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Red Lion Hotel


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  • Red Lion Hotel

    Hotel: Red Lion
    Date of Stay: May 2, 2009
    Room: Standard 2 Queens (front desk told us they only had king/queens and all room are the same, no suites etc.)
    Cost: $94 bucks plus tax, we booked it the same day we arrived.
    Buildings: 2 (main has about 8-10 floors, smaller one has 4-5 floors)
    Food: 1 grab and go (frozen food, chips, drinks), 1 restaurant, and room service
    Pool: 1 (no hot tub at least from what we saw)
    Parking: As of May 5, 2009 parking is $15 a day (more than Disneyland, which is $12)
    Side Notes:

    Overall: We enjoyed it very much but will probably only stay there again if we brought our dog along because personally I do not like staying at places that charge for parking. We were lucky enough to stay right before paid parking went into effect.

    As you walk in the door

    To the left is the bathroom door, which has a setting for the lights to turn on automatically when you enter.


    Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap is Coconut Lime from Bath and Body Work.

    Blow dryer and towels have their own cubby holes


    Now on to the closet door

    Inside closet

    Passed the closet and bathroom you will find the microwave, coffee maker, and safe. Coffee is Wolfgang Puck brand, Ice Tea brand is Lipton

    Flat screen

    This water is not free, some unknown brand from Italy, $3 if you want it

    The fridge is under the TV

    Beds (excuse my fake Louis Vuitton bag)

    Nightstand/another phone/iHome

    Chair by window

    Pool with Fire Pits

    Two more of Fire Pits

    View of ToT and blue IHOP roof

    View of Fireworks

    *Note: If my pictures seem oddly familiar it is because I posted this on one other disney site as well :blush:

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    Re: Red Lion Hotel

    Thanks for the review! I was considering staying there in June... on easyclicktravel I can get a room for $58 a night... but that $15 parking fee... um. I know over the last year or so they have completely remodeled and upgraded everything, but I too find charging that much for parking, on top of the other resort fees they charge to be a bit much. Esp. when there are other places even closer that don't charge for parking. Yes, those places might not be as fancy, but seriously, I don't spend that much time in the room anyway.

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      Re: Red Lion Hotel

      Wow... that looks really nice!!

      Oh... they probably are charging for parking now to offset the cost of remodeling!!
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