gallery
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                  • #10
                    Originally posted by Star Speeder
                    Tomorrowland: Bring back Rocketrods and Subs. Add a new E or D ticket in place of innoventions. And a new style train station.
                    Fabulous Idea!

                    As far as toontown is concerned, they really need a water ride! If any of you have been to Islands of Adventure in Orlando, then you know how successful zanny, cartoon-themed water attractions are. And in a place that is nearly all cement and reaches scorching temperatures at midday, this would be very useful indeed. While they are at it, go ahead and use some of the extra room they will have after removing chip n' dales treehouse for an elaborate queue!
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                      Main Street: Place a live stage show theater in Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln ( after the 50th exibit is gone of course ) and make it a theater that has shows similar to Encore! at TDS

                      Adventureland: Good bye Tarzan! Hello Swiss family robinson

                      New Orleans Square: I LOVE the mardi gras celebration ideas

                      Critter Country: Add a dark ride based off of the Ranger Woodlore and Humphey cartoons. Ooh, and maybe Ice pooh, return country bears, and move pooh attraction to The festival arena area ( with enterance in the place of the Sky way station. )

                      Frontierland: Add a new B or C ticket in the festival arena

                      Fantaseyland: Like I said before, move pooh to have the show building in the festival arena and have the enterance be put in the place of the sky way building.

                      Toon Town: Add the Toon Trolly simulator ride idea.

                      Tomorrowland: Put the Tomorrowland Transit Authority like WDW's on the old people mover track, and bring in a new and improved subs.
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                        Add a coffee cart to every land!!!
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                        Homer: So, which is it? Blue or purple?
                        Marge: Pink.
                        Homer: D'oh!
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                          in this mouseplanet article

                          there was talk about a two story river bell terrance addition, it sounds interesting what ever happend to that (not that I'm sure I want to spend my imaginary addition on it but it seems like a promising idea)
                          "We all have sparks, imagination! it's how our minds... create creations!"


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                            Originally posted by LiTtLeMeRmAiD
                            Funds are undetermined, you can do whatever you want for ONE addition to each land. Let's be slightly realistic though keeping in mind what would actually improve the park and please guests rather than adding over-the-top oddball things that would just never happen.

                            Keep 'em comin' guys!
                            Main Street: Put benches in the Cinema, show scenes from various clips of landmark movies with narriation between describing the importance.... Mickey's first movie... First color... First to use multi-plane.... First to use digital sound... First to use computers... etc.

                            Tomorrowland: Mission:Space

                            Fantasyland: Dark ride based on TDL's Hunny hunt.

                            Frontierland: Dedicated Fantasmic viewing areana between BTMRR and RoA.... Stage behind rebuilt Fort Winderness. Make Frontierland passable again from 8:00 until 10:30.

                            Adventureland: Remove Indy FastPass... Put stroller parking there. Remove outside Indy queue. Put stroller parking/child swap/wheel chair waiting area there. Use former FastPass employees to direct traffic out of the exit lane and out of the Adventureland walkways. NO letting parties of 8 stop in the walkway blocking the whole path through Adventureland.... No letting 80 people with strollers stand right at the exit, choaking off the exit pathway.

                            Critter Country: Walkway around the North side of RoA connecting to Big Thunder Trail.

                            NoS: Not a thing.


                            • #15
                              Fantasyland: a dark Cinderella ride (like you didn't know that was coming...he he he)

                              Main Street: it's perfect, i hope they never change it!!!

                              NOS: I like the idea of a constant Mardis Gras celebration

                              Critter Country: definitely move Pooh (he can be moved to Fantasyland) and bring back the Country Bears!!

                              Tomorrowland: bring back the PeopleMover

                              Adventureland: bring back Swiss Family Robinson tree house

                              Can't think of anything else right now.
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