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Artist Shag to be a part of 50th Celebration


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  • Artist Shag to be a part of 50th Celebration

    I'm a fan of artist Josh Agle (aka Shag) and this info was in the Shagmart newsletter which I received via email today:

    "There are many rumors circulating regarding Shag's involvement in Disneyland's 50th Anniversary. We can confirm that he is in fact involved. He has been working with cast members at the resort on a series of collectible items based on his paintings celebrating the event."

    Cool! I loved the stuff he did for the Tiki Room anniversary. Any other fans out there?
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    Agreed that Shag is great. He hasn't lost his edge as his popularity has risen too.
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      Ugh, more money I will spend.


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        I'm a huge fan of Shag. Great artist.

        I cant wait to see what he'll be doing for the 50th!

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          Shag did some paintings and merch for the Tiki Rooms 40th back in '03. Some of it is still available. Tiki purses are available in the Adventureland shop next to Bengal Barbecue and prints of his work (as well as the individualy numbered full sized seriographs) are available at the Collecters Shop on Mian Street.

          I even have a Shag calendar.


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            i would love to see Shag, Kevin Kidney, Eric Robison, Olwesinski , Ron Lee, etc... all produce artwork for the 50th. My checkbook and Atm and all credit cards just wer e removed removed from me for even thinking those thoughts...bad husband!!!


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              I don't know if I'm familiar with his work. Does anybody have any pictures to post or a site they can recommend so I can see it? I've probably seen his stuff before, but I don't recognize the name right at the moment.
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                Love Shag..used to read about him in Tiki News Magazine..
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                  here's one of the pieces of art, there was an exhibit out here in Detroit not too long ago, I wish I could've gone!


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                    Originally posted by jsmith157
                    I don't know if I'm familiar with his work. Does anybody have any pictures to post or a site they can recommend so I can see it? I've probably seen his stuff before, but I don't recognize the name right at the moment.
                    Try this.

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                      Shag is my favorite local artist. Totally cool. I'm a big fan of the cocktail era that he emotes.
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                        My wallet hurts already...


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                          Ohh that's great news!! I LOVE Shag!

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                            Love Shag, though I don't have any prints/collectibles, yet.

                            However, I do have a shag screensaver made with the Windows Slide Show screensaver running on my computer currently!

                            Glad to hear he's returning to Disneyland... now, if they can only get Roman Dirge to produce some art for the Mansion -- he is a huge fan, after all.


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                              This is GREAT news! I love SHAG! I've got the 2 shirts that they sold for the 40th Anniversary event (don't fit anymore... ), 2 mouse pads, 2 of the smaller prints, the tiki mug, and the wife has both of the purses.

                              And I didn't stop with a screen saver for my desktop... check this out:

                              CoolestGhoul's SHAG-A-DELIC Desktop

                              Created the desktop a year ago and made the icons usable using Konfabulator. I still use it to this day! I never get tired of seeing Shag on my desktop every day!


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                                Nice desktop ..... I just hate Citrix ... pissy program. But I had never seen Shag's work before and that's awesome!
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                                  News on Shag

                                  Funny that I am to see this thread, I was at Disneyland this past weekend with my boyfriend (who has both lithos, our friend also has the original tangora tree painting) and was purchasing small print of the waking jose, and while I was purchasing the guy at Disneyana told me that Shag is doing 5 paintings, one for reach land. Also he wants to release the other two tiki room paintings to lithos, but not until after the 50th.


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                                    Damn , i already have a Disney merchandise budget for this years trip, Oh well i guess i'll need to save a lttle harder cause the Shag will look awesome in my brand new apartment.
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                                      I've been a huge fan of Shag for a long time. I'm looking forward to checking out the new stuff...
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                                        You can say his art has even inspired the Mime After Mime video at Atom Films, as well.
                                        Either way, I love his style. Sweet, sexy and sophisticated with a tinge of sassy culture. I'm looking foward to his projects.
                                        I lurk.


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