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Question about strollers?


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  • [Question] Question about strollers?

    I just want to say this site is awesome. And of course I have another question. I've been to Disneyland a few times but never with little kids, so I'm new at this.
    The ages of the boys when we go will be 5 months and 18 months. We are trying to decide which stroller to take.

    These are the strollers we have:
    Graco Quattro Tour (single seat)
    Combi Strollee (single seat)
    Graco DuoGlider LX (2 seats)(stadium/tandem seating)
    (not sure on rules for posting pics or linking to other sites so I just put names)

    Any thoughts on what stroller or combination of strollers we bring with us? There will be 5 adults and a 13 y/o in our group and we are staying at the HoJo if that helps.
    Double stroller only
    Both single stollers
    Graco single and rent 1 Disney
    Combi single and rent 1 Disney
    Rent both Disney
    Can't wait to go back...

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    Re: Question about stollers?

    A Disney stroller isn't going to support the infant very well, since they are sport-style 3 wheelers. If your double stroller is in-line, I'd do that, especially if it has the baby seat system. A side-by-side can be cumbersome to drive in the park. On the other hand, since you have so many adults, 2 single strollers might be nice if you want to split up and trade off with baby care.

    Best of luck and have a great trip!
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      Re: Question about stollers?

      I voted for the 2ea Disney, but that was before I read the ages of your tikes. (jumpy voting finger! went for the 2ea Disney cuz they're free to rent w/ a DisneyViSA)

      With your combo of kiddos, I would bring your DuoGlider n' call it a day. It'll get you to/fro the park if you walk and it'll fold up if you need to catch a lift n' hopefully you have manly men to carry it should it be folded.
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        Re: Question about strollers?

        We always take two strollers, there are lots of times when our youngest is crabby and just needs a walk and the other child wants to continue on to other rides. If you have a double stroller its harder to separate, so I would bring both single strollers.

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          Re: Question about strollers?

          Double stroller or two singles
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