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Avoiding Fantasmic


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  • Avoiding Fantasmic

    Apologies if this is an unpopular topic, but my DH, DS, and I are going to be visiting DLR June 16-18. We've seen Fantasmic at WDW and aren't very interested in seeing it again.

    Obviously, we'll want to avoid Frontierland immediately before, during, and immediately after the show, but what attractions in that area are still accessible? And at what time should we start to avoid the area? Likewise, when does the area open up again, or, considering that there are shows at 9pm and 10:30pm all three nights we are there, does it not really open up at all?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

    you do know the DL version is different right????? and better. but if you want to avoid it dont go near Pirates Mansion Splash Pooh. Crowds start at 7pm maybe earlier then that and wont clear till almost 11... but also note that from 8:30 till around 9:50ish Fantasyland will be closed and Toontown will be closed for the rest of the evening


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      Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

      Fantasmic is an abomination.

      But I digress.


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        Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

        First off, welcome to Micechat. From what I understand the WDW version of Fantasmic vs the Disneyland one are two different experiences. You might want to look into this before completely writing it off, however with that said I can't understand (except not having the Twain/etc.) it is too much different. Now in avoiding the crowds, it's not just Frontierland. It blocks up Adventureland, NOS and Critter Country. People start lining up 3+ hours before, but personally I would say you are safe until at least and hour or two before. As for the clearing out, if there is a 10:30, let's see the show lasts about 30 minutes and then you have a good 30 minutes of clear out.

        I'll say, even though I like Fantasmic, I have to agree with Swab that if F! is running it completely destroys that entire part of the park at night.
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          Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

          the WDW version is different....

          and all of the attractions are still available during Fantasmic! (with the exception of TSI)


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            Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

            You might want to give DL Fantasmic! a chance. I'd say stay out of the ROA area between 5 PM and 11:30 P.M


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              Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

              Definantly give our F! a chance it blows WDWs way outta the water (dont wanna ruin it for ya but trust me its different better and the original)

              Come Celebrate with us, we can't wait to meet ya!


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                Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

                Thanks for the quick replies!

                Yeah, I was aware that the shows aren't identical and the one at DLR has had a big refurb - it's just extremely difficult to convince my husband and son to sit around and wait for any of the shows. I'm lucky if I can get them to sit still long enough for the fireworks. If it was just me by myself, I would probably make a point to see it.

                So, it's not that I dislike the show, I was just looking for tips and tricks on how to navigate around it.


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                  Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

                  I'd say hit Pirates, Mansion, Splash, Pooh, Indy, Jungle, and Big Thunder early in the day so you don't have to worry about riding it at night.


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                    Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

                    Like a few others have stated before me, its not just Frontierland. In fact, Frontierland (in that general area) is the least of your problems. Its really NOS, Critter Country and Adventureland.
                    The area is pretty congested about an hour or 2 before the show starts until about 30-45 min after the last show. So we're saying about.....7pm or so (sometimes earlier) till about......11:30 or later possibly.

                    Hope you enjoy your visit!
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                      Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

                      Having experienced both Fantasmic's a few times, DL is MUCHO better than WDW's version. There is NO comparison.

                      Give it a try before saying that you don't want to see it.

                      However, I do love riding the MT on ROA at night. It's very romantic and quite a nice change from sitting forever for Fantasmic.


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                        Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

                        Actually, during F! can be a good time to ride POTC, HM or JC. It's crowded, but they do have roped off walkways. Just avoid being in there when it ends (or when the fireworks end after the first show), or be getting on a ride right at that time. I concur that is is a different experience than at WDW.

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                          Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

                          Originally posted by ralfrick View Post
                          Actually, during F! can be a good time to ride POTC, HM or JC. It's crowded, but they do have roped off walkways. Just avoid being in there when it ends.
                          I'd have to second that! It's not completely impossible to access POT or any of NOS. Just follow the walk way and POT is yours. There is also a main walk way that takes you all the way to HM, it starts near stage door cafe and is behind the crowds.


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                            Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

                            A few different things to suggest:

                            Fantasmic at DL is a different experience and DEFINITELY has bigger WOW moments, among those:

                            This isn't a theater staged just for F!, which make the show on the Island and Rivers of America appear from nowhere! And disappear just as quick, when the show ends. The same island that you were walking on and ships/raft in the river all become part it the show ~ it makes you feel closer to the show.

                            The Columbia with Pan and Hook make a sudden surprising entrance and Tower over everything,n (it looks even bigger at night in this show, than it does during the day) and the action staged on the Columbia is better than the Indy show in DL is now and better than the Capt Jack Sparrow show they had on the Island last year.

                            Seeing the Rivers of America on fire is simply amazing! (and certainly something you're not going to see in WDW's Magic Kingdom).

                            Mickey's appearance on the Mark Twain at the end of F!, starting as Steamboat Willie, and then seeing the fireworks on the Twain and all the other characters COMPLETELY BLOWS AWAY that little cardboard thing at Disney Studios!

                            In my opinion, you are really wasting your trip if you don't see and haven't seen F! at DL (even though you've seen the Studio's version). It may be called the same thing. BUT IT AIN'T, by any stretch of the imagination.

                            As for waiting in advance to see Fantasmic, waiting 2 and 3 hours is completely not necessary. One of my favorite spots to view F! is on the left side of the bridge that crosses over the Pirates entrance, It's dead center. It's a standing spot, not a sitting, but if you are at the front of the railing, it is an unobstructed view.

                            And it's not so much because F! has had a recent refurbishment, although the princess floats do have beautiful lighting now, It's because the show appears out of nowhere, magically transforms a huge area in DL to become THE SHOW! It's because F! at DL is simply bigger and better.

                            OK, moving on, to the traffic on the west side, keep in mind, Disney usually does a real good job with keeping traffic flowing. Now it will get congested for a short time when one show has ended and people are trying to get spots for the 2nd show. BUT as long as you know Disney has traffic flow into Frontierland and has traffic exit through Adventureland, that will help you navigate better.

                            AND during showings of F!, the lines for Pirate, Haunted Mansion, Splash are substantially lower than earlier in the day. It is really a good time to do those attractions.

                            Of course, you will want to see DL's main Fireworks show, usually at 9:25pm. My favorite viewing place is on Main Street, between Coke Corner and the Photo Store, and move up a little, so you can see the Matterhorn and the Castle, during the show.
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                              Re: Avoiding Fantasmic

                              I went on the Fantasmic! area rides a good 10 or so times during the show since there were absolutely NO waits!

                              Also, I would force your significant others to watch this version... They will love it! or else no churro!


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