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Early April Visit Pointers PLEASE


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  • Early April Visit Pointers PLEASE

    Please help...

    I live in Reno, NV and unfortunately can't get to Disneyland very often. My wife and I are trying to make it a point to take our daughter, who is almost 5, there at least once every two years. We will be there in early April of this year, second week to be exact. We will be coming in on Sunday and staying at the Disneyland Hotel until Wednesday.

    What kind of fun things should we look out for? Anything to avoid? How are the crowds this time of the year? What should the condition of the park be being it'll only be a month away from the 50th? Will most of the rides and attractions that have been shut down for the 50th rehab be open? I am looking for any pointers so we can make the most of our stay?

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    Buzz Lightyear should be up by then, so making a beeline for that first thing in the morning should be good.

    That timing isn't bad as you should much of the Easter break crowd.

    The best site I know of for closures is MousePlanet:
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      Thanks Kevdo. Our hopes were to avoid big crowds. Thanks also for the link.
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