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Some newbie questions.


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  • [Question] Some newbie questions.

    Hey all,

    I'm planning an all-Amtrak, multi-day, two-family trip to Disneyland in approximately 28 days, 7 hours.

    I've got a couple of questions for you Disneyland Resort veterans.

    1.) Magic Mornings. Which days are these and how do they work? Do they just stamp your ticket to show you've used your Magic Morning?

    2.) We'll be there 4 full days. (Sun - Weds.) We got 5 day park hoppers, thinking that we could either go in on Saturday afternoon/evening when we arrive - or go in on Thursday morning. Our train doesn't leave until Thursday afternoon.

    Now we're thinking we might want to bump up to 6 day park hoppers and have the Saturday night AND the Thursday morning. Does anyone know if/how we can do this?

    3.) Has anyone stayed at the Anaheim Desert Inn? What'd you think?


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    Re: Some newbie questions.

    Magic mornings are on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Once your ticket is scanned for a magic morning they know that you have used it so be sure to plan that morning to get there the extra hour early that you can be in the park.

    I'm not sure how much you paid for your 5 day passes but you might want to consider just upgrading to an annual pass rather than paying to add a 6th day. But do not do this until AFTER you have used your magic morning. Disneyland will credit you the full amount of your 5 day ticket towards the use of an Annual Pass. The cost of a Deluxe AP is $269 and includes discounts that you can find at the website.

    I have never stayed at the Desert Inn but you may want to do a search under hotels in the Southern California Forum of Micechat.


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      Re: Some newbie questions.

      Pratt answered the other questions, but I can add info on the Desert Inn. We've stayed there a couple of times and we (me and my 18 yo) like it. The desk staff has always been accomodating. The location is great. The rooms were plenty big enough and have been clean. We've never used the pool since we tend to do the commando thing in the park. We've also never done their continental breakfast. We were either out the door before it opened or had breakfast plans in the park. The only noise issue we've had there was a couple of kids playing in the "courtyard" area outside our room. At least it was happy kid noises. lol There should be a review of it in the hotel review section.

      Enjoying the warmth and sunshine of Phoenix between Disney trips.


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        Re: Some newbie questions.

        If it is the Desert not the Desert Palms... I've stay at Desert Inn August of last year...

        It's a decent hotel, the breakfast is very simple compared to other hotels... What we did was usually the breakfast and then once in awhile went to IHOP a 10 second walk from the hotel... Have fun... We are coming down the same time... See you in line!!


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