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New House of the Future?


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  • New House of the Future?

    Well, it's May everyone, anyone wondering how the new HotF is gonna turn out?

    Anyone excited? Do you think this will make Innoventions(sp?) better/worse?

    What's your feelings on the subject?

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    Re: New House of the Future?

    I thats what will go in there? Haven't been in there for years, I got bored so fast after they took out the sonogram things.

    I'd like to see stuff like that in there instead of, like, the vacation one. To me, that got dated very quickly.


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      Re: New House of the Future?

      what day does it debut?
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        Re: New House of the Future?

        I'm hoping that the HotF will be a success. I think that with this addition that maybe Innoventions will become a must-see instead of the FP time killer that it is now.

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          Re: New House of the Future?

          I can't remeber right now when it debuts. Maybe someone else on here can say. But I am picking up my cast preview ticket tomorrow.


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            Re: New House of the Future?

            Originally posted by Scurvy Pirate View Post
            I can't remeber right now when it debuts. Maybe someone else on here can say. But I am picking up my cast preview ticket tomorrow.
            Let us know how it is. I'd like to think that the House of the Future will be a neat diversion, but I have a feeling that the location is a problem. If they built a House of the Future that looked like something interesting from the outside, they might get some visitors. But "Futuristic" things seem to get dated very quickly. Seems like they spent a lot of time and money building something that few people will see (trapped in the Innoventions building) or care about in the far back corner of Tomorrowland.

            Honestly, I'd like to see them build a real attraction in that spot, rather than selling an advertisement as an attraction.

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              Re: New House of the Future?

              If its anything like the prototype house that Microsoft currently operates - it should be pretty wild. Walls that use virtual wallpapers... themeing everything in a room based on who comes in (changing, music, lighting, walls, photo frames, tvs) etc. There have been several TV segments in the prototype house Microsoft currently has.. I assume they are duplicating some of that.


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                Re: New House of the Future?

                Here's a story on an older 'release' of the house Microsoft maintains.


                Microsoft Home pushes boundaries of the future
                From digital wall images to the Media Center to sounds, prototypes suggest possibilities

                By TODD BISHOP
                P-I REPORTER

                The mobile phone is already good for mundane things such as making calls and sending messages. But Microsoft Corp.'s latest vision of the future elevates the device to the status of magic wand.

                ON THE WEB

                See video clips of technology inside the Microsoft Home on Todd's blog.

                A new version of the futuristic Microsoft Home lets people use mobile phones to control room lighting, temperature, music, television and other parts of the house -- all the way down to the lock on the front door.

                "It becomes kind of the ultimate universal remote control," said Jonathan Cluts, director of consumer prototyping and strategy for the Redmond company.

                That's one of the central concepts inside the revamped Microsoft Home, a series of rooms filled with working prototypes and technology concepts that the company considers five to 10 years from hitting the market. Microsoft established the facility 12 years ago, and it's unveiling the latest remodel today.
                Cluts in room
                Zoom Dan DeLong / P-I
                Jonathan Cluts, Microsoft's director of consumer prototyping and strategy, uses a ultramobile PC on Wednesday to create and control a collage of digital images projected on the walls of a child's bedroom in the Microsoft Home on the Redmond campus.

                The Microsoft Home isn't open to the public, but is available for the company's employees, customers and others to tour by appointment. The goal of the facility is to give those visitors a tangible sense for where the company believes consumer technology is headed.

                Of course, predicting the future is an inexact science. For example, your local home-improvement store probably doesn't yet stock the entryway eyeball scanner featured in one earlier version of the home.

                The current version is notable in part for its lack of desktop computers -- the machines on which the company originally built its business. Instead, there's a touch-sensitive Tablet PC in the play area, a big-screen Media Center PC in the living room, and a backlit control panel in the entryway wall.
                Controlling temperature
                Zoom Dan DeLong / P-I
                A new technology in the Microsoft Home allows people to use mobile phones to control things such as room temperature.

                Nearby, in the teenager's room, a projection system simulates digital wallpaper that displays a multiwall collage of images that can be posted using a hand-held computer. When Grandma visits, the walls can be changed quickly to reflect her color choices and photos.

                In another adaptation, the walls display icons for different online services that can be browsed and accessed by twisting a motion-sensitive orb.

                A play area includes a computer that senses, through RFID tags, when a toy is returned to the proper bin -- awarding points when a child cleans up the room.

                The dining room, meanwhile, features a projection system that turns the ordinary table into something akin to a large, touch-sensitive computer screen. For a child's birthday party, for example, it displays images of airplanes that zip around the table when they're tapped.

                That demonstration is an outgrowth of Microsoft researcher Andy Wilson's work in an area known as surface computing.

                It's one of a number of technologies in the facility to come from existing Microsoft Research projects. Another is a technology that intelligently prioritizes messages and alerts to determine whether they should be delivered at any given time. That grew out of the work of Microsoft Research's Adaptive Systems and Interaction group, overseen by researcher Eric Horvitz.

                Other prototypes build on existing Microsoft products. For example, the television is a futuristic version of Microsoft's existing Media Center software.

                To avoid media overload, the TV can be adjusted to present selected choices, based on the situation and upcoming events. When Grandma visits, it offers her favorite Frank Sinatra album.

                "It's easy to imagine 10 years from now, you could virtually have any content created by humankind available to your home," Cluts explained. "If that's true, the absolute worst thing I could do for you is give you a guide with everything in it. It would be virtually useless."

                Instead, he said, "the system is making intelligent decisions."


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                  Re: New House of the Future?

                  I will be mentioning it in the Monday in the Parks update, but the project has been delayed, and I have a few photos of the lower level to show you that there is a lot of work still to be done.
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                    Re: New House of the Future?

                    Since I have not seen the new finished product, and did see the original HOF, and I can only base my opinion on what I have read here and elsewhere about the "future tech" in the new house - I have difficulty with the name "house of the future".

                    The original had things that were clearly on the horizon but many years away from the average home (push button phones, microwaves, projection/big screen tv). This new version seems to have less vision of NEW for the future, and relies on a simple extension of what is available (to folks with extreme cash) right now. In my uninformed opinion, it seems more like the house of next year.

                    I speculate to be sure, and I really want to be as impressed as I was with the original. Considering my embarrassing experience with the advanced technology in Innoventions, I have reservations about this new house.

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                      Re: New House of the Future?

                      This video is a bit old... but gives you an idea of some of the computer based technology. This video doesn't show the room themeing and adapting I've seen elsewhere.. but gives you an idea of 'how far in the future' MS has targeted in previous tasks.

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