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Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!


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  • Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

    So How Many of you remember 05-05-05!!

    The Crowds, the excitement, & the long lines!!! Today on May 5th, 2008 marks 3 years ago that Disneyland Kicked off its official "50th Anniversary Celebration" at Disneyland in Anahiem, California. I was there and will always remember this day. The Celebration kicked off on May 5th, 2005, with Julie Andrews on Hand, Art Link letter (was on hand to host the opening of Disneyland in 1955), as well as a gaggle of Celebrities and Disney Characters. Although the park was not to turn 50 on July 17th, 2005 It was a Day of Joyous Celebration and Lots & Lots of People!! lol. I remember it very well it was Cloudy and Rainy, and People were lined up all the way To Harbor Street!. I was very excited because it was the first time i was to See Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams, & Remember Dreams Come True. I was working Over at California Adventure the night before and was able to Catch a glimpse of DCA's BlocK Party Bash Parade in Rehearsals and i knew that it was going to be a very special Day On May 5th. The next morning, me and my brother and sister staked out a place close to Sleeping Beauty Castle and next thing you know, Leann Rimes appeared! She sang "Remember When" (It brought me to tears, bringing back so many wonderful memories i shared at the park when i was a kid), Christina Aguilera sang "When You Wish Upon a Star". Micheal Eisner took stage and then Julie Andrews (AKA Mary Poppins) Welcomed Everyone Home to the Joyous 50th Anniversary Celebration. This will always hold a special place on my heart because although i worked at California Adventure i felt the Magic, and seeing Disneyland through a child's eyes is priceless. If i could go back in time I would to this very Day Three Years ago!. Were very lucky, that there are still remincent offerings from Disneyland's 50th today like Remember, Walt Disneys Parade of Dreams, and Disneyland the First 50 Magical years!

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    Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

    Luckily, I was off that day!


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      Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

      The night of the VIP party my fiancee and I stood just outside the exit gate at DL and watched the celebrities get their gift bags and leave the park. I remember Michael Eisner walking past me and I wanted to boo him so bad! Also saw Kelsey Grammar with his limp after falling off the stage at the Hyperion theater.
      I'm literally a born Disney fan! I was born at Providence St. Joseph Med Center right across the street from Disney Studios in Burbank. The same hospital where Walt died.

      By the way my shirt in the pic says "I like big sharks and I cannot lie"


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        Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

        I remember.


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          Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

          i remember. i got to work on the gold carpet


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            Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

            Originally posted by anaheimgirl79 View Post
            i remember. i got to work on the gold carpet
            What was it like working the gold carpet?


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              Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

              I remember!
              I was there!
              It was VERY crowded, i felt like a sardine, i had fun with my friends, i was thankful for the reservation i made 3 months prior at Blue Bayou otherwise eating would have been a nightmare with all of the crowds and seeing all the gold rides was very cool!

              All in all, a great day! Seeing Julie Andrews was the highlight of the entire year for me!

              I :love: her!!!
              A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes....


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                Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

                Holy cow what a day that was! We got in line near the DCA Guest Relations entrance and I was amazed at the sheer number of people!! We got a pretty good spot by the castle for the ceremonies and traded off going on rides.

                That night, we watched Parade of Dreams and followed it to the hub where we waited for the fireworks. While an hour and a half isn't too crazy to wait for fireworks, what made it kind of nuts was that the hub was wall to wall people, all standing, with very little wiggle room! It was nuts! The coolest part of the fireworks segment was virtually everyone in the hub repeating the Matterhorn safety spiel. A long, crazy day... but very glad I was there! ;-)
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                Episode 4: "It's a Sklar World"

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                Neither does this mindless chatter."
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                  Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

                  I was watching the fireworks in front of the castle that day and I was amazed on how awesome the fireworks were. It were busy, wall - to - wall people!!!


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                    Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

                    Wow! Great idea for a thread! To us Disney Dweebs, 5-5 will ALWAYS be remembered as the beginning of DL's fiftieth festivities! I went back in time, and checked the Disneyland section for Posts, and ones that still had pictures linked, and going back 20,000 PLUS TOPICS in the DL Section ALONE, I arrived back in May 2005. Here are some of the more memorable posts on the beginning of the 50th Party!

                    For me, I arrived on May 3rd, got a chance to see the new additions to the Jungle Cruise, and saw some of the 50th picture collages, and some of the hidden 50th Mickeys. On May 4th (DL closed to the public) saw Block Party Bash premiere! On May 5th, got to see the opening ceremony and hear all the applause (except for for Eisner) I even started a cheer saying "We want Roy". Got my first DL Leather Jacket, and got to ride several of the gold vehicles in Fantasyland. Had a GREAT TIME!

                    Here are the links to the memories of 5-4 and 5-5 that were a little closer timewise, to the events:

                    Pictures From TicToc

                    Daily Running Live Report Pictures start with Master Gracey posting pictures in POST 105

                    From Leigh-Ann

                    Funny Amusing Strange Events

                    Eisner's Appearance

                    Food Service Memories of 5-5-05

                    Opening Celebration Pictures

                    Link to Darkbeer's Pictures

                    More from Darkbeer

                    report from cstephens

                    pictures from mamabot

                    thoughts from tigger001

                    Pics from Disney Gallery and the Opera House from Master Gracey

                    Cute T-Shirts Stargirl saw

                    Pics from Anders

                    Oh, Here is a picture of Eisner from 5-5-05 "Pretending" that he has been crowned Emperor of the Disney Empire.
                    Ironically, his head isn't big enough for the crown.

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                      Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

                      I hate to admit it in this thread, but I always disliked the 5-5-5 thing because it was so much of a manufactured celebration that sets up a fake "anniversary" in 47 years.

                      I get a little tired of marketing spin BS.
                      Charlie :wave:
                      MiceChat User #1037


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                        Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

                        I was there, on Main Street. Leading up to it was a good work of week for me - in OC instead of my usual work in LA, through the Local down there. April 26, 27, May 1, 3 at the Convention Center for related events, May 2 at DL Hotel for a related event, and overnight at DCA after being called on my way out of the convention center, to take down trusses and lights for an event that happened there, near Seasons of the Vine. Then, I got called back on the 5th to assist with lighting for the Press groups - Primo Prime spot on the gated grass area in front of the PI, basically adjusting lights as needed, and mostly having a totally unobstructed view of the POD. It started to rain just as we were taking all of the lighting equipment backstage. It was great to be there and be a part of it, thinking I was glad that I didn't have to deal with the crowds, and could still enjoy it - and be paid to be there at the same time!

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                          Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

                          I was there! I remember the super long lines through the esplanade & getting smooshed into see the kick-off festivities. I remember a light rain that kept tricking us into putting up our umbrellas for 30 seconds at a time. I remember Leann Rimes' naked dress and Christina Aguilera's false start. I remember the thrill of seeing Julie Andrews live and in person. I remember being so excited to hunt for all the "50's", Original Attractions plaques, and Gold Ride Vehicles.

                          One of the biggest things for me that day was being a Disneyland by myself for the first time ever. I had a great time on my own, chatted with fellow "loners" while waiting for the first viewing of Parade of Dreams, and got shivers watching the "Remember" fireworks for the first time.

                          What a great summer...


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                            Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

                            Sad thing I never when on 5-5-05 I when 2 days later. These were the photos I got with my friend on that day.

                            This was the very first time that I meet Mulan and Mushu.


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                              Re: Remembering 3 Years Ago Today Disneyland's 50th Kickoff!!

                              We were there. It was a blast. (And it was flipping crowded!)
                              If you see a cute yellow lab puppy with a yellow cape, WAVE! It might be us! (Or it may be someone else that lurks here!) Thank you for asking before you pet! Next trip, Dec 22-Jan 3rd.


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