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Disney Hard Hats: Joining the DL Construction crew


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  • [Question] Disney Hard Hats: Joining the DL Construction crew

    Question: I've got a good friend in his early 40s, husband and father, who is an experienced professional carpenter, plumber, and all-around handyman. He's looking for a permanent career, rather than just odd-jobs, so I mentioned applying with DL's on-site maintenance and construction crew.

    But, how do you apply? Wanting to help, I've been online trying to find Disney's opening listings, career opportunities, and the like. Yet, my 3 days of searching has wound up a dead-end. Does anybody have a link, a contact, or anything that might help my friend land a job keeping Disneyland a beautiful place?

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Disney Hard Hats: Joining the DL Construction crew

    Hope he finds something. That would be awesome!

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      Re: Disney Hard Hats: Joining the DL Construction crew

      Use the link the pp posted and just keep looking. My dad's been trying to get in for awhile now. There just hasn't been any openings. He's a lather and certified welder with 50yrs in the union. He's even worked on a lot of the things at DLR.

      Not in any kind of order.......Pirates (original), Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Indiana (the contruction preview was really neat for this one.), Toontown, GCH, Grizzly Peak, Flik's Fun Fair, Pooh Ride, FNSV, DTD, Tot, Mickey & Friends Parking Structure. At one point Disney actually had my dad come do some work for them in the middle of the night for about a week to fix a part of toontown they didn't like.

      He either welded or did the lathe and plaster (rockwork). Pirates he was actually an employee for disney on that one but the others he worked for the contractors hired by disney. He's even buddies with an Imagineer that I "think" is sort of a bigshot....I want to say his name is Bruce or something I can't remember.

      My dad just wants to spend his retirement working at DL and he's even applied for custodian just to get his foot in the door hoping he'd eventually get into maintenance but so far no luck. He was raised on a farm and dropped out of school at 8th grade to help at home so not much educational background but let me tell you he's one of the best construction workers in SoCal.

      Sorry that was kind of long.
      Tiki Room virgins are cool.


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        Re: Disney Hard Hats: Joining the DL Construction crew

        Let me tell you this. As someone who has worn a hardhat in public for many years, and not just on Halloween or to the Man Hole night club, they can be very useful in getting yourself into "VIP" construction areas. But you have to be well equipped: Carhart work overalls, CAT boots, a red and black flannel with the sleeves ripped off and nice stubble will get your steel toe through any construction fence.

        You don't have to fill out any applications, no drug tests, bench presses, or interviews. You're in! Make sure your friend has some stickers on his hard hat along with a Coleman mini-cooler and thermos. Also, the thermos must have black coffee in it, no cream, never.

        Show up squinting and ask if anyone saw your Harley Davidson sweatshirt you left hanging on some scaffolding the day before and make your way to the tool area.

        Have fun!
        Ah, how strange! The molecules are so active now!


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