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Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions?


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  • Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions?

    We are headed to the parks in 2 weeks and had some difficulty with finding "affordable" accommodations for this last minute trip.

    Having never stayed at the Carousel, I am hoping is an ok choice. We love the Fairfield (it is $212 a night right now!) and HoJo's (no availability).

    Walking distance is a must for us...and we got a very good rate on Orbitz for the Carousel.

    I have read all the reviews on Oribtz, Trip Advisor, etc. It sounds like location is its best feature and the other reviews are hit and miss.

    So, what is your opinion? Anyone stayed there recently?

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    Re: Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions?

    That place is ok... Its convenient to the park.


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      Re: Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions?

      We stayed there in January and it's definitely okay. It's very convenient and easy to get to, which was most important to us. They have a nice room you can go watch the fireworks in, if you wish. The breakfast is okay, too.

      The room was clean and a good size for me and my 3 girls and had everything we needed in it. It wasn't anything fancy, but there also wasn't anything wrong with it. However, I don't know if I'd stay there again unless I paid a lot less.

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        Re: Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions?

        I used to stay there a lot, but not anymore. They've slapped on too many fees. On top of their slightly higher than justifiable rates, they hit you w/ both a resort fee and a daily parking fee, which can add $10 or more per day to your actual payment.

        I recommend the Candy Cane. Costs about the same for the room, but has no parking fee, no resort fee, and it's a much prettier hotel. The breakfast is also better than most and it's right next door to a 7-11 and a mini mart.
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          Re: Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions?

          Thank you for your comments.

          This trip was put together last minute, so I cannot be too picky where we stay.

          I got a very good rate on Orbitz ($80 a night) and was hard pressed to find "affordable" accomodations. We do not spend too much time in our room and hate to spend a lot of $$ for something we don't use.

          All we require is clean, comfy beds and somewhere within walking distance. We typically provide our own breakfast, so that really isn't a huge factor in our decision process.

          It does irk me that they charge for parking, but even with parking this room is cheaper than most with the great rate we got on Orbitz.

          That being said....are the rooms clean? beds comfy? I know it is for sure within easy walking distance.


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            Re: Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions?

            We stayed there just before thanksgiving. The family's opinion was that we wish we booked the Anabella. The beds I recall are adequate. For a family of 5, the space was just too tight. On the balcony to the room, I kept having nightmares of my kids falling off. I wish we had gotten the suite. The breakfasts were good and help in the planning department, but recommend McDonalds for a real breakfast.


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              Re: Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions?

              We stayed at the hotel beside it (Camelot?) because it had breakfast included. That was huge for our family of 4. We got an AAA deal of $99 a night last spring break. The walk was about the same and it had a pool too.
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                Re: Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions?

                We got a pretty good deal for the Carousel on Orbitz - $84.00 a night.

                I'm not expecting the moon. Really just hoping for CLEAN, comfy bed and a hot shower.

                They do have a cont. breakfast and not really going to "rely" on this for nourishment - but my son will be happy with a donut or danish in the morning.

                Our trip is next weekend (March 5 - 8) and it was tough to find a hotel in that 10 minute walking range for under $100 a night.

                Thank you again for all your responses. I will post after the trip a review of this property.


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                  Re: Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions?

                  I've stayed there twice, granted it's been quite awhile but, it was clean and very conveinent. I liked it better than the Fairfield when I stayed there.

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                    Re: Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions?

                    My family and i have stayed here when we could not get a room before, its not fancy but its good for after the park and relaxing. Have a wonderful time !
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                      Re: Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions? I'm Back - Review

                      We just got back from our weekend stay at the Carousel.

                      We checked in late (8:30 p.m.) and check in was a breeze. I had reserved our room off of Orbitz and had no trouble whatsoever. The front desk staff were very courteous and kind. We had a 2 queen room, #511. (Side note: the furniture in the check in lobby is funky! Looks like it came from Africa...jmho!)

                      When we got to the room it was clean, didn't smell, and was plenty roomy for 4. The beds are pretty comfy...they could be a tad firmer...but I have a really nice bed at home.

                      The "continental" breakfast was adequate, but not fancy. I didn't have high expectations, but they did have 3 kinds of cereal (oatmeal, cheerios, and raisin bran. I had read that they didn't provide milk, however this is NOT correct. There is a milk machine - the one that is typically in a cafeteria...maybe other posters didn't recognize it, but there is milk. They provided both white and wheat bread for toasting, butter, jelly. There was red delicious apples, and oranges. Also, there were assorted pastries, crossaints, danishes, and donuts. The pastries were NOT fancy, but my kids enjoyed them. There was also coffee, tea, orange juice and apple juice.

                      They did have hot breakfast wraps (eggs, bacon and cheese) from Quizno's for $2. We didn't buy one..but they looked tiny.

                      Honestly, a cup of coffee, a bowl of raisin bran and a slice of toast would be a normal breakfast for it actually was a nice perk.

                      The room the breakfast is served in is lovely. You have a nice view of Disneyland/California Adventure.

                      We now have stayed at the Fairfield, HoJo's, and the Carousel. Each are good hotels and would not hesitate to stay at any of them again. Next time we will stay wherever we can get the best deal. If close proximity to the park is important, the Carousel wins hands down.


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                        Re: Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions? I'm Back - Review

                        Originally posted by SeattleTink View Post
                        ...I had read that they didn't provide milk, however this is NOT correct. There is a milk machine...
                        They have a cow in there? How rustic!

                        Thanks for taking the time to review. Helps us poor slobs a half a World away decide which hotels to say "yay" or "nay" to (or should that be "moo"?)
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                          Re: Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions?

                          This is a great thread that I stumbled upon. I was looking to stay here next year, but was unsure. I have 4 other people that I have to talk to about staying here.

                          I am guessing that it doesn't have a hot tub?? Just a pool from what I read.


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                            Re: Carousel Inn....recent reviews/opinions?

                            Ive stayed there a couple of times. It is a great hotel, very comfortable rooms, and such a great location from the entrance to the parks.

                            I'm completely unsure about the hot tub question. I was just there this passed weekend and was up on the roof/pool area, and cannot remember for the life of me if I saw a hot tub.


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