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Best Western Anaheim Inn


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  • [Question] Best Western Anaheim Inn


    This will be our first time visiting DLR. We currently have reservations at the Best Western Anaheim Inn (Not to be confused with Best Western Park Place Inn or Best Western Stovall's Inn). Has anyone stayed here? how is it? How is the walk? We will be staying with two kids (2yr and 4 yr). Please provide any +ve or -ve feedback, so that I may either change the reservations to elsewhere or feel good about this choice and channel by worrying energies to other aspects of the trip. thanks

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    Re: Best Western Anaheim Inn

    I went ahead and made a reservation at HoJo as well. Now both (Hojo and Best Western Anaheim Inn) are the same cost, but I am not sure which to keep and which to cancel the reservation. From what I see Hojo has better reviews, but BW is much closer to the park. Any feedback one way or the other? thanks


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      Re: Best Western Anaheim Inn

      I've never stayed at the Best Western, but I have stayed at HoJo and I'd still rather go to BW. HoJo has its fans, but depending on what part of the hotel you end up in, you may be right up against I-5. I couldn't sleep a wink because of all the noise. If they're the same price, I'd stick w/ your first choice. It's closer too.
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        Re: Best Western Anaheim Inn

        Best Western Anaheim Inn is easy, convenient, and close to the parks! I always stay at Best Western whenever I travel and call me biased but I have stayed in all 4 of the Stovalls Hotels [I work Customer Service for BW so I kinda have to stay BW when I travel and show my loyalty to the brand] Having stayed in all 4 of the Stovall's Best Western properties in the resort area [Park Place, Anaheim Inn, Pavillions, and Stovalls] I can say it was a very nice and pleasant stay we've had on each visit and the staff was very nice on all our stays.

        the only thing I will say is that parking at either BW Park Place or BW Anaheim Inn is a disadvantage however this is not at the fault of the hotel as there is a wall that goes along the backside of the hotels on the Harbor strip and it was put up by the City of Anaheim so that puts their parking lot at a dead end... This is not just their hotel but other hotels along the Harbor strip also have this problem [we stayed in another that was not a BW one time that had this same problem]

        If you plan on leaving the car and just going to the parks or walking by foot around the resort area this shouldnt be a problem since it will save you a lot in parking costs from having to park in Mickey and Friends and with the Anaheim Inn's close distance to the parks its a good deal... and when we stayed there we just parked the car and walked for everything else we needed... also a good tip is to try getting to the hotel around check in time or early evening and you shouldnt have a problem with parking.

        I wont lie that I actually prefer staying at the Best Western Stovalls over their 2 properties on Harbor Blvd since Katella is less crowded than Harbor and the walk is not too bad... We did it fine with my sister and her children in the stroller plus the children loved the walk through the Grand Californian Lobby on the way to the main gate... And being on the corner of Katella and Disneyland drive does have its advatages.

        But again, if its location, location, location... BW Anaheim Inn is your Best bet and I had some pleasant experiences since that walk back to the hotel was very easy and almost right across the street directly from Disneyland... anyhow I hope you enjoy your stay I always love hearing the good things about the hotels not the bad.... May you have a really good stay at this hotel
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