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It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report


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  • It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

    So, now that things are (somewhat) settled here, it's time to share some of the pictures and memories of the trip to California we had in mid April, when NeverNeverLand and I got married! Though we do not have any pictures of the actual event, since we were concentrating on other things (obviously) we do have some pictures of the "mini-moon" and events that surrounded the weekend:

    Here's one for pratt, for her recent post in the pin trading lounge:

    An attempt at an artsy shot:

    Me, trying to get some much needed sleep.

    Another attempt at artsy, this time from the Snow White queue:

    Hey, That's Where I Live!

    Ok. Actually, I wasn't 100% honest. These pictures were from the trip I took in February, but I just downloaded to my computer. The "mini-moon" pics will be forthcoming shortly. :ap:
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    Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

    So, after a whirlwind of a week, NNL, myself, and each of our immediate families (parents and brothers) met in California for a wedding...our wedding. Since the bi-coastal thing was getting old, and since we wanted to ensure we celebrated with as many friends as possible, we decided to have 2 ceremonies: a smaller one in California, and a more traditional one in New York in the fall. This mainly helped us to finish the moving of NNL's things to New York, since we both agreed financially it made sense to move out here (for now). So, after a sweet, but slightly interrupted ceremony, performed by none other than skywaygrl herself, acting partly as bodyguard to a group of teenagers who didn't understand why they couldn't walk through the middle of a wedding ceremony, we headed to Bucca Di Beppo for a dinner with our friends on the West Coast. I think both sets of parents were overwhelmed by the sheer number of MiceChatters in attendance, and finally began to understand how important the site is to us. As the week continued, I know that would become more and more true.

    It was truly wonderful to see all the wonderful friends we have made on MiceChat in these few years celebrate our marriage, and even more wonderful that we could spend time with them for a time at Disneyland as well. I will comment more on this in a bit, but for now, some pictures!

    The first picture I took my wedding vacation. I'm number 8.

    Before the wedding, I went out to dinner at Storyteller's with NNL and her family, meeting her brother for the first time. It was a delicious buffet, and we had some fun with the cupcakes. I really am gaining a wonderful other family with her parents and brother. They are truly wonderful people.

    Before the wedding ears, I decide to celebrate Cinco de Mayo a little early. NNL was glad we got the ears.

    Before the wedding, NNL and I booked a room in the HoJo's so we could celebrate the wedding at the Disneyland Hotel after; she even stayed with her parents the night before to make things as traditional as we could get. When we got to the Disneyland Hotel, I was in awe of how wonderful it was. We had both been there before, but I had never stayed there. It truly was a way to make the wedding feel special, and the Disney magic, despite us being in the parks most of the time, was truly felt throughout our stay.

    The view from our room in the Disneyland Hotel

    The view from our room during the daytime, facing Disneyland.

    More to come....
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      Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

      Cool. Congrats on the wedding.

      Can't wait for some more!
      Home away from Home.


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        Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

        Congrats! Love the hat shot. Looking forward to more.


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          Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

          Despite it being our wedding weekend, there were several other events planned for MC as well. One was Princess Buttercup's birthday, which we celebrated at Hook's Pointe with several BPGers and some "special guests." Surprisingly, it was the same night as the Bucca lunch, so we weren't really full for it, but we still went and ate. And we may not have eaten much, but the company and fun more than made up for the lack of food consumed. The dinner is also where we received our Bridge and Groom Mouse Ears (Thanks Matt Hamand and Quiltmaker!) Unfortunately, while I wore them the entire night at dinner and Disneyland, they were too heavy, so I opted just for the "Just Married" button instead. NNL wore both the entire trip. And, I will note, that I was going to buy them regardless, and they will be displayed in our apartment, with all our other mouse ears, when everything is finally unpacked.

          The centerpiece at our table, made from tiaras given at the party.

          Another event going on this weekend was related to PB's birthday: the Pink Cupcake Meet. This began with a canoe meet in the morning for all the women of MiceChat, wearing their pinkest hat:

          Waiting to board.

          Rounding the River.

          Successful completion.

          It was great fun watching everyone round the river, but the only thing on my mind at this point was......cupcakes! After the canoe meet, we headed to the noon meet, and who did I spot there, my parents and brother! While they were on the outskirts of the meet, I was surprised they stopped by to say hello, and it was great that they could see such a large meet, and how dedicated many of us are to MiceChat and to each other. In fact, Rixter was kind enough to speak to them and give them a magnet from the infamous Pink cupcake meet! MY mom was very happy and impressed with the magnet, and I know it is displayed proudly from the fridge. Thanks Rick and Lu! If my mom knew how to use the Internet, I know we would have one more member!

          Unfortunately, we could not spend much time at the meet, because we needed to take care of something that had been delayed due to the rain the last time I was in California...engagement pictures! Never Grow Up was hired as our photographer, and he was kind enough to appear at the meet, and be our photographer for the pictures. I know it is ironic to take these pictures AFTER our wedding, but we have to do the best we can. So, for a large part of the afternoon, we spent trudging through Disneyland taking pictures of us as a newly engaged couple. Sorry I have no pics to share yet, but they will appear here soon.

          One picture I can share is this:

          Eeyore was out while we were in line for Dumbo. He used the trash can as a drum, collapsed on it, and then did a soft shoe dance around some small children before leaving. A really wonderful performance for the slow moving line.

          After our pictures were finished, we met up with the rest of the group, who had disbursed, and we broke off with a few friends to ride some rides on our own. We headed for Flik's Fun Fair, much to Coheteboy's chagrin, and rode Flik's Flyers. CB's reaction was priceless:

          He did not move or smile the entire time. Hilarious!

          I can't even potty without her missing me. Awwww....

          That night, we reconnected with the bigger group and watched the Electrical Parade together. I've already shared many pictured of it, so just one that needs sharing:

          I guess I forgot to zoom out on my camera. Thanks Skywaygrl!

          A picture is worth a thousand words. My brother is the one in the Giants shirt. He was the highlight of the ride for many. I think in the library he was made an honorary MCer by PB!

          We spent some more time in DCA, but left for the hotel instead of going back to DL with the others. It was a great day spent with some wonderful people who will be sorely missed until we can get back out there.

          More to come!
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            Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

            love it so far

            Friends for life


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              Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

              The next day was more of a day just for ourselves. We met with my brother and family briefly throughout the day, but we didn't really do anything except enjoy the park as a newly married couple. Some sights:

              Tiki Room was a great way to start off the morning.

              We spotted the plaid before they got on the raft. We thought he was with this blonde woman, but NNL and I both didn't recognize her. Then, NNL looked at her husband, and realized it was Kelsey Grammer!

              We were having a leisurely day, eating lunch with my parents, enjoy being by ourselves. Then, all hell broke loose.

              Walking through Tomorrowland, we spotted it. Before Darkbeer's update. Before it was seen on MC. In fact, we could have scooped everyone if we had posted them that day. We saw it. The new monorail. We ran to the station as quickly as possible, realizing eventually they were just out for testing, but still wanting a look, so we ventured up to see what was going on.

              Some pics from our encounter with Monorail Red:

              At the station. It's just cool!

              So retro and sleek!


              Another inside shot

              NNL excited about the new monorail!

              Inside the nose cone.

              Cool night lighting. (We followed this thing a lot during the trip)

              Very slick. I look forward to riding it.

              Well, now that the day was going so well....getting married this week, seeing Frasier, seeing the new monorail, what could be any better?

              Getting Jingles on the Carrousel!

              So far, so good. A great trip, and some wonderful memories to share of the final trip to DL in some time. But, still a few more days left to enjoy! So, a little more to come, and then some closing comments.
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                Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

                Ok, there is not a cuter couple in the world that you two!
                "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." -Henry David Thoreau


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                  Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

                  The next morning began with a trip to Target to buy some sunscreen. The last few times I had been to California I have had nothing but rain, so this was understandable to forget to bring it with me. However, there was a slight downturn in our trip as we walking to our car in the Disneyland Hotel lot:

                  They were retiling the Mickey statue outside. The sign reads "Out of Order."

                  We trudged on however, and managed to survive Target and back, and survive the sun as well, so with a new coat of sunscreen, we marched on through the Happiest Place on Earth, and enjoyed our time together alone. Both our families left today, so we truly were on our own for the first time since our wedding. We had a nice farewell dinner with NNL's family the night before at the Jazz Kitchen, and lunch at the Carnation Cafe with mine. So, alone at last, we decided that the Blue Bayou was the place to celebrate our nuptials.

                  After some confusion with 2 parties named Jeff, we did manage to snag a table at the water's edge. I have never eaten here before, and it was a wonderful experience to eat at this place. What a romantic setting, interrupted by me shouting to passing boats "no flash photography." We shared a Monte Cristo, and for dessert, had to enjoy the cookie boat:


                  Unfortunately, we knew this was the last full day at Disneyland for us, as we had to finish packing and prepare for the movers on Friday. So, it was with a heavy heart we said good night, since it was the last time we would enjoy our lovely Disneyland Hotel view.

                  Goodbye lobby of the DLH. We will miss you.

                  The next day we planned on leaving after lunch, so we made a list of priorities of things we needed to ride before we left. One of the things we tried to do and had on the agenda the entire trip was ride the Lilly Belle. So, after asking a few times, and only having this one last chance to do it, we were finally granted the opportunity. It was truly a wonderful memory, and a great way to finish the "mini-moon."

                  Love it.

                  Just us. No tour, no VIPs. Just us. Perfect.

                  Me talking to the CM about the changes in DCA.

                  Proof. We were there!

                  After another attraction or two, we had lunch at Whitewater, and walked the hotel grounds a little. What was funny is that while my parents were there, they had a room overlooking the waterfalls, which weren't on the entire trip. However, as NNL and I walked through the DLH one last time, we noticed they were back up and running:

                  See? I told you they worked.

                  We explored the grounds a little more, then said goodbye to the place we met, and our favorite place in the world. It was hard, but we knew we would be back.

                  Awww...last picture taken at Disneyland. (For Now.)

                  We made it back to the apartment, and spent the better part of 2 days packing and sorting. I don't have any pictures of that, but suffice it to say we successfully managed to get everything packed, sorted, and shipped, and it all arrived more or less in one piece. However, before we flew out to New York, we managed one last piece of Disney magic; we met up with Disney1978 and Dontbecheekin for the Sing A Long of the Little Mermaid at the El Capitan Theater, and some ice cream at the soda fountain next door.

                  I impressed everyone with my ability to uncannily match the vocals of everyone in the movie. That, or it's creepy I know the words to all the songs. Don't mess with me and Disney lyrics.

                  Ariel was billed as making a special appearance, but Sebastian came when the credits were rolling. He even moon walked for part of Under the Sea. Truly spectacular.

                  So, with a great night with great people, we bid goodbye to California for the time being, and flew back to New York.

                  Final thoughts coming up
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                    Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

                    Great report and mini-moon. I can't wait to read your final thoughts. I guess I better trade my pin with you guys, maybe a NY x-mas ornament and some hugs would be a fair trade?


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                      Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

                      What can I say? This has been a very remarkable year. So much happiness and so much joy has happened, and I owe a large part of that happiness to MiceChat. If there is any doubt as to how MiceChat has affected anyone's life, just look to NNL and me as examples of how a site like this can truly make a positive difference in someone's life. I never thought a year ago that I would be calling someone my wife, and here I am sitting in the same room as my wife. It's hard to comprehend how much of an impact all of you have been on both of us, and it's hard to believe how truly missed you all are while we are so far out on the East Coast. There are far, far too many of you to name individually, but I will take a minute to thank Dusty and Monorail Man individually for essentially being the brains behind this entire site. Without you two doing what you do, regardless of how it gets done, which is beyond my comprehension, you two have managed to put together one of the friendliest, most positive, most genuinely real message boards out there. And you should be commended for that. I am living proof that great things do come from MiceChat, and I think my parents meeting everyone and talking to all of you, and the fact they came to a meet after seeing everyone together at Bucca, and how excited my mom was over getting a magnet from Rixter and MickeyMaxx, shows how infectious this place is. This is a place where, no matter who you talk to or what your problem is, there is a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and a person that understands. We may not always agree, but we can discuss things as rational human beings, and have fun doing it. I will never forget how welcome I felt from the first minute I met everyone last July, and now I miss everyone the minute I have to leave. You are all part of my life, and there are many people I have not even met on the boards that have affected me in great and profound ways. And now, in closing, I just want to say thank you to everyone, and thank you MiceChat for being what you are, a place where dreams do come true. I met my wife here, and I have no regretted a single day since I joined this site way back in January 2005. The only question I have is: when can we come back to see all you guys?

                      Thanks to Dusty, Fishbulb, Monorail Man, Rixter, MickeyMaxx, and EVERYONE on here

                      love, yoyoflamingo and NeverNeverland.

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                        Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

                        Awww-you two are so cute! That was a wonderful trip report and congratulations to you both. It's awesome finding your soul mate and it's icing on the cake when you throw in a few dozen great friends and a shared love of Disney .


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                          Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

                          thanks for the trip report


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                            Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

                            Congratulations! Thanks for the report and pictures. You two are truly a beautiful couple!
                            Hmmm I wonder who our next MiceChat couple will be?
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                              Re: It's Finally Time....a Wedding Trip Report

                              So happy for you two

                              That weekend was so much fun! Glad to see more pictures

                              Originally posted by yoyoflamingo View Post

                              Very slick. I look forward to riding it.
                              oooooh pretty. Does it come with a dj and a bar?


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