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Travelodge International - Terrible

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  • Travelodge International - Terrible

    This hotel isnt Travelodge Maingate. Its a little further down. Only a few block from Dinseyland but the worse room I ever seen.

    When we got there we were excited to get to the park before opening. We didnt like it when we first saw it but we dropped out stuff and left. When we got back we were exhausted so we went to sleep. We noticed a terrible smell and it was getting worse and really making me sick! I woke my husband who can sleep anywhere and said we have to leave. The room is making me sick.
    As we packed I saw a roach crawling on my purse!! Dont wanna bring any of them home!

    He knew it was bad so he got up and started packing at 4am. We were only in the room 2 hours.

    They wouldnt give us our money back at that time. I am still going to try and get it. I took pictures of the room. The room was 80.00 a night. A few blocks from Disneyland, I am really shocked!

    So never book Travelodge International!

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    Re: Travelodge International - Terrible

    Sorry to hear that. Try doing a dispute with your credit card.

    More and more of the older places in the area are getting reviews like yours.

    If I didn't know you stayed at the Travelodge, I'd swear you were describing the Castle Inn. No, actually, the C-I is worse...

    Thanks for the report.


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      Re: Travelodge International - Terrible

      If you booked it through a travel group, you can complain to them to receive help complaining. Smart to get pictures. It really does help provide a glimpse into what you experienced at the hotel.
      Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
      I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

      May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.

      NO GOATS!


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        Re: Travelodge International - Terrible

        If you can't get anywhere with the hotel, try writing to the Travelodge HQ. We had a horrid experience with a different Travelodge years ago and after complaining to HQ, they refunded our money.


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          Re: Travelodge International - Terrible

          I stayed there years ago. The room was clean enough, but it was just overall depressing. I hated it.