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Clarion Anaheim

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  • Clarion Anaheim

    I recently stayed at the Clarion on Convention Way near Harbor. The rate wasn't horrible (though nearly 100 bucks after all the nickels and dimes).

    It was OK. Basically a glorified Motel 6. A refrigerator in the room was a plus. No free breakfast that I was aware of, and after being promised a king bed I had to settle for a queen.

    Again, basically a glorified Motel 6...they had a pool but I did not use it.

    -- Barry
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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    Re: Clarion Anaheim

    Thanks for the review Barry. I have always wondered about it but since it is a half-step above Motel 6, I'll save about $20 bucks (or more) and stay at the real Motel 6.
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      Re: Clarion Anaheim

      Don't stay at a Clarion. Ever. Anywhere.

      Short story- stayed overnight (by myself) in Orlando, came home from work one day to find my laptop stolen out of my room. Went to desk staff, they said sorry there's nothing we can do, I had a fit, they didn't even care, refused to call in the one guy that had the ability to look at key records (as someone got in with a key) I called police and they came and fingerprinted my room, from then on Clarion refused to even speak to me about the incident because I had gotten the police involved.

      Private investigation by OC finds that it was their night manager who did it. He made a key for my room (which inactivated mine), went into my room while I was gone because he wanted to uh... go through my clothes ... saw my laptop plugged into the wall and stole it.

      Through the whole incident, Clarion was absolutely ridiculous to work with. They didn't care, they didn't pretend to care, they didn't return calls, they didn't work with us or the sheriff's dept, they didn't do anything!! You don't want to be staying at any hotel than is run by that kind of a company.