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Second Week in December?


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  • [Question] Second Week in December?

    Now, first post and I'm trying to make it count :P I've been lurking for like, half a year and just really havn't had anything to say but...

    I'm planning a family vacation for the Second Week in December. This is the ONLY time I can plan it, because to save on money my aunt is going to add another week to her time share and she's going to let us use it (yay free lodgeing!) and I've never been to Disney when the Christmas decorations where up, having gone 20+ times but only in summer.

    We're going to drive down, should only be 5-6 hours and around $250-$300 for gas (if it stays around where it is) and then the free breakfast at the hotel, and we go back to the room for lunch of sandwhiches or something similar. (we are trying to save money EVERY way we can)

    Was wondering if you had any other money saving tips, and if the second week of december is crowded (and how crowded).

    Also, we're going to buy the $249 AP's, (there is/are 4 of us)and we are on a tight budget. But I figure we buy the AP's and we can plan for Halloween! =D

    We'll be arriving on Sunday the 7th, and leaving Saturday the 13th. I'm betting the highways are going to be a pain? (because you know, when is the LA highway NOT a pain right?)

    Sorry if my post is all over the place, lol, my mind wanders around and then I'm off on something else and then I go back to what I normally was talking

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    Re: Second Week in December?

    There is one sure-fire way to save money. But I'm betting you don't want to hear it.

    Second week of December will be perfect. Sunday will be busier, and if you stay for Saturday that will be busier, too.

    Prepare for rain and cold. Simple pullover slicker over a sweatshirt should do. Layers arae the way to go.

    The LA freeways aren't all that bad. As I've suggested before, arrange for someone to be near an internet-connected PC, and call them when you hit The Grapevine to see which path to take, and calling them every half-hour or so for updates. Also, re Grapevine, if there is snow, prepare an alternative route or prepare to wait until midday for it to melt.

    From the north, here are your options, though you've been a number of times:
    1. The 5 (easiest to remember).
    2. The 5 to The 170 to The 101 to The 5 (shortest).
    3. The 5 to The 210 to The 57.
    4. The 5 to The 210 to The Streets of Pasadena, South Pas, and Alhambra, to The 710 to The 5.
    5. The 5 to The 405 to The 105 to The 605 to The 91 to The 5.
    6. The 5 to The 710 to The 91 to The 5.
    7. The 5 to The 110 to The 91 to The 5.
    And there are more. The point is, there are many options, and choosing the right one depends heavily on the information you have at the time.

    I suggest driving down early Sunday morning, arriving (way) before noon. Traffic should be lightest then, until the DLr exit. And leave late Saturday night, after Fantasmic! (if it's playing). Traffic will be lighter, but there will be other hazards (other drivers in various impaired states). And your own driver might be tired.

    Main money-saving tip: don't buy anything. Your basic needs are air (free), water, food, shelter (free for you). Bring food. Backpack of a sandwich and a water bottle. Security shouldn't give you a problem. Refill water bottle at water fountains. No, it's not that bad. Taste it for yourself, though. Bring your own bottles if you don't like the taste.


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      Re: Second Week in December?

      Originally posted by sediment View Post
      Main money-saving tip: don't buy anything.
      That was the plan XD

      We're planning on trying to save at least $250 a month, which will give us $1500 by november, my birthday is in September and I already told my family, don't buy me a drink (my 21st birthday) and don't buy me stuff, give me the money for Disney. Same with Christmas. I'm trying to talk my mom into just using most of christmas gift money and make Disney our Christmas gift, or at least my gift money for Disney.

      But hopefully, we'll have enough to buy one small thing each.

      Sunday and Saturday are driving days. But I told them you know, we have AP's, we can just go hang out wait for the fireworks, fantasmic (I know some of you don't like it, but I do want my siblings to see it, we went 2 years ago, their first time, and they didn't get to see it) electric parade (wtf with it being at DCA now? and smaller? I remember the crowds to see the parade when I was little, we where 10 deep! but 2 years ago hardly anyone was there to watch it and we had front row seats) and maybe ToT and then crash at the hotel.

      My aunt lives in Bakersfeild so I can always call her for grapevine info.

      Thank you so much Sediment, I'll bookmark this and keep an eye on it! =D


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        Re: Second Week in December?

        Sounds like some good planning there.
        While the Grapevine is its own possible travel issue, the Grapevine is only a relative spot for LA Freeway info. You'll want a good hour or so before the first decision on direction is made at the The 5/The 210 interchange.

        As for Fantasmic!, everyone should see it at least once.


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