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Del Sol Inn


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  • [Question] Del Sol Inn


    I'm going to be staying at the Del Sol Inn on 6/11 - 6/15 this year. I was wondering if any MiceChatter has stayed there before and if they can please tell me, how that place is like.

    I am aware that it is right behind Denny's and I have seen some pictures. Looks like they have a nice pool.

    I would just like to ask the MiceChatters thoughts about Del Sol Inn, please.
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    Re: Del Sol Inn

    I stayed there in December 07 for nearly a week. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't great. The hotel advertises wireless internet, but not really. They said "if you come sit in the lobby you might be able to get it." And their lobby is a chair and loveseat off to the side of the check in counter. Really tiny.

    The continental breakfast was good if I recall correctly.

    Never tried the pool.

    The rooms are average. We had a family of 4 in a standard 2 queen beds room and did ok.

    The location for the price we got was fantastic. I think I timed it as 6 minutes from the security tents to my room when I ran to get jackets for the evening one day.

    Would I stay there again? Probably if the price was significantly lower than other properties on Harbor. Is it a first choice hotel for me? No.

    Bottom line? I didn't hate it and it isn't all that bad.
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      Re: Del Sol Inn

      I wouldn't recommend it for anything over $75. But I'm sure they're charging more than that during the time you're planning on visiting.
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        Re: Del Sol Inn

        We enjoyed our stays there. It's an older facility and it's located behind Denny's. This means you won't hear the noise on Harbor if you get a front room. The tub was showing its age. It's an old cast iron model that was showing wear marks on the covering. But there was no mold or anything in our room that we could see or smell. The spreads were aging but the carpet was new. The Queen beds were more than adequate. In the middle of our stay they changed out the curtains with some nice wood blinds. So they were keeping up the place. The room we got was fairly large, but it looked like one of the bigger rooms in the place. It's a rather small facility which is a plus come continental breakfast time. At some of the bigger places, it's always jambed. And we thought the breakfast rather nice in comparison. Sweet Rolls, Cereal, Juice, Milk. Parking is potentially an issue as there are not enough spaces if every single guest brings a car and you cannot park in Denny's lot. But we've never had that situation come up where they were out of spaces. There are no real frills at the place and there is no view. The Pool is a small kidney shaped pool and is adequate for the number of rooms, but nothing fancy. The hot tub was not functional when we were there last time. The water was heated but the jets would not work. The laundry room was a total dump with one washer and one dryer. But 50 cents gets you a whole hour with the dryer rather than the $10 it takes to get you enough time to actually dry your clothes at most places. The clothes we needed to do got cleaned. Location is great less than 10 minutes walking from the gate. It was a non-smoking facility and there was a penalty clause in our room rental agreement if we got caught smoking to the tune of $200 I believe. As we don't smoke, we appreciated that the whole place was non-smoking so we wouldn't end up in a smoking room.

        My suggestion for all those across the street walking distance hotels is this. None of them are so good relative to the others that they are worth significantly more money. But if they're all the same price, I'd suggest the Carousel, the Tropicana, or BWPPI. And which one comes in with the low price varies.


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          Re: Del Sol Inn

          It is the one location we have said "Never again'. The rooms smelled, the walls were paperthin, and the carpet was damp, like there had been a leak.
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            Re: Del Sol Inn

            I have never stayed there and would not consider it by just how it looks when I walk by.


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